Best Mini Drones #1 Review In 2020

Mini drones are popular for a wide variety of reasons. If you’re looking to buy a mini drone as a wildlife tracker, for taking photographs, videography, and so much more, you’re going to need the best mini drones out there!

Because there are so many different options on the market for these tiny, personal UAV’s, it can be difficult to sort through all the marketing noise. However, we’ve put together this amazing buying guide and reviews just for you! Here are a few key tips on things to look for in individual mini drones, as well as the top models you can take home right now!

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Buying Guide for the Best Mini Drones!

Knowing the ins and outs of individual markets in order to make a purchase is unnecessary. However, knowing more about the details of personal drones is essential to finding the best mini drones for you! Here are some important things to remember, as well as take into consideration while you shop for a drone!

Best 2K Monitors PriceOur Verdict 
Parrot Mambo Fly$$Best for Easy Flying
DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo$Best for Camera Quality
Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone$$Best for All Ages

What You Will Be Using The Drone For is Key

One of the most critical pieces of the puzzle is knowing exactly what you’ll be using the mini drone for in the first place. All in all, you’ll be able to find more amazing products that fit your needs if you are aware of how the drone will be used primarily. Here are a list of ways you can use a mini drone:

  • Photography
  • Research landscapes
  • Wildlife study
  • Videography
  • Races
  • Professionally (all of the above can be done for money)
  • And of course, for fun!

There are of course many other uses for a personal UAV. Though you’ll have to eventually edit all of the footage for your job on a monitor, or take the notes on your races afterwards, knowing the UAV’s purpose is key! All things considered, knowing WHY you’ll be purchasing the drone is the first step to finding the best model for your needs!

Drone Flight Times and Battery Life

Not only do drones require a source of power, but they also have limited flight times. Unless you find a drone that is solar powered, as well as having practically indestructible propellers, then you’re going to have limitations. Not to mention longer charge times!

When looking into finding the best mini drones for your uses, it’s incredibly important to understand flight time limitations as well as power source options. You can choose solar power, battery powered, as well as electric models. Just be certain that if you need to fly for two hours, your new mini drone can hold up to the challenge!

Drone Camera Options

The best mini drones will always have an exceptional camera. Overall, you’ll need to know whether you need video, photography, or even not need a camera at all! Considering camera options is a good way to narrow down your UAV models.

Not only should you consider how you will use the camera, or no camera, but you should also look into the quality of the camera. Does it have HD pictures? Can you get large panoramic video? Is it basically a tiny, junk camera thrown on the drone to make it more expensive? These are all excellent questions you need answers for before you purchase your mini drone!

Prices for the Best Mini Drones

Pricing for the best mini drones has so many variables it can make your head spin! Here are just a few things that go into the pricing for a personal UAV:

  • Materials: This is important because a plastic drone, as well as a drone with plastic propellers, is going to cost more than a mini drone with more durable parts. Not only that, but the components that make up the tech inside the cameras and engines will also change the price tag of the drone.
  • Battery: The different types of batteries and charging capabilities will also impact the price of the drone. Not to mention the overall quality!
  • Capabilities: If the drone can fly both indoors and outdoors, as well as higher and with more stability, it will be more expensive. The various capabilities of the drones, from capturing videos, as well as racing fast, will also have a say in how pricey it will be.

Budgeting for the best mini drones is easy once you know they materials, battery life and quality, as well as the capabilities of the drone you may want. Once you know what the different components are WORTH, it’s simple to price out these fun, but useful tools.

Registration For Using Drones

All in all, finding the right drone for you doesn’t have to be difficult! Because they fly in the air, and can sometimes get quite high, it’s important to remember you need to register your unmanned aerial system (vehicle) with your government’s aviation department. In the US, the US Federal Aviation Administration requires that you register any UAV that is between 0.55-pound (250 grams) and 55 pounds (25 kilograms).

In addition to knowing how much it weighs to register it, you should also know that it WILL cost money to register your drone. Not only will this help you to avoid fines, but it’s actually kind of cool! You will have your very own, private, as well as mini, drone registered with your government in an official capacity!

Top Three Best Mini Drones

Now that you know exactly what to look for in a product, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty of finding the best mini drones for you! In addition to our buying guide, we’ve put together some reviews of the best mini drones on the market, just for YOU! Here are the top three models available to you right now.

Best 2K Monitors PriceOur Verdict 
Parrot Mambo Fly$$Best for Easy Flying
DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo$Best for Camera Quality
Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone$$Best for All Ages

Parrot Mambo Fly – Code, Pilot and Play – Best for Easy Flying!

Parrot Mambo Fly mini drone

Click here to see prices and reviews for the Parrot Mambo Fly on Amazon!

Is the Parrot Mambo Fly Easy to Pilot?

With an easy to use application, as well as coding that supports a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, flying the Parrot Mambo Fly is incredibly easy! Not only can you use the advanced flight control with powerful sensors indoors, but you can also fly outside. Not to mention you can even let go of the controls and allow the drone to go into auto-pilot. The app has a user-friendly interface that is extremely simple to control the drone, as well as cut off the propellers if somethings happens!

Does the Parrot Best Mini Drones Model Do Tricks?

Not only can you play games inside this best mini drone’s app, but you can also perform tons of aerial stunts. Barrel rolls, as well as flips, can all be done with this tiny UAS. Not to mention you can do take offs from the palm of your hand!

What are the Dimensions for the Parrot Mambo Drone?

Product Dimensions: 5.2” (13.21 cm) x 5.2” (13.21 cm) x 1.6” (4.06 cm). Item Weight: 0.14 lbs (0.06 kg)

Product Specifics for the Parrot Mambo Fly:

Compatible with IOS/Android size from 4.5” (11.43 cm). Can learn to code drones using your favorite tablets, as well as Chromebooks. Drone supports block coding (Tynker, Blockly), as well as text coding (Javascipt, Python…). Activate the ‘cut-out system’ and the motors will shut off in case of an impact. Flight time up to nine minutes.

What are the Pros for the Parrot Mambo Fly?

  • Very stable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use

What are the Cons of the Parrot Mambo Fly?

  • Connectivity issues via Wi-Fi
  • Poor customer service

Why Should I Buy a Parrot Mini Drone?

The customer reviews for this product rave about how tiny, yet reliable this little drone is for them. Not only that, but there were lots of reviews about how easy to follow, as well as how simple to operate, the app controls are. All in all, there were lots of reviews about the ease of use and the stability of this option for best mini drones!

Final Verdict on the Parrot Mambo Mini Drone

This product made the top three list not only for it’s easy use, but also for the stability and the price! However, we don’t recommend this product for anyone who needs reliable customer service. Overall, this little drone makes for an exciting purchase for anyone looking for something easy to control!

DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo (White) – Best for Camera Quality!

DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo

Click here to see prices and reviews for the DJI Spark with Remote Control Combo on Amazon!

Does the DJI Spark Come With a Camera?

The DJI Spark not only comes with a camera, but it comes with a 2-Axis Stabilized Gimbal Camera 12MP for still photos and 1080P video! Not to mention the 30 Video gesture and Tap Fly controls! This is one of the best mini drones because it has a great camera, a 1.2 miles (1.93 km) control range, as well as a top speed of 31 mph (49.89 kph).

Can the DJI Spark Fly for A Long Time?

The DJI comes with flight autonomy, as well as obstacle detection and subject tracking. The flight time for this UAS is approximately 16 minutes. Not only can it be up in the air for that long taking videos, but it also has GPS tracking and vision position-based navigation!

What are the Dimensions of the DJI?

Product Dimensions: 10.2” (25.91 cm) x 8.5” (21.59 cm) x 6.6” (16.76 cm). Item Weight: 1.6 lbs (0.73 kg)

Product Specifics for the DJI:

integrated camera with motorized stabilization to capture 12MP photos, 1080p Full HD videos, and even aerial selfies. 31 mph (49.89 kph) top speed. Package Includes: DJI Spark Quadcopter, 3 pairs of 4730S Quick Release Folding Propellers for Spark Drone, DJI Remote Controller for Spark Quadcopter, one Intelligent Flight Battery for, one Charger, one Micro-USB Cable, as well as a Hard Foam Storage Box.

What are the Pros for the DJI Spark?

  • Amazing camera
  • HD video
  • Charges quickly
  • Easy to pilot

What are the Cons for the DJI Spark?

  • Expensive
  • Connectivity issues with Androids

Why Should I Buy the DJI with Remote Combo?

If you’re looking for a mini drone with an amazing camera, not just an attached spy camera, but a top of the line camera, then look no further! Not only do the reviews for this number two best mini drones selection rave about the picture quality, but also about how amazing the videos are! All in all, lots of reviews about how well this mini drone flies.

Final Verdict on the DJI Spark with Remote Combo

Overall, this is one of the best mini drones because the camera quality is absolutely spectacular. However, we don’t recommend this product to anyone who is on a tight budget. Because this is our most expensive selection. Shoot some brilliant videos with this number two choice for best mini drones!

Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone for Kids Adults and Beginners with HD 720P Camera and High Speed Remote Control Quadcopter – Best for All Ages!

Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone

Click here to see prices and reviews for the Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone for Kids Adults and Beginners with HD 720P Camera on Amazon!

Will the Holy Stone Best Mini Drones Model Work Well for Beginners?

The Holy Stone makes the list of the best mini drones because it is a personal UAS that is excellent for all ages and experience levels! Not only can you easily pilot it as a beginner, but it’s also great for kids. The Headless Mode allows it to easily tell directions, as well as having a one key return that can bring your drone back to you if you’ve lost control! Not to mention it can do cool 3D flips and other tricks.

Is the Holy Stone Model Expensive?

Seeing as this is our cheapest selection on the list, the Holy Stone is extremely affordable! It is loaded with a 720P video camera, an upgraded 4GB Micro SD card, as well as a 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization System for excellent performance and wind-resistance. Overall, it’s an amazing product for a lower price!

What are the Dimensions for the Holy Stone Drone?

Product Dimensions: 5.12” (13 cm) x 5.12” (13 cm) x 1.57” (3.99 cm). Item Weight: 0.14 lbs (0.06 kg)

Product Specifics for the Holy Stone:

Video Recording Modes: 720P. Playing Time: 6-8 mins. Charging Time: 45-60 mins. Operation Range: 98-164ft (30-50 m). Frequency: 2.4GHz. Gyro: 6 Axis

What are the Pros for the Holy Stone?

  • Great for all ages
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight

What are the Cons for the Holy Stone?

  • Propellers can malfunction
  • Materials not top of the line

Why Should I Buy the Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone?

Not only can you fly this drone easily, but you can be any age or experience. Reviews for this product were over the moon about how “tough” this mini drone can actually be! Several reviews from people who used this drone as a beginner drone to really get into the hobby.

Final Verdict for the Holy Stone HS170C Mini RC Drone

When it comes to finding one of the best mini drones that is affordable, as well as great for beginners, this drone takes the cake! However, we don’t recommend this to anyone looking for a drone made from high-quality materials. Altogether, this drone is great for users of any age and experience!

The Best Mini Drones on the Market for You!

Now that you can find exactly what you want in a mini drone with this helpful buying guide, you’re well on your way to choosing the perfect one for your needs. Not only can you choose between the top three best mini drones, but you can also shop knowing you’re well informed! Get the most out of your new mini drone with this detailed review, and get ready to take f

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