Best Digital Pianos #1 Review In 2020

 Digital Piano ModelPriceOur VerdictCheck Price
Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano$$The best Cheap digital piano
Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano$
Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano$$
Korg B1SP 88 Weighted-Key Digital Piano$$
Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano$$
Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano$$
Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano$$$
Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano$$$Best Buy
Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano$$$
Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano$$$
Roland F-140R Digital Piano$$$
Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano$$$$The best high-end digital piano
Yamaha YDP163B Arius Series Console Digital Piano$$$$
Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano$$$$$
Nord Piano 3 88-Key Stage Piano$$$$$

Are you looking for the best digital piano for your budget? Digital pianos come in various price range and we have reviewed the best models based on price in this review.

Digital pianos have evolved at a remarkable rate in the recent years. With the fast-tracked modern world, every piano enthusiast is looking for the next most convenient, reliable, durable, quality best digital piano.

In the market today, there are plenty of models with an array of great features that go for different prices. It is easy to find yourself in a tight spot as you try to figure out which one to go for.

It is for that reason that we have categorized different digital pianos in this best digital pianos review to help you make an informed decision.

So let’s start!


It is possible to get an excellent digital piano and enjoy the perquisites that come with it even when on a budget. In this category, we will look at some of the best digital pianos under $500.

Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P45 is one of the latest high valued digital pianos in the piano world. It is especially popular with beginners, performing musicians and returning pianists. This is due to its ease of use, rich piano sound and contemporary design that allows easy portability and storage.

With the combination of Yamaha’s AWM stereo sampling and GHS keybed, this piano delivers a natural feel and quality sound similar to that of a traditional acoustic piano. It is also half-pedal capable with an FC3 pedal option. Included are sustain footswitch and a music rest.

Keyboard action and touch

The Yamaha P45 uses the GHS piano action mechanism that provides lighter playing on the higher keys and a heavier touch on the lower keys. This is also similar to the touch of an acoustic piano.

This is recommended for aspiring pianists as it allows them to develop proper finger technique. You will find that the piano’s black keys have a matte finish to provide proper friction for extended playtime.

Advanced wave memory stereo sampling

The Yamaha P45 sound is produced by AWM stereo sample that uses digital technology to record the instrument’s sound, while applying a high digital filter to the recorded sample.

By using pairs of waveforms, captured through two microphones, the AWM Stereo Sampling creates a profound, richer and more spacious sound.

Speaker Quality

You will appreciate the two 12cm cones speakers that the Yamaha P45 comes equipped. They are capable of radiating a great sound, and you do not need any additional equipment. Just turn it on and start performing.


This digital piano has a 64-note polyphony that enables performance of more dense passages. It is equipped with Dual-mode that allows the layering of two different sounds at the same time.

With a total of 10 default sounds, the P45 gives more variety for players to do mixes and come up with more personalized voices.


The USB provision in the P45 is by far one of the greatest additions by Yamaha. All you need is a MIDI interface and computer, smartphone or iPad to connect to a wide selection of music apps or even educational tools.

Piano Dimensions: 52.2 (132.59cm)Wx 11.5 (29.21cm)D x 6 (15.24cm)inches (T)

Weight: <25 lbs (11.34kg)


  • Supports Dual
  • Features a tuning calibration function to play around with.
  • Comes with a USB to HOST port.
  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard.
  • Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) sampling.
  • 64-note polyphony for a pronounced dual function.
  • It is lightweight for portability.


  • Comes with minimal functions.
  • Speakers have a downward orientation that could get the piano sound masked by other instruments.
  • Has no AUX output for amps.
  • Has no track recording option.

What Buyers Like

Customers who purchased this piano were extremely happy with their overall experience. One customer who purchased this said, “The sound (s) from this keyboard is very realistic, functions are easy to navigate, voice options are plenty for my needs”!

There were lots of reviews that focused on how the sound was that of a classic piano! All in all, a lot of happy customers!

Final Verdict

The Yamaha P45 is on our list because of how excellent the product is as a whole. We don’t recommend this product for anyone looking for a lot of extra functions, but we do like this product for its simplicity and excellence. An excellent product for anyone learning piano, or wanting a simple digital piano for practice!

Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano

Williams has redesigned their first Allegro 88-key digital piano with added and interesting features such as a better sound engine and a USB port in their now Williams 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano.

This piano alludes a more professional look from its high-quality build, neat music sheet stand and the elegant chassis, which comes with a matte black finish. It is also highly versatile and has great portability due to its lightweight.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano on Amazon

What you will like the most about this digital piano, and especially for beginners, is how simple it is. The electronics here are quite basic and very easy to learn and operate. The keyboard also boots up very quickly.

Good Sound Quality

The Allegro 2 offers 10 voices that are sampled with three different layers of velocity with a great variation to give a brilliant tone. It comes with an upgraded 88-key hammered action keyboard which when combined with the greatly improved sound gives a great experience for pianists and beginners alike.

There is a selection of eight other voices and reverbs that you can dial in. These include Acoustic and Electric basses, Pipe and Hammond organs, String and Synth pads, as well as two electric pianos.

Allegro 2 has 64-note polyphony giving you the capability to play complicated and multi-part layered sound. This also means that you won’t have problems with dropped notes.

Control-surface functions

The built-in digital recorder lets you record your own track by pressing record and play at the same time.

You can also cue the integrated metronome function to change the tempo by simply pressing the start button. The same applies to the octave transpose, the split and layers functions, the key transpose as well as selecting reverb and chorus effects.

USB/MIDI connectivity

The USB to hotspot port is yet another great addition to the Williams Allegro 2. This allows the digital piano to work as a MIDI interface where you can connect it to your PC, Mac or a smartphone.


The Allegro 2 can be powered by 6 D batteries with an option of running it on an AC power supply. Unfortunately, you have to buy the adapter separately.


  • Responsive 88-key weighted piano action.
  • Can run with both 6 D batteries as well as an AC power supply.
  • Fast in booting.
  • Fairly priced.
  • High quality build.
  • Provision of MIDI/USB connectivity.


  • Separate purchase of power supply, a stand and a sustain pedal is needed.
  • The reverb quality decreases as you near the middle C key.

What Buyers Like

The customers who reviewed the Williams Allegro 2 88-Key Hammer Action Digital Piano were excited by how well this digital piano played like a real piano! Not only that, but the piano can run with both batteries and a connection. Making it great for customers to take to gigs, or band practice easily. On reviewer wrote, “…for a true life-like piano sound, it’s pretty hard to beat this keyboard”!

Final Verdict

We put the Allegro 2 on our list because of the true piano feel! Sometimes it’s difficult to find a digital, easily portable piano that can simulate a real life piano, but the Allegro 2 gets as close as you can get! We don’t recommend this product to anyone looking for a stand and pedal included!

Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano comes in a beautiful yet intuitive design, with a steel construction structure that easily folds for portability. You get to enjoy the three positions in which you can adjust the weight, together with a comfortable stool.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano on Amazon

This piano has an 88-key weighted action that offers a great experience for both professionals and learners. The unit also features the GHS action that close imitates the feel and touch of a traditional acoustic piano.

The Yamaha P115 sampled piano sound is a reproduction from Yamaha’s CFIIIS concert grand piano that is more vibrant and clear, a great representation of an acoustic piano.

Weighted keys feature

This digital piano uses the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) mechanism, meaning they are lighter on the higher notes and heavier in the lower notes. This is a good feature and one of Yamaha’s best technologies. However, it doesn’t do a very thorough job of capturing the touch, action or stability of a real acoustic piano yet.

Nevertheless, this mechanism is much easier to adapt and allows the development of great finger technique.


The polyphony of the digital piano is 192, which is an upgrade from a previous 128 model. This allows the layering of two or more tones as well as the performance of a wider range of complex music.

Voices and metronome

There are a variety of built-in songs and drum patterns that are featured in the Yamaha P115. Also, the 10 pianist styles give a virtual duet partner, which is great to play along with a number of different styles. However, there are 14 voices in total which are good but doesn’t cover a wide range. This is remedied by the use of the four types of reverb to give varied sounds.

Recorder and boost sound

Featuring a built-in recorder, you can easily record and play your tracks whenever you need to. You can also record your performance to the left hand and to the right-hand side separately by triggering the trigger button on your keyboard. Amplifiers 7 W x 2.The Pure CF Sound Engine produces a meticulous sound.

USB and App integration

With the new mobile integration, it is possible to access your P115 digital piano from your smartphone and through the USB port. This helps the player to control and modify the piano’s sounds and setups through a mobile app. This piano has a USB out so you can also use it as a midi-controller or control synths.


  • It features a dual mode that allows side by side play.
  • Comes with a pure CF sound engine.
  • Has an upgraded 192 polyphony.
  • Includes a mobile integration.
  • Has a sound boost feature.
  • Has a lightweight design for great portability.
  • It comes with built-in speakers.


  • Doesn’t allow a MIDI connection since there is no MIDI port.
  • There is no LCD screen for easy operation.
  • It has very low piano memory and can only record one piece at a time.

What Buyers Like

People who bought the Yamaha P115 were excited to learn how lightweight this piano actually is, as well as how amazing the sound is! The purchasers for this piano were extremely positive. Like this one, “Words cannot describe the joy I feel when my boy (13) plays. He loves this thing!”

Final Verdict

We put the Yamaha P115 on our list of the best digital pianos because of how easy it is to operate. Not only that, but it’s incredibly affordable for the amazing sounds it produces. Not recommended to anyone looking for a screen included.


Choosing a quality digital piano that is reasonably priced can be a daunting task as there are so many in the market today, especially in this price range. Not to worry, however, we will help you make an informed choice in our best $500-$1000 digital pianos review below.

Korg B1SP 88 Weighted-Key Digital Piano

The Korg B1SP 88 Weighted-Key is a compact and cost-effective digital piano which is excellent for home use and stage performances alike. It is not only versatile but also of quality build. In addition,  its streamlined design delivers the most important features any piano enthusiast would want.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Korg B1SP 88 Weighted-Key Digital Piano on Amazon


The B1SP digital piano use KORG’S servo MFB technology to achieve the rich and vibrant tones that traditional acoustic piano offers. The piano offers 8 instrument sounds in total. Although each of them has optimal settings, you can still adjust the chorus and reverb effects by turning on and off.

The piano has included sympathetic string vibrations and other resonating noises such as damper resonance in order to produce a more natural and richer sound.

Key action

The keyboard features the NH (Normal weighted Hammer) keypad action that offers a heavier touch on the lower notes and decreasing to a lighter touch on the upper notes just like a traditional piano. You can also adjust the touch response on the keyboard to suit your level and style.

The downside of this piano’s keys is that they don’t have the ivory or ebony finish that provides friction and finger grip while playing.

Polyphony and Metronome

With a polyphony of 120, dropped notes won’t be a concern, even while playing more complex classical pieces. You will not need all of the 120 notes of polyphony simultaneously since the piano does not have a multi-track MIDI recorder or a Dual Mode layering feature.

The B1SP has a built-in metronome that helps in building a sense of rhythm and timekeeping. The metronome can be adjusted to your liking in terms of time signature, the volume, and tempo.


Unfortunately, the Korg B1SP digital piano does not come with a USB port or a MIDI In or Out jacks. So you won’t be able to connect or control it from your PC or smartphone. However, there are 2 jacks. One is a headphone jack that can also be used to connect to an external amplifier or and speakers. The other one is a ¼” sustain pedal jack for connecting the sustain pedal or an optional 3-pedal unit bought separately.


Korg B1SP includes a sturdy stand and a metal 3 pedal unit supplied with the instrument. The 3 pedal unit gives the pianist an authentic feel of playing an acoustic piano as well as uninterrupted and effortless performance.


  • Comes with a very sturdy stand.
  • Does not need tuning.
  • Employment of 88 fully NH weighted keyboard.
  • Comes with 8 authentic digitally sampled sounds.
  • Has a built-in stereo sound system.
  • Has a great 120 polyphony.


  • Doesn’t connect with other devices such as PC or smartphones.
  • Comes with very few features.
  • Does not have a USB port.
  • Inability to record or playback.

What Buyers Like

The people who purchased this standing piano were really excited about the sound and superb sturdiness! One reviewer stated, ” I would highly recommend this piano, its quality can not be beat at this cost”! Not only that, but there were a few reviews that focused on how the feel of the weighted keys made playing more graceful!

Final Verdict

The Korg B1SP is on our list for the excellent built in stereo. Running on the market at a reasonable price for how well-built and sturdy the stand is, as well as how incredible it sounds! Not recommended for musicians who prefer connectivity options to computers and devices!

Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano

The Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano comes with a fantastic design and quality workmanship. It provides an outstanding dynamic range, and the feel of the keys are virtually similar to that of an acoustic traditional piano.

This piano features an 88-key scaled hammer tri-sensor keyboard together with Casio’s prime stereo piano-sampling technology, best recommended for home use and piano learners.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano on Amazon

Realistic piano sound

Casio px-760 features the new development of Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR (Acoustic and intelligent Resonator ) technology. This accesses the memory three times more than the previous models.

AiR processor employ grand piano’s dynamic samples from four levels of sampling to deliver sounds with natural decays and exceptional expression.

In addition, 128 polyphony in Casio PX-760 allows delivery of more detailed, stable and smoother sound, giving grandeur resonance and details much like an acoustic piano.

The concert play function is another feature in this piano that allows the recital of 10 songs of high-quality audio in a live orchestra.

There is a total of 18 basic optional sounds to supplement other instrumental studies.

Keyboard design

The Casio PX760 uses a unique keybed system of the Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer action with 88-key Weighted Grade Hammer Action that is similar in size and action as an acoustic piano. The keys here are heavier in the lower end and lighter as you progress to the upper end.

To add on to this, the keyboard also comes with 3 sensors allowing users to feel detail when playing at different levels and skill. It even has a velocity and responsiveness control option making it one of the best in its price range.

The keys have a slight detailed crimp finish that gives a great finger grip and friction to avoid slipping while playing especially for an extended time.


Casio PX760 has several functions to offer every player or learner.

  • Lesson Functions – Has 60 demo songs to play on each hand. Hands are assisted to play separately before playing with both hands simultaneously.
  • Split- Here you are able to play two different instrument sounds on either hand within the keyboard.
  • Layer- using this technique, you can simultaneously play two different sounds on one key.
  • Duet Mode- With this function, you are able to divide and play the same keyboard into two but on the same chromatic scale.
  • Transpose – Allows you to easily harmonize with other different instruments.


  • Great sound quality.
  • Comes with three pedals.
  • Features improved speaker system.
  • Comes with a high-quality build.
  • Responsive good action.
  • Great touch-sensitive weighted keys.
  • Easy to use.


  • Thinly applied and prone to chipping finish.
  • Has only one memory track.
  • It is quite heavy.

What Buyers Like

The Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano is really well liked by a lot of customers. Someone who purchased this piano wrote, “The sound is wonderful and it has a real key feel”!

Other reviews were able to pinpoint things like how well the pedals worked, how well this piano fit into small apartments and spaces, as well as how much it felt like an actual upright piano!

Final Verdict

Our top digital pianos list wouldn’t be complete without the Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano! We love this piano because of the size, pedals, and classic design elements. We don’t recommend this digital piano to anyone looking for something a little more portable.

Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano is a Kawai’s upgrade from a previous model that comes with an improved playing experience together with upgraded connectivity to external devices. It is compact to perfectly fit in small spaces and comes with a simple and stylish design.

The piano also has a great key action response, better dynamic range and expression like that of an acoustic grand piano.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano on Amazon

Responsive Hammer Compact (RHC) key action

The piano has a set of 88 fully-weighted keys and Responsive Hammer Compact(RHC) action mechanism that uses different hammer weights graded for every playing range.

This piano’s keyboard has a touch sensor that offers a wide dynamic range and offers 4 preset touch sensitivity settings for you to adjust to one that suits you.


The sounds in this piano are sampled from the Kawai 9-foot EX Concert Grand Piano, however, for each of the 8 piano sounds, different recording methods and equipment were used to recreate various nuances of sounding.

With the inclusion of these 8 piano sounds, there are a total of 19 sounds which include, 3 electric piano sounds, 2 string ensemble sounds, 2 organ sounds, a harpsichord, 2 bass sounds, and vibraphone bell tone.


The ES110 has a 192-note polyphony, a noteworthy amount of polyphony processing power that enables you to play complex classical pieces as well as layer multiple sounds without dropping notes.

Recording and playback

There are recording and playback features that will let you record and save about 3 of your own songs, then play them back to evaluate the sound.

However, the recorder is 1-track only which means there is no allowance to independently record left and right hand like other digital pianos would. Also, the piano does not come with a USB flash drive port for saving the songs


The Kawai 7W+7W amp speakers deliver very clear and rich sound throughout the full spectrum frequencies, while headphones offer an even more detailed and immersive listening. It comes with a 6.5 mm headphone jack.

There is a Speaker EQ setting that allows you to optimize the sound character of piano’s speakers depending on where you place the piano.

While the speakers are not as loud as those of a grand piano, there are line-out jacks for plugging in external amplifiers or speakers whenever you need to boost your sound.


Quite impressive aspect is the Bluetooth 4.0 connection, that gives you the ability to wirelessly connect the keyboard to iOS or Android tablets. In addition, it allows connection to the Kawai Virtual Technician app, a free download that aids in editing and customizing all your sounds.

The instrument also has a MIDI IN/OUT jacks to connect it with external MIDI devices.


  • It is light and extremely portable.
  • The keyboard comes with a great dynamic response.
  • Offers a great range of the authentic piano and electric piano sounds.
  • Allows Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Comes with fully-weighted RHC action keypad.
  • Gives192-note polyphony.
  • Offers 106 preset songs and 100 rhythms.
  • Included sustain pedal with half-pedal support


  • Lacks a USB port.
  • Has a one-track MIDI recorder.
  • Doesn’t come with an LCD display.

What Buyers Like

The reviews for this piano were filled with praise for how great the sound quality is, as well as how simple it is to connect to via Bluetooth. Reviews like this one, “Everything about this keyboard is fantastic. I’ve had it a few months and it still plays perfectly…” are what drove us to add it to our list!

There were a lot of reviews that focused on how well the weighting is for the keys. Not to mention how surprised they were to find out how lightweight this model is!

Final Verdict

The Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano makes out list because of the connectivity options for a more affordable digital piano. Some of our more expensive models don’t even have Bluetooth and MIDI options! We don’t recommend this product for buyers looking USB ports.

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano

The Yamaha DGX-660 comes with a proper fusion of an excellent acoustic piano sound and advanced features for an amazing piano experience. The added microphone gives it an extra level of versatility as well.

This piano is a great tool for pianists of any level of skill, from a beginner to a professional player, with an added advantage of built-in USB audio recorder to store all your musical inspirations.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano on Amazon

Sound with pure CF sampling

Yamaha equipped this digital piano with pure CF sampling which means its piano sounds were sampled from a real grand piano producing some of the most authentic and expressive sounds. Moreover, the piano has over 550 sounds to choose from.

Keyboard and polyphony

Yamaha DGX-660 comes with Graded Hammer Sensitivity full 88-key keyboard, and you have the option of changing the sensitivity of your keys by the press of a button. It has a 192-note polyphony, that will allow you to play anything without dropping any notes.

Easy-to-read score and lyric display

The LCD display can be switched to show score or lyric display, showing you notation for any song that is playing. You’re also able to read the music for your favorite built-in songs or can follow along with songs downloaded to a USB device from Yamaha’s MusicSoft.

Microphone feature

Another amazing feature is the microphone connectivity. The built-in speakers can give you a good idea of how you sound with everything mixed together. And if you don’t want to sing along there is also an option to use any pre-recorded karaoke song files that are in the Yamaha MusicSoft. This comes with three presets for different vocal performances.


The SmartChord is yet another great feature that makes you sound like a pro even if you’re just a beginner. You only have to use a single finger and SmartChord will create full chords to add depth to your playing no matter the complexity of the piece.


You can integrate your DGX-660 with iOS apps, PC, and your portable music player or even another instrument through the AUX IN, and listen in through the built-in speakers. The DGX-660’s speaker system is also powerful and fine-tuned for playing back any type of music.


  • Comes with Graded Hammer Standard piano-like keys.
  • Produces good sounds and styles.
  • Come with a microphone input to sing along as you play.
  • Has a compact design for great portability.
  • Provides USB use and built-in track recorder.
  • 192 polyphony for improved performance.
  • Comes with a clear LCD display.
  • Features a robust and high-quality build.


  • Only comes with a single pedal.
  • It has a small internal memory.
  • A bit bulkier than most portable pianos.

What Buyers Like

The reviews for this digital piano were a little overwhelming because of how frequently buyers mentioned how it felt like they were playing in an actual concert hall, on a real piano. One even said they loved this piano so much “I honestly hope this lasts forever”!

Lots of customers felt like this was more than just a piano, given that it has a a lot of technological functions. A few customers admired the quality of how well it was built!

Final Verdict

The Yamaha DGX-660 is on our list because of all of the amazing extras! The microphone jack for singing and playing through the same speakers, the easy to use LCD screen, and the USB connectivity make this an excellent digital piano. Not recommended for buyers trying to find something a little more sleek, as this piano has been called ‘bulky’.

Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

The Casio PX860 emanates the highest level of realism in regard to sound, performance, and looks with impressive build quality, varied range of options, different easy to use features and plenty more.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano on Amazon

With this piano, Casio has sought to give the user a realistic sound and feel close to that of an acoustic piano, by equipping hammer response to keys to damper resonance and lid simulation.

Sound quality

The Casio PX860 has an updated acoustic and intelligent resonator sound engine, this records samples through four different dynamics to stimulate sound.

Damper and string resonance enhance the sound quality further with hammer response simulators that highly mimics the rich sound that is generated by the hammer striking the string.

There are a total of 18 preset sounds included with layer and split function of which you can bring more variation to your performance. The function also enables convenient layering of two tunes on top of each other but also has an option of playing two entirely different tunes simultaneously.

Also included in the piano are 10-recorded songs and total 60 built-in songs. These songs can be sped or slowed down for the sake of learning and better performance.

In addition, the Casio PX860 digital piano has 256 notes of polyphony, this is a wide range that will ensure playing every piece without flaw.

Casio PX860 has included four very powerful top class built-in speakers that deliver an amplified and rich sound.

Adding a finishing touch to the amazing sound of this instrument, it comes with a sliding lid that can be locked in place to project the sound outwards.

Key action

It has 88-key simulated ebony and ivory keyboard and a tri-sensor scaled hammer action that provide a greatly realistic sound and feel close enough to that of a grand piano.

Another important feature is the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the keys by altering the settings to match your playing speed and style.

A duet mode is also featured in this model, which allows two players to play at the same time by dividing the keyboard into two identical ranges. A feature that is quite important for training sessions.

USB MIDI connectivity

The Casio PX860 has a USB port that links it to a recording and notation software. This remarkable USB MIDI feature helps connect your piano to a computer or iPad for better access and control remotely.


  • It is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Has an amazing piano tone.
  • Comes with a compact and durable build.
  • Accurate keys with hammer weighted mechanism.
  • Lid enhances the overall quality of the piano sound.
  • Offers large range of voices with great clarity
  • Enhanced sound engine mimicking that of grand piano
  • Comes with USB and headphone options


  • The piano is slightly heavy.
  • Has an adjustable music stand.
  • The baseboard is not stable.

What Buyers Like

People who bought and played with the Casio PX860 were all about how sturdy and more expensive this digital piano felt. Not only that, but a lot of customers were really happy with the classic design. As one customer put it, “Overall, if you want a solid digital piano that could hold its own acoustically against most uprights then, for the price this is hard to beat”!

Lots of reviews raving about how well the pedals work. All in all, customers loved how it looked like a real upright piano, but didn’t take up as much space!

Final Verdict

The Casio PX860 makes our list because of how much it resembles a non-digital upright piano! A classic look, a classic sound, but with modern technology on the inside! Not recommended for musicians looking for something they can travel with, as this piece is meant to be stationary.


In this segment, we will look at the best but higher end and pricier digital pianos. When purchasing from this price range or any other for that matter, you ought to be on the lookout for what you are getting as not to be duped by paying for a low-quality digital piano hyped up in price for cheap advertisement.

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

The Yamaha YDP 143R Digital Piano has a GHS keyboard with matte black keytops and is available in an upright design. It also comes with several features for both learners as well as teachers.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano on Amazon

This aesthetically pleasing instrument creates an impression of an authentic piano in your space. It does not need to be manually tuned but rather electronically sampled, which means you only need to plug it into the power and play.


The YDP 143R has an impressive 192-note polyphony, a ratio that can allow advanced pianists to be creative in their pieces. This means that this piano is capable of playing 192 notes at once without cutting off the first notes.

Key action

The 88-key piano keyboard integrated with Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) provides a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end closely imitating the touch you would find on a traditional acoustic piano.

Dual voice

The piano contains pure CF sound engine that simulates Yamaha CFIIIS grand piano sound along with nine other sounds and despite this low number of voices, the dual voice function allows mixing of two voices at a time to get a brand new personalized voice.

Recording device

It has built-in recording feature capable of recording up to two separate tracks that can be combined to play simultaneously. The output file is in the SMF Format allowing playback on most computers.

USB port

With a USB port available on the instrument, you can connect the piano to your computer or smartphone via a special Yamaha cord (UD-BTO1).

App Integration

Once the instrument is connected to your Smart devices, you can interface with a variety of apps to control it. The Digital piano controller app gives you full access and control of the Yamaha YDP 143 features and functions.

Stereo optimizer

Another feature only available on Yamaha pianos is the unique headphone device named as Stereophonic Optimizer. Inside the headphones, it separates the sound from the piano as it is coming in a full surround sound, which is great for you to compare how a recorded sound is from what you are playing and listening.

Intelligent Acoustic Control

Another feature that the Yamaha YDP143 has is Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC). This feature enables you to play at a low volume with less hassle by automatically adjusting the volume of bass and treble to a composition of a louder rendition with added depth.

Metronome and Transpose

The metronome function aids in beat keeping and increases your sense of timing and precision, this you can easily access by use of a button. The transpose function, on the other hand, will enable you to modulate up or down by use of a few buttons.


  • It has an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • The Graded Hammer Standard keyboard action feels similar to one of a real piano.
  • Good control over dynamics with the pressure-sensitive keys.
  • Compatible with high-quality piano software.
  • Has an improved pure PC engine.
  • Comes with 192 polyphony and working pedals.


  • Quite bulky for transportation.
  • Pedals tend to be a bit tough to operate.

What Buyers Like

The musicians who purchased this model quickly fell in love with how brilliant the sound quality is on this digital piano. Customers loved how easy the keys were to play on, as well as how incredibly comfortable they felt sitting on the bench. One even wrote, “From the moment I opened the box I was very impressed”. Majority of the customers who purchased this piano were over the moon with how amazing it played!

Final Verdict

The outstanding look of this piano, as well as the pressure-sensitive keys make this product a force to be reckoned with! The Yamaha YDP143 makes our list because it looks and feels like a hand made upright piano, but with all the added features of a digital piano. Not recommended for individuals looking for a large variety of connectivity options.

Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

The Privia Pro PX-566 is a stage piano that provides amazing key action, great piano sound chip and an impressive built-in speaker system. In a lightweight portable cabinet, this piano offers the most intuitive interface available in the market.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Casio PX560BE 88-Key Digital Stage Piano on Amazon

It comes with remarkable A.i.R. Powered Concert Grand Piano sounds. In addition, with Casio’s Hex Layer Synthesis, you have full control of hammer response, damper resonance, key-off simulation, and string resonance. Splits and sound layering are easy, and the amazing 256-note polyphony lets you compose heavy tracks without the dreaded voice cutting.

Color touch interface                                                                       

The PX560 digital piano features Casio’s new Color Touch Interface. It is a bright, easy to read and clear 5.3” display that has a full-color palette and immediately responds to touch. This intuitive panel is not difficult to figure out making exploring the PX-560 enjoyable. You will also appreciate that the interface uses universally recognizable graphics that help you take full advantage of the instrument’s key sounds and features.

The Keys

The PX-560 features a Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard that meticulously imitates the authentic touch and response of a grand piano. Like on an actual concert grand piano, the keys in the lower register are heavier and become light as you descend. The ivory and ebony textured keys feel more realistic and keep your fingers from slipping grip to keep you playing for longer periods.

Voices and polyphony

The PX-560 comes with a Multi-Dimensional AiR (Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator) Sound Source that uses Linear Morphing technology to produce a smooth transition from the softer to the louder sounds.

The Damper Resonance gives you that deep feeling of the strings resonating next to the piano’s soundboard when the damper pedal is engaged.

String Resonance creates the harmonic interaction between vibrating strings.

The piano also comes with a massive 256 notes of polyphony that will allow you compose complex pieces without having to worry about cut sounds.

Casio’s Hex Layer technology gives you the ability to synth the sounds and customizes the piano. Meaning you can produce a vast number of splits and layers, with four different zones and a sum of 14 layers at once. You can also individually manipulate and change this tones so that the results are different in character and performance and into that of your own.

Built-in studio

PX560 has 96-memory registration, in the form of a17-track MIDI recorder, which comes with editing features. This is great to store your personal control panel setups for any feature on the piano. There is also an option of using a USB audio recorder, which will create an audio file straight onto your USB stick.

Learning tools

This digital player also has features that aid in learning and beneficial to music labs. The dual mode enables playing two different instrument sounds on one key.It also has the Duet mode that accommodates two players side by side by splitting the keyboard into two equal pitch ranges, important for piano lessons or practice.


The PX-560 has a USB port, which connects to your PC, Mac, or iOS device without drivers needed. You can easily control your music software, without any extra setup.

In addition to that, there are two small stereo headphone jacks, two 1/4″ audio output jacks for connecting to external speakers or amplifiers, an audio-in stereo mini jack, as well as a damper pedal for the included plastic sustain pedal.


  • Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
  • Comes with a huge number of instruments.
  • Easy to use the color touchscreen.
  • 256 – Note maximum polyphony.
  • Comes with a 17-track MIDI recorder and mixer.
  • It is compact and lightweight.
  • Has a great piano sound.


  • A few instruments need improvements.

What Buyers Like

The customers love how easy to use the touch screen is for this digital piano. “Color touch screen is easy to use and gets to the settings quickly that you need,” one review stated.

Other reviews raved about how smoothly the keys were, as well as how it is so simple to play! Lots of reviews from musicians who are on stage frequently and how easy it is to transport this digital piano.

Final Verdict

Casio’s PX560 model is on our list for best digital pianos because it is simply one of the most reliable and well-built pianos for musicians who perform frequently! We love how tech savvy and how portable this model is for the traveling musician. Not recommended for those who don’t absolutely need it for traveling!

Roland F-140R Digital Piano

The Roland F-140R is a digital piano that comes in a contemporary and compact design, packed with useful revolutionary technology. This piano offers the novel PHA-4 88-key Progressive Hammer Action that takes the keyboard to another level.

To add to the functional and visual appeal of the piano, the lid when closed offers protection to the keyboard from elements and while open, offers a rest for a page score or an iPad.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Roland F-140R Digital Piano on Amazon


Realistic sound

The Roland F-140R Digital Piano is powered by the SuperNATURAL piano sound engine which when combined with the 128-note polyphony brings optimal sonic authenticity and harmonic performance of this digital piano.

The SuperNATURAL engine models the sound you hear and express it as is, based on the notes that you play, as opposed to triggering samples that do not respond to one another.

Roland F140R comes with 11 impeccable different grand piano sounds and has 305 of other types of sound styles with onboard effects. It also has 72 different rhythms.

The built-in metronome and SMF (standard MIDI file) recorder also lets you practice and builds your sense of timing as well as record and playback your performances.

 PHA-4 Standard keyboard

The Roland F-140R’s PHA-4 Standard keyboard features the Progressive Hammer Action with Escapement. The keys are made from practice with Ivory Feel texture that gives you a notably natural and satisfying playing experience.

This keyboard is great for piano lessons as the split and dual modes enable dividing the keyboard into two, while the weighting of the keys is very realistic, providing a wonderful interface between your fingers and the instrument.

There is a mechanical escapement, which is a useful addition to the feature-set so that when you are playing a fast and quiet passage, the acoustic piano requires you to perform above the escapement, giving you a consistent play.

The Pedal Board

F-140R comes with three foot-pedals. The right damper or sustain pedal is the most important one as 95% of most peddling happens here. The soft and sostenuto pedals are used at much fewer degrees.

Speakers and headphones

There are two 12W speakers positioned under the keyboard. They can be loud if required but deliver a beautifully crisp and full sound at average volumes. Its full volume is 103dB, however, you can plug in external stereo speaker or amps using the stereo audio output jack at the back of the piano.

A new interesting feature with this piano is the 3D headphones, which are supposed to give you huge, spacious sound which Roland calls “an immersive sound experience”, as opposed to using the other headphones that easily tire the ears.


The F-140R has provided Bluetooth MIDI connectivity with Apple devices, allowing you to wirelessly link to the many soft-synths or DAWs available on Apple’s iOS platform.

Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity allows automatic hands-free musical sheet page turning by attaching the sostenuto pedal to a sheet music app.

There are USB output and a USB flash drive input, which allows you to record and performance directly to a flash drive.

Other audio IN and OUT sockets 2 headphones mini-jacks, stereo audio input and stereo audio output jacks, so plenty of external devices can be connected to the piano.

The user interface

The piano has a simple three-digit LED display. This confirms the instrument’s current function. There are plenty of other buttons that makes controlling rhythms and editing the instrument’s resonance and other functions simple.


  • 3D headphone experience.
  • PH4 standard keyboard, with escapement and ivory feel.
  • Good workmanship and design.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Comes with a SuperNATURAL sound engine
  • Onboard rhythm section feature.


  • Few buttons for sound color.

What Buyers Like

The reviewers for this particular digital piano were all about the playability of this keyboard model. One wrote, “The quality of the piano sound and the realistic keyboard action are unrivaled at this price point” and a lot of other customers agreed.

Lots of reviews that focused on the sturdy build, as well as the abundance of extra features! A few customers even commented on the ease with which they were able to use the Bluetooth.

Final Verdict

Roland F-140R’s PHA-4 Standard Keyboard makes our digital piano best of list because of the spectacular feel. Not only do customers love how the keys respond, but we do to! We also love that you can connect your tablet and have the “pages” turned for you digitally while you play! We don’t recommend this digital piano to customers looking for a simple piano, without all the bells and whistles.

Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P255 comes in a slim, portable design and capable of offering a full range of performances. In regards to the keyboard, sound reinforcement, and piano voices, this is the best digital piano in Yamaha’s P-Series. It is suitable for both serious practice and live performing.

This digital piano can be played in any place or setting of choice with or without external amplification, thanks to its portable design and built-in speaker system.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano on Amazon


Voice selection                                                    

The P-255 uses the Pure CF Sound Engine to produce its piano voices that feature three sample functions absent in many digital pianos.

  • Key-off Samples – Reproduces the subtle change in a piano sound the moment you remove your fingers from the keys.

The key-off sounds, however, differ with staccato and legato playing.

  • Sustain Sampling- This is the resonance of the soundboard and strings heard when the sustain pedal is engaged to recreate a stunning acoustic effect.
  • String Resonance- This is the resonance of the strings adjacent to the strings that are being struck with the key hammer of the piano.

Key action

The Graded Hammer Action (GH) that the P-255 comes with gives the piano keys the right weight, which is eventually distributed proportionally along the piano bed. This gives it a feel and response more like that of an actual grand piano.

Additionally, the white keys have been upgraded to feature synthetic ivory tops with great moisture absorption as opposed to the plastic keys found in other digital pianos.

Polyphony note

The amazing thing about P-255 is that it comes with 256 of polyphony, a pretty high amount for a digital piano so the sound will not be cut off because of dropped notes. This feature makes it a viable candidate for intermediates as well as professional pianists.

Sound Boost     

You can easily increase the fullness of the sound of the P-255 with the touch of a button making it louder and enhancing its presence.

In case you feel like you are not being heard mid-performance, Sound Boost enables a clear-sounding performance that will pierce through any mix, affecting both the internal speakers and external amplification.


The P-255 allows you to record up to 10 songs and you can store your performances directly on a USB flash drive in a WAV format, so you can play them back on a computer or upload them online.

App Integration

The Yamaha p-255 has a free controller app for Apple devices that can be downloaded from the App Store. This allows users to connect their phones, tablets or iPad through the USB device, allowing them to access and control a wide range of the piano’s functions such as the recorder, split, the voices, and much more.


  • Has a mighty polyphony of 256 notes
  • Balanced in-built speakers.
  • Impressive pre CF sampling of piano voices.
  • Comes with synthetic ivory Graded Hammer keys.
  • Enables a free controller app for iOS
  • Has 3 EQ sliders for advances acoustic settings
  • Features an effective Sound Boost function.


  • A low number of pre-set voices and rhythms.
  • Does not have a duo mode.

What Buyers Like

As one reviewer put it, ” I love the portability of a digital piano, while at the same time I wanted something that would sound just as crisp and clear as a grand piano” and this Yamaha model DELIVERS. Nearly every review for this very easy to transport digital piano were about the impeccable sound.

There were a few reviews that focused on how this is the second best option behind an actual grand piano. Not to mention how easy it is to set up and tear down for performances.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano is certainly on our list because it is one of the best portable pianos on the market, hands down. Excellent for professionals who travel a lot and perform frequently. We don’t recommend this for people looking for a portable piano with a more tech driven interface. 

Yamaha YDP163B Arius Series Console Digital Piano

The Yamaha YDP163B is a full-size digital piano with 88 keys that has synthetic ivory keytops designed to emulate the feel of the acoustic piano. The keyboard features the Graded Hammer Standard action. Unlike the previous models, this piano has 192-note polyphony.

YDP163B include all three pedals, the damper, sostenuto, and soft pedals with continuous control. This model also allows you to combine two voices at a go for a fuller sound and you can record your performances directly into the piano.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Yamaha YDP163B Arius Series Console Digital Piano on Amazon


The sound of YDP163B

This instrument’s sounds are sampled from a Yamaha CF3S concert grand to emulate thick, rich, warm tones and for this reason, you have to be very precise on how you handle the pedal to avoid blurry note.

There are 10 preset voices and 50 play-along songs included in the Yamaha YDP-163’s library. An impressive Polyphony -192 makes it possible for intricate and complicated pieces to come out clearly.

Superb feel and play-ability

It has 88-key Graded Hammer 3 action an identical system as an acoustic piano. It also has the new GH3 key sensor configuration, which is extra touchy and provides an acoustic-like feel and response allowing fast note repetition and authentic expressive control.

The keyboard with synthetic ivory keytops offers a subtly textured feel, absorbing moisture hence preventing finger slipping while playing.

Optimal tone at any volume level

Using the Yamaha exclusive Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) feature, this digital piano can be played at a lower volume in a quiet environment. The instrument adjusts the balance between bass and treble automatically, creating more depth to the sound. Additionally, the volume dial will automatically make fine adjustments to the overall speaker system (EQ) when playing at a low volume ensuring the highest sound quality regardless of the volume


USB cable can be used to connect the instrument to a PC or mobile devices. The Digital Piano Controller app has an interface that is optimized for iOS touch screens, adding functionality to this digital piano.

The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity is a plus.

The internal recorder allows you to record one 2-track song, however, there is an addition of an external recording device, which is a big bonus.


  • Comes with Graded Hammer synthetic ivory keys.
  • It has a192-note polyphony.
  • Has superior key action with three key
  • The inclusion of Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Comes with a recording and playback feature.
  • This piano does not need to be tuned.
  • Saves energy with the auto power off.
  • It has the Yamaha Pure CF sound engine.


  • Does not have a screen display.
  • It is not portable.

What Buyers Like

There were a lot of reviews that raved about the recording features for this piano. Not only that, but several reviews focused on the various connectivity options. Surprising to find that a few customers who purchased this piano loved it so much they bought a second one!

Final Verdit

Yamaha YDP163B Arius Series Console Digital Piano makes our list because of the amazing connection options, as well as the energy saving power off feature. If you’re going to invest in a piano like this, you might as well save some money on your electric bill! Not recommended for those customers looking for a quality screen display.

Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano

The Kurzweil Artis 88-key stage piano is designed to be simple but powerful. This piano has taken performing to a new level with its captivating piano sound, dependability, and ease of use.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano on Amazon

The Artis features a completely new German 9′ grand piano sound as well as 225 other stage sounds. Comes with a 128-note polyphony, Hammer weighted key action and with the impressive FX engine, you can easily fine-tune your sounds through the nine sliders and a dedicated 3-band EQ section.

88-Hammer Weighted Keys

The Kurzweil Artis’ 88 hammer weighted keys are smooth and faster like those of a real piano. In addition to that, the keys have an added advantage of velocity and sensitivity which means they respond to how fast the hammers strike the strings from the key press speed giving your playing the perfect volume and tone.

Amazing sound            

With Kurzweil Artis, the sound is rich and full and there are 256 preset factory programs. These preset programs feature some of the best Kurzweil sounds including the Kurzweil PC3 and KORE 64 ROM expansion. Other included sounds are strings, synth sounds, drums, horns, and many more

128-note polyphony

Having amazing 128-voice polyphony, the Kurzweil Artis gives you all the support you need when playing even the very complex of sounds without dropping any notes on maximum polyphony. Additionally, it has a feature for selecting which voices to drop in favor of new ones. This will result in seamless and natural performances even when you play heavily layered sounds with many effects.

User-friendly interface

The Kurzweil Artis digital stage piano has an extremely user-friendly interface particularly handy when performing on stage.

It features nine drawbar sliders and five assignable performance control switches that enable you real-time fine-tune of the piano sounds. In addition, with the quick layer/split control, combining and layering sounds easy and fast. You also get a 1-button recall of your most-used Programs and Multis.


The piano has two footswitch jacks. These can take double pedals or single conventional, TRS pedals that support half-damper action. Another separate jack is the continuous control pedal.

USB jacks are also provided for both computer and smartphone connectivity or any thumb drive for storage of data. The 1/8″ stereo input is for linking music playback devices to the outputs and there is also a headphone jack around the front.


  • The piano is easy to use and to set up.
  • It comes with USB connectivity and flash drives.
  • Features a powerful FX Engine that offers multiple effects chains.
  • Has a user-friendly interface.
  • Provides 128-note polyphony.


  • It has no onboard drum patterns.
  • You can record or playback audio files through the external flash drive.
  • No access to primary programs when split layering is engaged.
  • Only ten Favorites are available.

What Buyer Like

People who bought this digital piano were in love with how easy it is to set up and use. One chimed in, “This has to be the most user friendliest piano made”!

Buyers also liked how it had USB and flash drive connectivity options. This made it easy for some reviewers to record and edit their own music confidently.

Final Verdict

We like the Kurzweil ARTIS 88-Key Stage Digital Piano for it’s user-friendly approach to the digital piano! Sometimes with all the screens, and mic jacks, and Bluetooth, you need to get back to something a little easier to use! We don’t recommend this digital piano to people looking for built in percussion options. 

Nord Piano 3 88-Key Stage Piano

The Nord Piano 3 is a clean, sleek, solid build and sturdy instrument that uses 88-note Triple Sensor keybed and Nord’s Virtual Hammer Action Technology, giving the keyboard such a fantastic grand piano feel while still remaining remarkably lightweight.

Click here to see reviews and prices for the Nord Piano 3 88-Key Stage Piano on Amazon

About overall quality, the sound, the feel, the editing abilities and the stage presence, I can say Nord has released the best digital piano of its kind.


Featuring Nord’s superb 88-note Virtual Hammer Action with improved weighted keybed, this piano has improved dynamic control, which gives an authentic piano feel.

A triple sensor keyboard adds depth and nuance to your playing, offering that smooth transitions between notes, and thanks to the sensors, any key can be triggered repeatedly without always lifting the key to its resting place. This enables the nuanced style of percussive pianissimo playing.

Sample synth section

The Sample Synth section has 256 MB memory for the Sample Library 2.0.This is a key selection of high quality sampled sounds that includes the exclusively licensed sounds of the Mellotron and Chamberlin. With the provided software Nord Sample Editor you can also create your own sample instruments.

OLED navigation

The Nord Piano 3 has a lovely and clear OLED display and menu system, which is a big improvement from the old monochrome LCD display. However, there’s still no pitch bend or mod wheel, which would significantly improve the piano’s MIDI controller performance, and abilities when using the Sample Synth section.


This piano has a 1 GB of storage space dedicated to providing a thousand high-quality and clear different voices. This offers a performance with rich tonal color and dynamic range.

In this, there are six beautiful acoustic piano sounds that cover the whole spectrum, from fun and lively, to warm and mellow.

Monitor input

You can connect your MP3 player or CD player to the back panel of Nord Piano 3 monitor input to play, rehearse or jam with recorded music without the need for an external mixer or sound system. The headphone output will be used to monitor the signal.

Connect your MP3 or CD player to the rear panel Nord Piano 3 monitor input to play along, rehearse or jam with previously recorded music without the need for an external mixer or sound system. The signal will be monitored through the headphone output.


  • Excellent Nord Virtual Hammer Technology.
  • High-quality onboard impressions.
  • Provides 1 GB memory for Nord Piano Library.
  • Comes with Triple Pedal.


  • Has limited ports.
  • Comes with few automated tools.

What Buyers Like

Reviews for this piano focused primarily on how well it played and how amazing the sound is on this model. Not to mention, they really loved how it comes the 1GB of memory! One customer stated, ” ..if you’re in the market for a top tier digital 88-key piano, then this will surely satisfy you”!

A few customers noted how “powerful” and “intuitive” the keyboard is for playing.

Final Verdict

The Nord Piano 3 88-Key Stage Piano with 1GB of Sample Memory makes our list because of how smoothly you can play the Nord Virtual Hammer Technology keys! An excellent product that feels as if you’re actually playing a grand piano! Not recommended for those looking for lots of port access or automated tool sets. 


We have come to the end of our best digital piano review. Below, we are going to give you the best pick from each of the categories from under $500 to over $1000.


Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P45 digital piano is the best buy for a tight budget. Furthermore, it is considered the best beginner’s piano presently.

For this piano’s price, you will enjoy full, rich sound and space for a good amount of expression with the 64 polyphony and Graded Hammer Standard action.

A very versatile digital piano owing to some features Yamaha has integrated on this model, including the dual mode, metronome, transpose, and song presets. It is definitely the best in its price range.


Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P255 has all the features one could possibly need and more in this price range. Not only does it offer outstanding 256-note polyphony, it comes with high-quality speaker system, making it perfect for any performance.

We feel that this digital piano is fairly priced for all its great features and details. Certainly good value for money.


Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

The Casio PX-860 tops our list as the best buy in a digital piano. This is solely because of an extensive array of features and function that it has to offer. From the very impressive AiR technology that allows this compact piano to perform at its maximum potential to the Multidimensional Morphing Air sound features and many more.

This instrument will leave you with a delightful and consuming experience and its price certainly matches the what it has to offer.


Having looked at various digital pianos in the market, you can tell that it can get quite tricky to pick one.

It is, therefore, imperative that you know the key features and characteristics to look out for when shopping for a digital piano. In this guide, I’ll give you the key factors to consider in choosing the best digital piano.

Number of keys

If you are looking to play complex piano compositions, then go for the full piano keyboard that has 88 keys. On the other hand, you can opt for compact and portable smaller pianos for convenience.

Best Digital Pianos Review

Smaller pianos will typically come with fewer keys and have smaller spaces between the keys. They will also rob you of the full, rich grand piano experience.

Feel of the keyboard

A good digital piano will come with weighted keys that replicate the feel of an authentic acoustic piano. This authentic feel is brought about by use of Graded Hammer Action where the lower keys are heavier to play than the higher keys.

Most cheap digital pianos do not come with this mechanism, reducing performing capabilities of the player.

Number of sounds

You will find many companies piling up on sounds in a digital piano that is often of less importance. You need to focus on the dozen basic sounds you will actually use. If you are lucky enough to be trying a digital piano near a real one, test the bass notes on both.

Best Digital Pianos Review

Also, check the more advanced digital pianos that allow downloading new songs and sounds.

Maximum Polyphony

Polyphony is the number of notes that a digital piano can produce at once. Higher polyphony enables playing pieces that are more complex.

You might want to go for a minimum polyphony of 64-notes, which is the number, deemed for the average user. Basically, polyphony will depend on the skill level of a player. More advanced or advancing players might need to opt for 128-note polyphony or more.

Recording Features      

You might want to record your own compositions. This is why you need to look for a model that comes with a built-in sound recording feature.

Some digital pianos will come with their own internal hard-drives. Others allow you to connect an external hard-drive to the piano.


Models which come with a USB or MIDI connection slots are always the best for connecting your piano to your computer and or smart devices. This allows you to remotely manipulate the piano through varying piano software.

These slots will also come in handy when you want to connect to other instruments.

What is your budget?

There are a good number of great digital pianos ranging from as low as $100 to above $5000. The key is to have a set budget prior to your purchase.

Generally, you will find that the more you spend on a piano, the better the qualities. As the prices go up with each piano so that the number of keys, polyphony, and improvement of other features. This, however, will be highly dependent on personal preference.

What is your skill level?

Different skill levels require different features in a digital piano. For instance, there is no need of spending a pretty buck on a professional piano while your skill is not developed.

How convenient is the particular digital piano?

Be clear on how you plan to use your piano. Many digital pianos are huge in size and are still recommended for home use. Most others are compact, lightweight, and generally cheaper. The highly portable models usually lack the more advanced features of a great digital piano.

How versatile is it?

Many Digital Pianos come with built-in speaker systems and exclusively capable of producing sounds at a certain volume level. If you are looking to have a more advanced playing, you might need to consider how versatile the models are.

Look for models that will have ports for external devices such as headphones, amplifiers or even other instruments. That might even allow manipulation of sound levels.

Best Digital Piano For You

We have covered different categories of digital pianos in this best digital piano review. We hope you now have an idea of how to pick out the best digital piano that suits your needs, taste, and budget. Let us know in the comments below which one you would prefer or of any experiences with digital pianos.

General FAQs

What Makes One of the Best Digital Piano Models?

Lots of functions, easy portability, wide range of styles and songs, as well as excellent sound quality are all amazing features to have. Some of the best digital piano models also include Bluetooth, USB ports, as well as storage features.

What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

Number of keys, feel of the keyboard, number of sounds, maximum polyphony, recording Features, connectivity     

What Is the Price Range For the Best Digital Pianos?

The price range for digital pianos varies greatly. You can find digital pianos starting at $200 up to $4500

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