Kamtron HD WiFi Surveillance Camera Review

The Kamtron HD WiFi camera is quite a small IP camera. That doesn’t mean that it can’t do its job properly. However, it doesn’t guarantee it either, so we’re going to take matters into our own hands and see what this IP security camera is all about. If you’d like to know what’s up with the Kamtron HD IP camera, stick around for this review as we prepare to focus our attention on what this model offers.

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Video quality

The camera records 1080p video, which is great. However, the picture quality isn’t exactly the only thing that matters. It doesn’t make a difference if a picture looks stunning or terrible. It actually needs to capture your point of interest in the frame. This might be a tricky situation as far as the Kamtron HD camera is concerned because it only has a viewing angle of 62 degrees.

That is infinitely smaller than other cameras offer, but there is a catch: It also features a tilt and pan function. Which will allow you to move the camera in 350 degrees by 100 degrees. Depending on what kind of room you’re trying to record, this could be either fantastic or average. Many still prefer to have a large viewing angle from the get-go, without having to move the frame around.

There is also an “auto-pilot” feature that puts the camera into a cruising mode, so it will constantly turn right and left, scanning the perimeter. This is useful especially if you’re not at home, and you can’t manually tilt and pan the camera around constantly.

Kamtron HD WiFi Storage

There is a mciroSD option but it limits your access to only 64 GB of footage. If you don’t have that much video content to review, you’re all set, but for some, 64 GB is just not going to cut it. If you think you’re going to need more, you will inevitably have to get the Cloud Box service, which is paid. We know you’d prefer not to pay extra just for Cloud services, but there isn’t a third option available.

The setup

Setting up the camera is fairly easy, and you can even do it by scanning a QR code. If you’re not into that, you can just download the app manually from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, so no biggie there.

Smart motion notifications

The camera is able to detect motion and figure out whether or not it was something normal. It also has the ability of scanning schedules and learning them. When something out of the ordinary happens, it will know and ultimately you will know as you will receive a notification about it. You can get them on your computer, tablet and of course your smartphone. Making it easy to always know what’s going on or if something unexpected occurred while you were taking a nap.


  • Tilt and pan feature to cover very large areas, complete with auto-cruise mode
  • Easy setup with no hassle


  • Reduced storage options
  • Not the best video quality

The Kamtron HD camera might not be the best in the world, but for its price many would still call it a bargain. Besides, there are some nice features which we have covered in the review, which you might also take an interest to. Is the reduced storage too much, or did the tilt and pan feature convince you to give this camera a shot? We’d like to hear from you in the comments.

General FAQs

What Makes the Kamtron HD Wi-FI Camera Unique?

This particular HD IP Camera is quite small. Not only that, but it also has great picture quality as well as Wi-Fi storage.

How Much Can Be Stored on the Wi-Fi Storage?

The Kamtron HD IP Camera can store up to 64 GB of footage

Is this Camera Easy to Set Up?

The Kamtron HD Wi-Fi camera is extremely easy to set up. It can take a few minutes to simply scan a QR code, or set it up manually via the app.

Does the Kamtron HD Camera Have Any Setbacks?

There are reduced storage options outside of the Wi-Fi storage. The video quality can sometimes seem lacking.

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