Best Video Doorbell #1 Review In 2020

When it comes to finding the best video doorbell, there are a lot of models out there to research. All in all, the list of options is growing rapidly! However, there is a product out there that WILL work for you!

Buying Guide for the Best Video Doorbell Options

As there are plenty of brands out there trying to make a name for themselves, finding one that will fit your needs doesn’t have to be difficult! Different features, different prices, as well as different apps can be a little confusing to look through. Don’t stress! Here are a few important factors to consider when buying something that can potentially protect your family!

Why Should You Buy a Video Doorbell?

Your safety, as well as the safety of your home, pets, and family, is extremely important. Smart doorbells are an amazing way to monitor so many different things. Not only can you see if people are at your home, but you can also monitor package deliveries, when your kids go off to school and come home, and so many other things!

Camera Quality

The quality of camera, as well as various camera features, are extremely important. Sure, you can have great IP cameras around your home as well, but they won’t be as discreet, or as useful! There are several main focus features for the camera you need to consider:

  • Resolution
  • Night vision
  • Vantage points
  • Field of View

Once you know what you’re looking for in these areas, it’s time to settle down on the best video doorbell for your home.


All things considered, doorbell cameras may not have the absolute BEST resolution. However, it’s important to have a clear, easy to recognize picture. Most brands have a max resolution of 1080p. Some models have resolutions that can be extremely low as well, like 480p. You want a resolution that is higher so that you can have a sharper, clearer image.

Night Vision

Having a night vision function on the doorbell camera is one of the best ways to keep an eye out for your home! Because there are a lot of things that can happen in the darkness, it’s important that this feature is included. It can allow you to see exactly who is at your door when it is dark, as well as what could possibly be happening outside your front door!

Vantage Points

Purchasing a camera that is able to rotate, or even slightly move, will be incredibly helpful. However, most doorbell cameras are equipped with more of a “fish-eyed” lens. This allows for a larger field of view. All things considered, being able to move the camera to find a new vantage point may prove useful!

Field of View

The field of view for any camera is the area that the lens can see, as well as the angles at which it can see. This means that a camera boasting a 180-degree lens has the ability to see in front, as well as on the sides of the lens. A camera with a smaller degree of visibility will have a smaller field of vision as well.

Other Important Features

Not only should your video doorbell have an excellent camera, but it should also have some outstanding features. Things like motion detection, as well as audio features, should be a big selling point. These are the features that set the best models apart from your everyday home camera.

Motion Detection

Motion sensors on your smart doorbell can be extremely helpful. They alert your phone’s app when there is someone coming up to your front door, as well as anytime there is movement near the camera. Although this feature is really great, it’s not recommended for those of you who live in a busy neighborhood. No one wants a thousand notifications a day because people are walking by on the sidewalk, or your neighbors are driving by!

Audio on the Best Video Doorbells

Audio features are an absolute MUST have. Not only can you use them for talking to people when you’re not at home, but you can also use the voice activation to scare off potential threats! Because you can politely tell the delivery person to place the package by the front door, AND tell a possible intruder to get lost, this feature is a huge plus. Two-way audio is amazing for you and for your visitors as well!

Apps and Power

In addition to having excellent features, the best video doorbell models also come with excellent apps. Easy to use apps, as well as supportive customer service, is a necessity with any “smart” appliance or gadget. Not all of us are computer software engineers, and more often times than not, we need help using our devices!

You should also look into finding a great doorbell camera that has a functional power source. Because having a hardwired doorbell isn’t a huge priority, it’s easy to find options. Altogether, you can choose between a simple, battery powered doorbell, or a more permanent hardwired video doorbell.

The Top Three Best Video Doorbell Models Right NOW!

All things considered, there are a LOT of products flooding this small market. Now that you know what to look for in the right product for you, it’s a little easier to narrow down the field. In addition to showing you what to look for to make your decision faster and more informed, we’ve put together a list of the top three models! Here is an in depth review of the top three best video doorbell models on the market now!

SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Wired Camera, White – Best for Modern Design!

SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Click here to see prices and reviews for the SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Doorbell on Amazon!

Does the SimpliSafe Model Have a Good App?

Not only does this SimpliSafe model have an easy to use app, but it is also compatible with both Apple iOS and Android smartphones. It also offers text updates, notifications, as well as two-way audio! In addition to the simple app, the number one spot on our best video doorbell reviews also has an amazing 165-degree field of vision.

Not to mention an amazing 1080p HD camera. That is fantastic both in the day time, as well as with it’s powerful night vision!

Is the SimpliSafe Best Video Doorbell Easy to Install?

Powered by two double A batteries, this doorbell can go with practically any home. It is compatible with many different styles of homes since it comes with faceplates in Obsidian, Jade, as well as Cloud. Because it is a wired system, it does take a little longer to install.

However, once it is installed safely, you can see practically anything! The motion detection, as well as being able to operate in very low light make this a great buy.

What are the Dimensions for the SimpliSafe?

Product Dimensions Boxed: 6.65” (16.89 cm) x 2.91” (7.39 cm) x 4.48” (11.38 cm). Item Weight: 0.7 lbs (0.32 kg)

Product Specifics for the SimpliSafe:

Comes with Chime, Mobile notifications, motion detection, as well as night vision capabilities. Network connectivity is via Wi-Fi. Remote monitoring capabilities, as well as two-way talk and audio are also included.

What are the Pros for the SimpliSafe Doorbell?

  • Crisp pictures during the day, as well as at night
  • Active Motion Detection works well
  • Easy installation

What are the Cons for the SimpliSafe Doorbell?

  • Speaker volume is very low
  • Won’t work with a 5GHz router

Why Should I Buy a SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Doorbell?

The reviews for this product differ greatly, however, there is one thing they all really like. The sleek design, as well as the possibility to change the colors! Not only did people like the style of this best video doorbell, but they also loved the great picture quality. Several people commented on how well the motion detection works, as well as the night vision!

Final Verdict for the SimpliSafe Pro

When it comes to finding a sleek design, that can go well with the exterior of your home, then the SimpliSafe Pro is the best video doorbell option for you! However, we don’t recommend this product for anyone with a 5GHz router, as this only works with 2.4GHz. There is a big difference between the two, but you can use a slower connection! All in all, a simple to use system for your home!

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video – Best for Smart Home!

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Click here to see prices and reviews for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 on Amazon!

Does the Ring Video Doorbell Work with Google Home?

As more and more products become compatible with popular smart home gadgets, it’s good to know that the Ring is one of them! Ring can work with Alexa to send announcements to your Echo devices when the doorbell is pressed, or there is motion detected. Not only that, but you can use Echo to talk to visitors! The motion detection, as well as the doorbell, will also be sent to your phone, tablet, or PC!

Does the Ring Doorbell Come with a Chime?

If you already have a front door chime installed, then the Ring can be set up easily with your regular doorbell button! Not only can you wire it to work with your existing doorbell and power, but you can easily install it with a rechargeable battery pack! All things considered, this monitors your home with an incredibly 1080HD video, as well as a crystal clear speaker. Definitely worth setting it up with your existing chime!

What are the Dimensions for the Ring Doorbell?

Product Dimensions: 5″ (12.7 cm) x 2.5″ (6.35 cm) x 1.0″ (2.54 cm) Item Field of View: 160° horizontal, 90° vertical

Product Specifics for the Ring Doorbell:

Includes: Ring Video Doorbell 2, Quick Release Battery Pack, Satin Nickel and Venetian Faceplates, Adapter Plate, Wedge and Corner Install Kits, Installation Tools and Screws, USB Charging Cable, User Manual, as well as security sticker. Great Speakers, though not like home theater quality. Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz

What are the Pros for the Ring?

  • Spectacular picture
  • Sleek design
  • App is easy to learn and navigate

What are the Cons for the Ring?

  • Need subscription to access past recordings
  • Live feeds are slow to load

Why Should I Buy the Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video?

There were so many positive reviews about the HD quality of the video it was hard to sort out anything bad about the picture quality! Several customers raved about how well this works with Alexa, as well as Echo, products.

Final Verdict on the Ring Video Doorbell 2

This is an excellent purchase for anyone looking to package their doorbell with their smart home. However, we don’t recommend this product for anyone looking to get a smart doorbell without a subscription service. All things considered, the Ring Doorbell 2 is an excellent option for the top three best video doorbell models!

August Doorbell Cam Pro, 2nd generation technology – Best for Easy Installation!

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Click here to see prices and reviews for the August Doorbell Cam Pro, 2nd Generation Technology on Amazon!

Does the August Doorbell Cam Pro Come With Simple Instructions?

This model is extremely simple to install. Not only can you follow the simple instructions easily, but there are official YouTube videos that can walk you through the process. As this has a really easy to use app, it’s no wonder that the entire setup takes no time at all! With the full color HD camera both during the day and at night, this is a great model to install AND see a clear video!

Does the August Doorbell Come Without a Subscription?

The August company provides a free, basic video recording subscription for users. In addition to letting you access a live feed, you can also save recordings for 24 hours! Not to mention you can pay for a more premium access to 30 days of storage. This is great for iOS, Android, as well as smart watches.

What are the Dimensions for the August Doorbell Cam?

Product Dimensions: 0.9″ (2.29 cm) x 2.9″ (7.4 cm) x 2.9″ (7.4 cm). Item Weight: 1.02 lbs (0.46 kg)

Product Specifics for the August Doorbell Cam:

Includes: August Doorbell Cam Pro, USB Charging Dock, Mounting Hardware: Electrical sealing putty, 4 screw anchors, 2 mounting screws, 1 mounting wedge, 2 screws for mounting wedge.
1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included) Can charge on mount, as well as review video before installation.

What are the Pros for the August Model?

  • Easy to install
  • Great camera during day, as well as night
  • Includes 24 hour recordings subscription
  • Works on lots of devices

What are the Cons for the August Model?

  • Won’t work with digital doorbell kits
  • Motion sensing is subpar

Why Should I Buy the August Video Doorbell?

The reviews are incredibly positive for this best video doorbell model’s simple installation. Not only that, but customers also loved how compatible it is with Alexa, as well as other devices and platforms. All in all, a great option for both day and night recording at your front door.

Final Verdict on the August Doorbell Cam

When it comes to finding an easy to install product, as well as a great camera, the August Doorbell has everything you want! However, we don’t recommend this for anyone looking to have absolutely amazing motion detection. Overall, this is an excellent product and a great way to end our top three review!

The Best Video Doorbell for Your Home!

No matter what you’re looking for in a digital doorbell, these top three models have the absolute best features for your home. From sleek designs, to amazing 1080p cameras, as well as smart home features, these really are the best video doorbells for you!


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