Best Portable Mechanical Keyboards #1 Review In 2020

Keyboard Model PriceOur Verdict 
Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard$$$Editors Pick
Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard, 82 Keys Layout$$Most Compact
Velocifire TKL Mechanical Keyboard$Most Affordable

Owning a portable mechanical keyboard gives you the best of both worlds, in terms of functionality and portability. Of course, you can only enjoy this device if you’re getting the best product for your specific needs. Let this product review show you three of the best portable mechanical keyboard variants that will revolutionize the way you think about typing and gaming.

Top 3 Best Portable Mechanical Keyboard Products

Keyboard Model PriceOur Verdict 
Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard$$$Editors Pick
Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard, 82 Keys Layout$$Most Compact
Velocifire TKL Mechanical Keyboard$Most Affordable

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 16.8 Million Colors RGB Backlit Keys – Editors Pick

Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard best portable mechanical keyboard

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Logitech is known to produce high-quality portable keyboards. The Logitech G Pro is not as slim as the K740, but its compact design makes it a great option. It is priced less than $100 and is one of the most popular tenkeyless keyboards today.

It comes with Romer G Switches, which is able to deliver 25% faster actuation than regular mechanical switches. It’s an important factor to consider for gamers whose goal is to have a clear advantage over their opponents.

The Logitech Pro G is powered via a removable micro USB, therefore making it more convenient to use.

Meanwhile, its sleek design allows you to have more space. In addition, it also comes with three adjustable feet that can be used to adjust the keyboard’s angle. As a result, users feel more comfortable while using it.


  • Powered using a detachable Micro USB
  • Highly portable
  • Small and sleek
  • Features Romer-G switch which is durable and faster
  • Rubber feet help to keep the keyboard stable even during intense gaming


  • Quite expensive

Buyer Reviews

Several buyers commented positively on the keyboard’s built-in Romer switches. They’re great for gaming because the fast actuation can intensify any game by having the ability to respond to opponents in a flash.

Meanwhile, other users reported that there is no need to exert too much effort in pushing the keys because they are very responsive. The overall design is commendable as well. It is compact and yet very durable.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to see why the Logitech G Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard deserves to be Editors Pick. Despite its sleek and compact frame, this keyboard doesn’t scrimp on such as Romer G switches and adjustable feet.

If cost isn’t a deterrent for you in buying a good portable mechanical keyboard, this Logitech keyboard is an worthwhile investment.

Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard, 82 Keys Layout – Most Compact

Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard best portable mechanical keyboard

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Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon

Ajazz AK33 is among the highly recognized mechanical keyboard products, and is priced cheaper than the average portable mechanical keyboard. It features per-key RGB backlighting, thereby making an impressive array of lighting effects. Aside from this, each key has a separate switch.

The design itself has been made to become durable and responsive. For instance, the Ajazz AK33 comes with black mechanical switches, which are responsible for the light activation force and its silent operation.

This product has minimal footprint, which allows you to have more desk space. It is portable, although you need to be extra careful in handling the keyboard to prevent damage on the keycaps and mechanical keyboard switches. In other words, you need to place it inside a padded bag or wrap it with a thick cloth whenever you take it out of your home for destination gaming or presentations.

Additionally, the keyboard connects to your PC via a removable mini USB cable.

All in all, the unique selling point of this portable mechanical keyboard is that it comes with trendy RGB lighting in one of the most compact designs at a very inexpensive price.


  • Compact 82-key layout
  • Per-key RGB lighting with a wide variety of lighting effects
  • Available with a variety of mechanical switches
  • Cost-efficient


  • Keycaps can easily be damaged
  • Non-standard layout means that some keys are in off places
  • RGB lighting could be brighter
  • Back of the keyboard is made of glossy black plastic that attracts fingerprints easily

Buyer Reviews

The Ajazz AK33 is a high-quality portable mechanical keyboard at a surprisingly low price. It is incredibly compact, which allows users to have more desk space. Because it is a small keyboard, you can bring it along with you anywhere you go.

The keys are relatively responsive, thereby helping to create a more satisfying experience in using the computer (whether for gaming, typing, or presentations).

Final Verdict

The Ajazz AK33 Geek RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a bit cheaper than the Logitech G Pro mechanical keyboard, and you might miss out on the sheer power of the latter.

However, this product isn’t a total waste. In fact, for its price, the Ajazz portable mechanical keyboard is a thing of beauty and functionality rolled into a single product. If you’re planning to bring a mechanical keyboard on your travels or if you like more desk space, this baby is perfect for you.

Velocifire TKL Mechanical Keyboard, 78-Key with Outemu Brown Switches and Double-Shot ABS Keycaps – Most Affordable

Velocifire TKL Mechanical Keyboard best portable mechanical keyboard

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Velocifire TKL Mechanical Keyboard on Amazon

If you are looking for a budget-friendly portable mechanical keyboard, this baby will set you up pretty nicely. Velocifire is a well-known brand of mechanical keyboards, and the TKL78 is one of its best options.

The Velocifire TKL78 offers an ergonomically designed mechanical keyboard to ensure that your palm and wrist is in proper position every time you use it. As a result, it eliminates fatigue and discomfort while playing games or while typing for long hours.

The product is made of high-quality materials. Because of this, it may weigh a little bit more than other portable mechanical keyboard variants. Additionally, it may take a little more space.

However, this portable mechanical keyboard functions generally the same as others of the same class. For instance, its backlighting can be adjusted according to your desire: always on, always off, breathing mode, gradual mode, and even a “waterfall” mode.


  • Cheapest in this portable mechanical keyboard list
  • Portable and compact
  • Made of durable material
  • Features low-noise Brown switch with a tactile bump
  • Have varying backlighting modes


  • A bit heavy compared to other mechanical keyboards

Buyer Reviews

Considering the price, the Velocifire TKL78 is an inexpensive portable mechanical keyboard that can perform what is expected from it especially in gaming.

Buyers reported to enjoy safe data transmission using the USB connector. It is also mentioned to have low noise because of the Brown Switch. Also, the key actuation is nice and consistent, while the light blue backlight is bright even in fully lit spaces.

Since this keyboard is compact, customers say that it saves you enough space on your desk, allowing you to have more room for other things to do.

Buyer Reviews

Other cheap mechanical keyboards look too light and flimsy, but this keyboard from Velocifire is made of durable materials and a solid construction. Despite its compactness, this product is a bit on the heavy side, which may satisfy some computer users and disappoint others.

This portable mechanical keyboard works best for people who are budget-conscious but still on the lookout for an efficient computer input device.

Portable Keyboards Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Portable Mechanical Keyboard

Shifting from a full keyboard to a portable mechanical keyboard may be a bit intimidating at first. After all, the latter is smaller by around 60% compared to conventional keyboards. In addition, certain keys that you may have been accustomed to seeing on a traditional keyboard may not be present.

However, the good side of using a portable mechanical keyboard is that it allows you to have bigger workspace on your desk. Aside from that, you can take it along with you anywhere you go.

Here are some of the things to consider when planning to buy a portable mini mechanical keyboard:

Ergonomic design

One advantage of using a portable mechanical keyboard is that you don’t have to move your hands as much to reach all the features. Your fingers would only need to move less than three keys away from a keystroke, thereby improving your typing speed and reducing the strain on your carpal tunnel muscle.


Most portable mechanical keyboards let you save money because they are smaller than traditional keyboards.


If you opt to use a compact mechanical keyboard, you might as well look for one that is lightweight. That way, you can put it in your bag and bring it anywhere you need it.


The backlighting may seem less important for some, but gamers take this as a primary factor to consider so as to intensify their gaming experience. Therefore, having the ability to adjust the backlighting modes can be useful.


Cables should be made of thick, sturdy materials so it can last for a long time.

Adjustable feet

You definitely want to use the keyboard comfortably. Because of this, a keyboard with adjustable feet will allow you to position the keyboard in an angle that can provide you ease as you type.

Here are some more tips on how to choose the perfect mechanical keyboard:

Best Portable Mechanical Keyboard For You

It is important to know all the factors in choosing the best mechanical keyboard instead of merely relying on popularity or price. Whether you travel a lot or if you are a serious gamer, knowing which product can provide you with the best features is important. With our tips above, you should be able to make the best decision in buying a portable mechanical keyboard.

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