Belkin NetCam HD WiFi Camera Review – Should You Buy It?

The Belkin NetCam HD promises a satisfying WiFi camera experience, but we won’t know for sure if that’s the case until we get down and dirty with the details. Join us as we take a closer look at this camera, to see just how likely it is for it to be as good as it appears to be. So let’s start with our Belkin NetCam HD review.

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Video quality

The camera promises big things at it arrives with a glass lens and an improved night vision filter, which is supposed to provide a better viewing experience during the night. However, it’s also worth mentioning that you get a 720p recording resolution, which is below what is now considered the standard, namely 1080p. If you’re going to view the video on a large, HD widescreen, it might be inconvenient. However, if you intend to check up on the footage from your mobile device, which is possible. You won’t notice it that much since you’re running on a much smaller screen.


If you so desire, you can control the camera entirely through the mobile application. You can speak to people in the room that’s being recorded, and they can speak back to you thanks to the speaker and microphone combo. You also get alerts if something moves while you’re away. This way, you never miss anything that’s happening with the Belkin NetCam HD on watch duty.

Gated by a subscription

There are more cool things that you can do with this camera, but they are gated behind a paid subscription. You need to pull out your wallet if you want access to cloud storage, or the ability to receive mobile notifications about sensed motion.

Increased security

Since we’re talking about a surveillance camera, obviously security is a very important aspect. This camera dabbles in advanced security options with an encryption-based layer of protection. Also, the camera is compatible with WeMo products, which makes security products so you can enhance the standard service even further. The fact that the camera only connects to the manufacturer’s secured servers also means a lot. Overall you’re pretty much covered when it comes to security.

No support for Echo

Since it’s compatible with WeMo products, many might have already started to wonder if the camera can also connect to Amazon Echo, the Alexa powered smart speaker. Unfortunately, it’s not possible, but it would have been a really useful feature to have.

Great price for Belkin NetCam HD

The price point at which you can find this camera can count as a feature as well. Given the kind of functionalities that the camera already has, coupled with its affordable price. It makes it quite easy to forget about things like not having Echo compatibility.


  • Increased security
  • Nice price point
  • Mobile features


  • Subscription gating for important features
  • Only 720p video resolution
  • Not that good audio quality
  • Hard to install

Overall, our Belkin NetCam HD review has proven that you can’t always have everything you want. That you have to choose what’s best for you. Do the features this camera comes with spark your interest or will you be continuing your search for a suitable camera? Let us know what you think about the Belkin NetCam HD IP camera with a comment.

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