Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Home Piano Review

This is the Casio PX-760 Privia digital piano review. It will take you through the most important features of Casio PX-760 model.

The Casio PX-760 is a well-built digital piano. As a matter of fact, it’s an upgrade from the previous Casio PX-750 digital piano. The PX-750 was one of the best-selling digital pianos. However, its successor brings on board 18 new different sounds, including 5 grand pianos. In addition, there are basses, organs and more voices to boot.

With this review, you will learn the piano’s qualities and, therefore, help you decide if it’s ideal for you.


  • 43 x 11.77 x 32.80 Inches in size
  • 45 Pounds in weight


  • 88
  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II
  • Simulated ebony and ivory keys
  • 3 sensitivity levels, off


  • Polyphony (maximum) 128
  • 18 New, enhanced built-in tones
  • Multi-dimensional Morphing AIR
  • Stereo-sampled piano tones – Yes


  • Layer – Yes
  • Split – Yes
  • Hammer Response – Yes
  • Damper Resonance – Yes
  • Reverb – 4
  • Chorus – 4
  • Brilliance – Yes (-3 ~ 0 ~ 3)
  • DSP – Yes (preset for some tones)


  • built-in songs – 60
  • Song expansion (user songs) – 10 songs (max.) up to approximately 90KB/song
  • Concert Play – 10 Songs


  • Lesson function – Part on/off
  • Lesson part select – Right hand, left hand
  • Octave shift – ±2 octaves
  • Metronome – 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 beats
  • Tempo range – 20 to 255Recorder – 2 tracks, 1 song


  • 3 built-in pedals – damper, soft, sostenuto
  • Half-damper pedal operation – Yes
  • Transpose – 2 octaves (-12 semitones ~ 0 ~ +12 semitones)
  • Tuning control – A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz

Scale function       

  • 17 preset scales


  • Operation lock – Yes
  • MIDI – Yes
  • Phones – 2 stereo standard jack
  • USB port – Yes
  • Speakers – Size 7″ x 2
  • Amplification – 8 W + 8 W

Included accessories

  • AC adapter (AD-A12150LW)
  • Score book
  • Music stand

Casio PX-760 Privia digital piano review – Features

The Casio PX-760 Privia digital home piano comes with a number of new features that we’re going to discuss below. Let’s break it down:

Casio PX-760 Privia digital piano review

Keyboard design

The Casio PX760 features an 88-note Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard.

These keys have the same size and same weighted key action as a traditional acoustic piano. In addition, there are 3 sensors on the keyboard that  accurately capture the dynamics of a real piano.

With Tri-sensor technology, the piano replicates the key action and sound similar to that of a grand piano. Additionally, the piano has added new simulated ivory and ebony textured keys. As a result, you can play the piano for extended periods of time without your finger slipping from collected  moisture.


The Casio PX760 features Casio’s new development Multi-dimensional Morphing. This is the Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator (AIR) processor technology. As a result, this feature enables the piano to reproduce the sound of an acoustic piano in a realistic manner.

The Air Processor employs the grand piano audio samples, recorded at four dynamics sampling. This technology helps deliver natural decays as well as incredibly rich quality sounds.

Combining the AIR technology, concert play function and a 128-note polyphony, this piano will consequently deliver a realistic piano sound.

Tones and Grand Piano Sounds

Casio PX760 offers five stereo-sampled Grand Piano sounds. These are, Concert, Classic, Modern, Mellow and Bright, allowing you to have a much deeper and richer piano performance experience.

It also has 13 instrument tones such as, electric pianos, strings, organs and bass. These are all supplementary piano sounds.

Additionally, the PX760 comes with the Reverb, Chorus and Brilliance effects, enabling you to effectively fine tune your piano performances.


Casio provides a USB port in this digital piano that will allow you to easily connect to your computer. This is a great feature for transferring your recordings from your digital piano to the computer and vice-versa.

Furthermore, connecting the digital piano via a USB port does not need you to download or install any drivers either.

Also, you might like the provided two-track MIDI recorder for your recording and playback of your performances on the piano. The amazing thing about the 2-track recording is that you can separately playback the left and right-hand performances. This will hence let you know how good either  of your hand is.

Other important features

  • Transpose allows you to harmonize with different musical instruments.
  • A built-in 8×8 watts Speaker system is able to produce sufficient sound for in-house performances.
  • A Lesson function allows you to play inbuilt demo songs with divided hands before beginning to use both hands simultaneously.
  • Touch responsiveness Controls helps you determine the keys touch responsiveness level.


  • Great piano sound quality
  • It comes in a full-sized stand-up cabinet
  • Features improved speaker system
  • Responsive touch-sensitive weighted keys
  • Comes with a concert play function
  • Provides a Bluetooth port


  • Comes with only one memory track for recordings
  • It is quite heavy for transportation

Should You Buy Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Piano?

The Casio PX760 is a step-up from the previous model and has significantly improved audio quality and great key action.

This instrument, therefore, provides a great piano playing experience nearing that of playing a real acoustic piano. Additionally, the full-sized stand-up cabinet which comes attached to the piano is not common with pianos in its price range. A feature that every pianist might appreciate.

Are you a student or beginner looking for a top quality digital piano in the price range of $500 – $1000? You can’t go wrong with the Casio PX-760. We hope this Casio PX-760 Privia Digital Piano review has been helpful.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

General FAQs

What is the Casio PX-760 Privia?

It’s a digital piano that is extremely popular for leisure and professional musicians. It is an 88-note Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard.

Connectivity Options for Casio PX-760 Privia?

This Casio has MIDI, 2 Stereo headphone jacks, USB port, as well as operation lock. There are also large speakers and significant amplification if you require more than two phone jacks.

What are the Functions for the Casio PX-760 Privia?

This Casio has several different functions for education and professional use. Lesson function, lesson part selection for right and left hands, octave shifts, metronome, as well as a wide tempo range.

What is the Size of this Casio PX-760 Privia?

This is a full-sized, stand-up cabinet piano. It is 43 x 11.77 x 32.80 Inches in size and 45 lbs in weight.

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