Best Baby Monitors #1 Review In 2020

Baby Monitor Model PriceOur Verdict 
Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount $$$$Best for Apps and Connectivity
VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor $Best for Low Price
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor$$Best Sleek Design

The best baby monitor on the market is out there. Finding the right one for your family, as well as finding the right one for your wallet can be frustrating. With so many options available, it’s hard to keep track!

Baby Monitors Buying Guide

There are lots of things to consider when trying to find the absolute top of the line monitor. However, it’s easy to break down the basics for what you need. Here are a few essentials for your baby monitor:

  • Reasonable price
  • High-Quality picture
  • Sound quality
  • Modern advancements
  • And individual preferences.

Your individual needs will also become a priority when picking out the right baby monitor. If you prefer one that has an app, WiFi connectivity, as well as plays lullabies, then there is a monitor for you! If you’re more low-key, and would simply prefer something more sturdy, then there is something for you as well!

Top Three Best Baby Monitor Review

Baby Monitor Model PriceOur Verdict 
Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount $$$$Best for Apps and Connectivity
VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor $Best for Low Price
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor$$Best Sleek Design

All in all, you don’t have the time to go through review after review to find the right monitor for your little one! With all the other responsibilities tugging at your time, you need every second! This review will not only break down the top three best baby monitor brands out there, but it will help you find the best one for you!

Nanit Plus – Smart Baby Monitor and Wall Mount – Best for Apps and Connectivity!


Click here to see prices and reviews for the Nanit Plus on Amazon

Does the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Have an App?

In addition to having two-way audio, background audio, and remote viewing from anywhere, the Nanit Plus has an absolutely stunning app! The app allows you to track your baby’s sleep habits in order to personalize sleep guidance, as well as review how they improve their sleepover time.

You can connect the monitor to your phone app, as well as receive smart notifications. These notifications track movement, temperature, as well as humidity! It is connectable to iPhones, Androids, and even tablets.

Does the Nanit Baby Monitor Record?

This is one of the best baby monitor brands for connectivity on the market. Not only that, but you have 24/7 HD live streaming, night vision, as well as the ability to maintain a video history.

This means that you can access previously recorded nights for doctors, for a partner, or even understanding your child’s sleep schedule more thoroughly.

What are the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor Dimensions?

Product Dimensions: 3.3” (8.38 cm) x 3.5” (8.89 cm) x 1” (2.54 cm) Nanit Weight: 1 lbs. (16 oz)

Product Specifications for Nanit Plus:

Includes: Camera and Wall Mount. Not a portable monitor. Monitors: Night vision, room temperature, movement, as well as humidity.

What are the Pros for the Nanit Plus?

  • Great app, as well as saved information
  • Sharp picture clarity
  • Clear Sound
  • Easy set up, as well as use

What are the Cons for the Nanit Plus?

  • Expensive
  • Signal can drop suddenly

Why Should I Buy the Nanit Plus?

In addition to customer reviews being overwhelmingly positive towards the picture clarity and sound, there were a lot of buyers who LOVED the app. Not only could they monitor their child from anywhere in the world with WiFi, but it also keeps track of the sleep habits of your little ones.

All in all, customers loved the sleek design, the connectivity, as well as the overall picture and sound quality.

best baby monitor

Final Verdict on the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor

Firstly, this product has an amazing app. Secondly, the picture and sound quality are out of this world. Thirdly, this monitor has a simple set up that is easy for anyone.

However, it is quite expensive and we don’t recommend this for anyone on a tight budget. All in all, we love this as the number one pick for the best baby monitors!

VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor with up to 1,000 ft of Range, Vibrating Sound-Alert, Talk Back Intercom & Night Light Loop – Best for Low Price!


Click here to see prices and reviews for the VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor on Amazon

Does the VTech DM221 Have Clear Audio?

The VTech DM221 Audio Baby Monitor includes DECT 6.0 crystal clear transmission. From baby unit to parent unity, there is no annoying white noise with this monitor! Not only is the audio super sharp, but the parent unit has 5-level sound indicator so that you see the level of noise coming from baby’s room.

In addition to having remarkably clear speakers for the parent monitor, the baby unit also has excellent sound. Simply speak into the 2-way talk-back intercom to comfort your fussy baby.

Does the VTech Audio Monitor Have a Long Range?

This monitor is extremely portable! Easily carry it around with you by using the belt clip on the parent unity. The operating range is an incredible 1,000 feet (304.8 m) outdoors, as well as 160 feet indoors! (48.77 m)!

Not only does it have great range, and amazing portability, but it also has a rechargeable battery with up to 18 hours of monitoring time. All in all, a great option for the number two spot.

What are the VTech DM221 Dimensions?

Product Dimensions: 7.4” (18.8 cm) x 2.4” (6.10 cm) x 8.2” (20.83 cm). Monitor Weight: 12.8 oz (0.06 lbs)

Product Specifications for the VTech DM221:

Color: White and Silver. Needs 2 nonstandard batteries. Batteries not included. Includes vibrating sound alert, talk-back intercom, as well as a night light loop.

What are the Pros for the VTech Monitor?

  • Affordable
  • Light Weight, as well as portable
  • Easy to use
  • Two-way Communication

What are the Cons for the VTech Monitor?

  • No visuals
  • Monitor can become “unlinked” easily

Why Should I Get the VTech DM221 Baby Monitor?

In addition to parents loving how portable this monitor is, with the clip holder, lots of customers loved the high-quality of sound with such a large range! There were other reviewers who were excited about the idea of being able to have more than one parent unit, as you can pay more to have a secondary parent unit!

A few reviewers purchased this monitor for their parents, and because of the sleek design, there was nothing obvious that they were monitors. Making it discrete and easy to use for all sorts of needs!

Final Verdict on the VTech DM221

This unit is not only affordable, but it has an impressive range! However, we don’t recommend this monitor to anyone looking for a camera and a monitor with visuals. Because this is an audio device only. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for our least expensive pick!

Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens – Best for Movement and Visuals!

infant optics best baby monitor

Click here to see prices and reviews for the Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

Does the Infant Optics Baby Monitor Move?

When it comes to variety of visuals, angles, as well as points of view, the Infant Optics monitor takes the cake. The interchangeable optical lenses allow for parents to not only customize the viewing angle, but the zoom and perspective as well.

The parent unit, that also has a high-quality screen, allows you to move the camera, and see your child on the 3.5” (8.85 cm) screen!

What Lenses Come with the DXR-8 Monitor?

Not only do you not need an app, but it also has a lot of excellent extra features! There is instant playback for anything that may happen in your child’s room, as well as a lag-free connection. Because this particular monitor has so many lenses, it makes viewing your little one’s room that much easier.

The Infant Optics monitor comes with a normal lens, a wide angle lens, as well as a zoom lens! These different lenses are easily interchangeable, as well as easy to operate.

What are the Dimensions for the Infant Optics Monitor?

Product Dimensions: 19.3″ (49.02 cm) x 13.4″ (34.04 cm) x 6.5″ (16.51 cm) Monitor Display Size: 3.5″ (8.85 cm)

Product Specifications for the Infant Optics DXR-8:

100% digital privacy: no video or sound passed through the internet. Remote pan/tilt/zoom. Effective Pixel : 640 x 480(VGA), Built-Lens : f 2.5mm, F 2.8 RF Frequency: 2400 Mhz ~ 2483.5 Mhz Transmission Range: Up to 700 feet (line of sight, no obstruction). Channel Bandwidth – 3.375 MHz. Battery: 1200mAH Li-ion 3.7V rechargeable battery.

What are the Pros for the Infant Optics DXR-8?

  • Picture quality is amazing
  • Instructions are clear, as well as easy to follow
  • Customer service is helpful
  • Great sound quality

What are the Cons for the Infant Optics DXR-8?

  • Battery life is not as good
  • On the pricey side

Why Should I Buy the Infant Optics Baby Monitor?

There were so many reviewers who were over the moon for the camera quality of this particular monitor. Not only did they love the removable lenses, but this is one of the best baby monitor brands because customers love the versatility of these camera angles and lenses! There were several customers who loved the temperature feature, as well as the night mode function on this monitor.

Final Verdict on the Infant Optics Baby Monitor

In addition to having interchangeable lenses, this amazing monitor has amazing picture quality, a dedicated screen, as well as excellent customer reviews.

However, we don’t recommend this product to anyone who needs an exceptional battery life for their monitor. Altogether, one of the best baby monitor brands on the market today!

The Best Baby Monitor Models Out There for You!

Finding the best baby monitor for your family doesn’t have to be hard! Use these helpful reviews to find something affordable, tech-savvy, or that even has an amazing range. Don’t waste your time reading unhelpful reviews when all the work is done for you! These top three brands are bound to have what you’re looking for in an amazing baby monitor!

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