This Kurzweil Artis review will take us through this powerful digital piano, yet encompassed by simplicity and ease of use.

The Artis is a performance keyboard that is well constructed and comes with everything a pianist needs.

Without further ado, let us jump right in and take a closer look at what there is to this piano.

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Dimensions (HxDxL)             

  • 5 x 15.5 x 54.5″ (14.0 x 39.3 x 138.5 cm)


  • 46 lb (21 kg)


  • 88-note fully-weighted hammer-action
  • velocity sensitive keys (Fatar TP100)


  • 240 x 64 pixel monochrome LCD
  • front-panel contrast adjust


  • 128 voice polyphony


  • 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)

User Benefits

  • Quick Split
  • Layer


  • Factory programs: 256
  • User Programs: 256
  • Factory Multis: 256
  • factory-crafted Multis – featuring up to 4 independent zones
  • User Multis: 256

Master Section        

  • EQ: Dedicated front-panel 3-band EQ with sweepable mid and on/off switch


  • varying programs such as – reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, rotary speaker simulators, compressors, and more
  • 16 total FX units


  • 1 x pitch wheel
  • 1 x modulation wheel
  • 9 x front panel sliders
  • 9 x KB3 control switches/control/zone mute switches
  • 1 x variation switch
  • 2 x transpose switches
  • 2 x switch pedal inputs
  • each supporting single or dual
  • switch or half-damper pedals (1 switch/sustain pedal is included)
  • 1 x continuous control pedal input

Analog Outputs

  • 2 x 1/4″ balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)
  • 21 dBu maximum output
  • 400 Ω balanced source impedance

Audio Inputs             

  • 1 x stereo 1/8″ back-panel input for connecting a MP3 player or other audio source for accompaniment playback


  • 1 front panel 1/4″ headphone output 130 MW into 32 Ω headphones


  • 1 x front panel 1/4″ headphone output
  • 130 mW into 32 Ω headphones


  • In, out


  • Complete MIDI functionality over USB
  • User program/multi file transfer to/from PC/Mac/Flash Drive
  • Operating System updates from PC/Mac/Flash Drive


  • OS updates over USB and/or Flash Drive


  • Internal Power Supply, free voltage 90 to 265


The Kurzweil Artis will take your performance into another level with its advanced features discussed below.


The Artis uses the weighted Fatar TP-100. This means that the keyboard comes with 88 note fully weighted hammer-action with velocity sensitive keys.

This action responds to the strength at which the keys are hit and then reacts with great responsiveness.


The Artis’ controls were designed with the player’s convenience in mind to handle all the features and functions.

The piano’s program navigation is done using a large dial and Previous / Next buttons. Each of these two have 16 separate Program buttons that double serve as alphanumeric keyboard.

Additionally, the Artis features nine draw-bar sliders with an addition of five assignable performance control buttons.  These enable the player real-time control of the piano’s useful parameters depending on each program.

Other controls include the 3-Band Master EQ, Multis , Instant Transpose Buttons, Sound/Favorites selection and many more.


The Artis is known as one of the best digital pianos to produce impeccable sound in the digital piano world. It comes with a sound chip loaded with sounds selected from the PC3K, the Kore64 and the KB3 organ engine.

The piano also has 256 preset factory programs to give you a full and rich sound.

One thing to take note of, however, the Artis being a stage piano does not come with built-in speakers. It is then recommended to get a high-quality speaker or headphones for your performances.


Dynamically allocated polyphony means you can play complex pieces without having notes drop off on reaching maximum polyphony. In addition, the Artis has the ability to select the voices to drop in favor of new voices. This will ultimately give you seamless and natural performances even when using a lot of sound effects or complex sounds.


The instrument has two foot-switch jacks in the rear panel. These take convectional pedals or TRS pedals that support half-damper action or dual pedals. There is also another separate jack for the continuous control pedal.

In addition, there are USB jacks for the PC and smartphones connectivity or a thumb drive for storage of data.

A 1/8″ stereo input is used for linking music playback devices to the output. Finally, you will find a headphone jack around the front below the mod wheels and the pitch.


  • It is equipped with a very powerful FX engine
  • 128-note polyphony
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Has a MIDI input and output
  • USB jacks for both PC connectivity and flash drive
  • Easy to set up and use


  • No recording and playback of audio files via the external flash drive
  • There is no after-touch
  • It comes with few sounds
  • It does not come with drum function

The KURZWEIL ARTIS 88-key digital piano is a true gem. It comes loaded with great features that any piano player will truly love. This instrument is user-friendly, and also has a powerful sound engine, great build and also great performance oriented control. If this are qualities you desire in adigital piano, this might just be the piano for you.

We hope this Kurzweil Artis review was helpful to you.

Please do share with us what you think about this digital piano in the comments below.

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