Top 3 Best Headphones for Noise Cancelling and Sleeping

The power of silence and being able to rest or focus is much underrated these days. We live in such a hurry that sooner or later, you will find yourself hoping for a few minutes of peace and quiet. Fortunately, the headphones producer thought of that and created specially designed headphone sets that have noise-canceling features to them. Let’s find out what are the best noise cancelling earbuds available on the market at the moment and why you should have a pair always available at your disposal.

The Benefits of Noise Cancelling and Sleeping Headphones

First of all, let’s talk about the advantages of having noise-canceling headphones or sleeping headphones set. First, you should know that such devices increase the signal-to-noise ratio, which makes it a lot easier to listen to important audio. They also prevent the noise of higher frequency from reaching your ears, protecting them in a way. This is why they are so useful in highly loud places like airports and improve the quality of your sleep, keeping you away from the noise of the city. Noise-canceling headphones also allow you to talk more comfortably on the phone, as well as study or work. Also, when you are a dedicated music enthusiast when you use headphones like this, you can hear the sound more clearly with a lower volume.

Lavince Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Some claim that Lavince Bluetooth sleep headphones are the best fabric headphones on the market. They solve two problems: they are wireless and comfortable to lay down, as well as sleep on the side. The headphones connect to your smartphone or a tablet via Bluetooth and last around 10 hours once fully charged. You will get a full night’s sleep with your favorite tunes. The headband where the headphones are placed in is made from a breathable and stretchy material that is highly comfortable and prevents heat build-up.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Next on our list are the so-called best noise-canceling headphones, and they will take your bedtime experience to a whole new level. If you wish to block out any external noise and relax after the long day of work, these headphones are for you. The quality of reducing background noise is quite high, so you won’t regret your purchase. They can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you can expect excellent sound quality as well. The headphones are designed and made with traditional materials, so it is a set more for regular use rather than sleeping.

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Cozy Phones

Moving on to the last pick on our list of headphones that are great for noise-canceling and sleeping are the CozyPhones. This particular set of headphones is embedded into a breathable and comfortable fabric, a headband that you can sleep in. This model, however, is a product that operates on a cable, so as you might imagine, there are some space limitations in place. The material, just like the one used for Lavince, is supposed to prevent overheating. The biggest advantage of CozyPhones is that they are relatively thin and flat, which makes them comfortable to wear even for people not used to these types of solutions.

Headphone Makes Music Experience Amazing

That concludes our list. Music and sound, in general, are a big part of anyone’s life, and it is essential to have the right equipment to enjoy it. Choosing one of the three sets of headphones on the list should guarantee you an excellent sound experience. All you have to do is to put on your noise-canceling headphones, turn the outside noise down and the music up.

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