GarageBand for PC: Free Download [Step by Step Guide]

GarageBand is one of the coolest apps and a must-have for music lovers. If you want a powerful tool to record and create music, GarageBand for PC is an excellent choice. This guide will tell you all you need to know about GarageBand for Windows.

How to Download GarageBand on Windows

As you may already know, GarageBand is developed by Apple and is not natively available on Windows. Apple is famously protective of its own software and develops GarageBand exclusively for its iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Mac platforms. In other words, there’s no direct way to download GarageBand for PC free online.

However, don’t worry because there are methods that allow you to enjoy this powerful music application on Windows.

What is GarageBand

If you love music, Apple’s GarageBand is a must-have tool. This amazing app is a fully-featured recording studio, including a large selection of instruments, samples, and recording features. Whether you’re a professional-grade producer or a casual fan just looking for a fun app, GarageBand is amazing.

What is GarageBand? It is an Apple software that was developed for the company’s iOS platform. As such, it is only available on iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.

Why Isn’t Garageband Available in Window’s App Store?

As mentioned, because the app was created by Apple, it is not possible to download GarageBand for Windows directly. However, there are ways to get GarageBand for PC free online if you know where to look. Luckily, we do know where to look so continue reading to get the popular music creation app on Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1.

Features of GarageBand

If you’re wondering what is GarageBand, it is simply one of the most useful music apps ever made. It is a complete utility for recording music, including dozens of instruments, recording tools, and many other amazing solutions. In fact, there is simply not enough room in this guide to list all the features of GarageBand for Windows. Instead, here are some of the core tools of the app:

  • Hundreds of sound effects including DJ beats
  • Over 1000 loop effects
  • 32 recording tracks
  • Mixing tools
  • Entire string orchestra
  • Dozens of instruments
  • 1000s of samples
  • Ability to connect with third-party instruments
  • Mix instruments and effects
  • Sharing tools plugged into social media

Of course, after reading these features you probably want to download GarageBand for PC even more.

How to Download GarageBand on Windows?

Yes, GarageBand was created as a native and exclusive app for Apple products. However, don’t worry because it is possible to download GarageBand for PC by using tools called emulators.

If you’re unfamiliar with an emulator, it is a third-party solution that allows you to run software from one platform on another. For example, an Android emulator allows you to download, install, and run Android apps on your computer. Importantly, emulators are the key to enjoying the wonders of GarageBand for PC free online.

Of course, an Android emulator (such as the popular BlueStack service) won’t do the job for an iOS app. Instead, you will need to use an iOS emulator to download GarageBand for PC. Unfortunately, iOS emulators are not as common as Android versions, but there are some excellent choices available.

Download GarageBand for PC with iPadian

One of the best iOS emulators is iPadian, and as the name suggests it is dedicated to Apple’s iOS platform. This makes it arguably the ideal tool to download GarageBand for Windows! Known for being safe and reliable, iPadian works well with Windows software. Here’s how to use the emulator to download GarageBand for PC.

Step 1. Search for iPadian on your browser or download the emulator directly from the official website.

Step 2. Install the .exe file.

Step 3. Open the iPadian emulator and click on the App Store.

Step 4. The emulator now presents Apple’s App Store as you would see it on an iPad.

Step 5. Search for GarageBand (the app may appear on the main page of the App Store).

Step 6. Download and install the app.

Step 7. GarageBand will now appear on the home screen for iPadian.

Download GarageBand for Windows with SmartFace is another noteworthy iOS emulator that is very easy to use. It is worth noting that this emulator can sometimes be slow in terms of downloading apps from the App Store. However, once apps are downloaded, they run very well on top of Windows 10. That’s the case with GarageBand, which can be download via the following path:

Step 1. Search for on your browser or access the download directly from this official link.

Step 2. Install the SmartFace emulator on your Windows PC.

Step 3. Open SmartFace and download GarageBand.

Step 4. GarageBand will now be available on your computer.

Download GarageBand using Rare Software

Finally, method 4 provides an alternative way to get GarageBand for PC. By leveraging Rare software, you won’t need to use an iOS or Android emulator. Instead, the software allows you to install Mac and iOS apps on Windows machines. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1. Visit Rare and download the tool from the download page.

Step 2. Run the .exe file to install Rare on your PC (this is a big app so might take some time).

Step 3. Once the Rare software is installed you will have access to the GarageBand app on PC.

Requirements for GarageBand On Windows

GarageBand is a fairly intensive app but it was designed for mobile technology so runs well on even modest PC technology. Requirements include:

  • Minimum 2GB of RAM (4GB preferred).
  • Intel Core i3 CPU (i5 preferred).
  • At least 2GB of free storage space.

GarageBand for PC is Now Available

By following one of the above methods, you can download and use GarageBand for PC. With the full power of the app on Windows, you will be able to explore your musical abilities at no cost. Available on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, GarageBand for PC is a must-have application for any music lover.


Q: Why Isn’t GarageBand Available in Window’s App Store?

A: GarageBand is an Apple app that was specifically designed exclusively for iOS and Mac. However, there are methods for downloading GarageBand for PC.

Q: How Hard is It to Download GarageBand for Windows?

A: While there is no direct download for GarageBand on PC, installing the app on Windows is easy. There are a few simple steps to get the program working on your computer.

Q: Are There Different Ways to Get GarageBand for PC?

There are several methods for running GarageBand on Windows through third-party solutions.

Q: What Are the Requirements for GarageBand On Windows?

A: Minimum 2GB of RAM (4GB preferred), Intel Core i3 CPU (i5 preferred), and at least 2GB of free storage space.

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