Foscam C2 HD Camera Review – Should You Buy It?

While there’s no drawn line that defines what a goof WiFi camera means, there are certain features that you must absolutely have in order to be fully satisfied with your camera. This Foscam C2 HD review will help you get a more in-depth perspective of what this model is all about. If you’re ready to learn all there is about this camera, check out the review below.

What can it see?

The camera’s design is pretty interesting, to say the least, it has a couple of sensors on the front, which leads us to believe that it can see quite a bit. It does see in 1080p, as far as video quality goes, and it has a pretty long-range field of view. Recording up to 26 feet in front of its location, in a 120-degree radius.

If there is any motion in its field of view, you can rest assured that it will notice it and report it back to HQ (that means you). You never miss out on anything that’s happening while you’re away, or even in the next room, working or taking a power nap. Now you might be thinking, “but how do you see everything if you’re taking a nap?”. That’s simple: when the camera detects movement, it sends you an alert. The night vision function is on point and provides top-tier quality, as promoted by the superior hardware used in this department. It is able to create the best environment for night vision scouting with the help of the available LED lights.

With that said, the camera is not without its flaws. Specifically, objects in motion present a difficult challenge for the Foscam C2 HD which struggles to capture actual movement at a good enough video quality.

Enhanced audio

While video is the main quality of a camera, it’s noteworthy that this camera does a fine job in the audio department. It comes with a two-way audio integration, meaning that it can be used as both a microphone and a speaker. Have a tip or warning for the people in the room you’re monitoring? Just use the speaker function to send your message and they will hear you as if you were there. They can even reply through the camera’s microphone. The camera uses enhanced audio tech so the audio quality should be pretty satisfying.

Storing your video with Foscam C2 HD

All that video footage has to go somewhere, and if you don’t want to pay extra you can just store the footage on a local microSD card. There’s also a paid plan that lets you store video on a Cloud platform, if the microSD isn’t enough. A free trial is included in the otherwise paid plan, so you can try it out and see if it’s what you really need.

On the bright side, you have a lot of options when it comes to how you want to handle recorded footage. Some cameras will only let you replay it. The Foscam C2 HD lets you explore multiple options as to what you want to do with the recordings. That can come in handy in multiple situations, where you might not need all of the footage.


  • Great night vision
  • Good audio
  • Good storage options and features
  • 1080p large radius surveillance


  • Problems with bright lights
  • Not the best WiFi connection

The review shows that a couple of small problems keep the Foscam C2 HD  from being a perfect WiFi camera. Even so, the abundance of great features make it a worthy candidate for anyone looking to protect their property. What feature got you hooked? Comment and let us know what you think about the Foscam C2 HD.

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