Best Mechanical Keycaps

Keycap Model PriceOur Verdict 
HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps$$$Best Overall
HyperX FPS & MOBA Gaming Keycaps Upgrade Kit$Best Value for Money
CORSAIR Gaming Performance FPS MOBA Keycap Kit$$Best in Durability

Every gamer is in search of the best mechanical keyboard keycaps that could provide a more intense gaming experience. Well who wouldn’t? Your keyboard covers almost half of your performance in every game you play.

Having said this, it is only imperative that every gamer should consider upgrading a mechanical keyboard simply by changing the keycaps. In this product review and buying guide, we will be listing down the best mechanical keycaps that you should consider getting.

Best Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps – Editors Pick

HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps best mechanical keyboard keycaps

The HyperX Double Shot comes with translucent pudding cap design that exposes more light and creates a more brilliant effect. This product does not only come in a good shape, but it also promises durability. With its sturdy construction and design, it has the ability to stand the test of time.

It also comes with a removal tool to help the buyer in changing the keycaps.


  • Design is good and gives your keyboard a total makeover
  • The keycaps let the light shine through, thereby adding to the total new look of the keyboard
  • Price is reasonable compared to other brands


  • The keycap prints need to be improved
  • Some of the keycaps do not fit perfectly on some brands of mechanical keyboards

Buyer reviews

The HyperX Double Shot is generally loved by customers for its outstanding design and construction. Compared to its other competitors, this product is offered in a fairly reasonable price.

One of the best things about this product is it could last longer than other similar mechanical keyboard keycaps in the market today.

However, buyers believe that the print of fonts on the keycaps should be improved.


HyperX FPS & MOBA Gaming Keycaps Upgrade Kit – Best Value for Money

HyperX FPS and MOBA Gaming Keycaps Upgrade Kit best mechanical keyboard keycaps

Your attention could easily be captured by the design of the HyperX FPS and MOBA keycaps because of the striking colors that will definitely make your keyboard look sharper than ever. Its sturdy look goes well with its actual durability.

These keypads standout from all of its competitors. Its texture is intended to create a tactile grip and to take the gaming experience to the next level.


  • Comes in striking colors that help the user spot the keys more easily
  • Buyers are provided with a very stylish and functional keycap removal tool
  • Keycaps are very durable
  • Prints are very well-defined and solid


  • Prints on keycaps do not stay very long
  • Keycap removal tool could scratch the side of the keycaps
  • These keycaps do not fit perfectly with some keyboard brands

Buyer reviews

Users generally find this product one of the best mechanical keyboard keycaps in the market today. These keycaps are highly recommended for gamers because in order to have a good gaming experience, the keyboard should work with the one who is playing.

However, users of this product recommend that you make sure to check if these mechanical keyboard keycaps will fit with your keyboard. Furthermore, previous buyers recommend that you check first before buying because they do not fit well with some brands.


CORSAIR Gaming Performance FPS MOBA Keycap Kit – Best in Durability

CORSAIR Gaming Performance FPS MOBA Keycap Kit best mechanical keyboard keycaps

This product is designed for intense and competitive online gaming. With its sturdy design, any gamer would agree that this keycap kit adds to the gaming experience not every keyboard could provide.

What sets the difference of this product from other mechanical keyboard keycaps is its texture and well-defined contours, which make it easier for the user to identify the keys needed for the game or application.


  • Keycaps give a more solid feeling when typing
  • The texture is just amazing
  • The black and white combination makes it easier for the users to see the keys in darker environments


  • Expensive compared to other keycaps available in the market
  • Uneven backlight in some of the keys
  • The font used for prints on the keypads should be changed or improved

Buyer reviews

If you want to upgrade the look of your keyboard, then you should definitely consider this product. For gamers, this is also highly recommended because of its color and design. Gamers like the texture of this product very much because it gives a solid typing experience.

Like other keycap kits in the market today, this product does not fit in some keyboard brands, so before buying this one, do some research on which brand it could fit well enough. Also, this product is quite more expensive compared to other mechanical keyboard keycaps.

Keycap Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps

There are many types of keycaps being sold today, and it could be pretty confusing which one to get especially if your goal is to get an amazing gaming experience. It’s a good thing that the market offers a large number of keycaps that have great quality and reasonable price.

However, these are things you should know in looking for the best mechanical keyboard keycaps.

Type of keycap plastic

Keycaps are generally made of plastic; they only differ in what type of plastic. There are two types used for keycaps: ABS and PBT. Those made of PBT plastic are known to be sturdier, so if your purpose is to get a keycap kit for gaming, then consider getting the one made of PBT.

How your keycaps are made and manufactured

Keycaps go through either single or double injection molding process. Double-shot keycaps are those that go through the double injection process and are made with two layers of plastic.

The double injection process is expensive, and this is the reason why double-shot keycaps cost more. However, double-shot keycaps are still highly recommended because they last longer.

Keycap profile

Plain and simple: not every keycap will fit in every keyboard brand. For you to successfully get the best keycap for your keyboard, make sure that you know if the keycaps you plan on buying is compatible with your keyboard.

Keycaps also differ in shape and height. For mechanical keyboards, the contoured keycaps are usually the best one to get.

Key Puller

In looking for keycaps for your keyboard, consider getting the ones that come with a key puller or keycap removal tool. You will have a much easier time replacing your keycap kit if it comes with a puller so make sure that you will check that too.


Most people are particular with the colors of the keycap. Some gamers choose the ones that come in striking colors, while others choose those that are lighter. Different brands usually offer different colors, so check which ones you like.

Before you buy one, also check if the keycaps are translucent to expose enough backlight.

Best Mechanical Keycaps For You

While there are many good mechanical keyboard keycaps in the market today, you have to know which one will perfectly work for you. The first and most important thing you need to do is to check which one will perfectly fit the keyboard you are using, because that will determine the overall performance of your keycaps too.

Your total gaming/typing experience will positively change once you pick the best mechanical keyboard and the set of keycaps that goes with it. By following our tips above, you should be able to get your hands – and finger tips – on the best mechanical keyboard keycaps.

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