LG Smart Security Camera Review – Great Buy?

Welcome to the LG Smart Security Camera review. I bet you are here because you want to find out if this IP camera will be fit for your security docket at home, and we are glad to help you on that.

Security cameras are a key part of a home security system as well as a cost-effective way to keep an eye on your home when you are away. An IP camera becomes of greater value when paired with a professional security monitoring service. The LG Smart Security Camera takes pride in being one of the first to offer an integration between professional security firms and DIY devices.

LG Smart Security Camera specifications

  • Video capture resolution – 1080p
  • Field of view – 130 degrees
  • Night vision – 2 IR LED’s, 15ft
  • Camera lens – 5MP
  • Frame rate – up to 30fps
  • Power source – Adapter
  • Siren included, 93dB
  • Continuous recording – Yes
  • Cloud storage – Subscription required, No free option
  • Local storage – No
  • Audio – Two way talk, Built-in Mic and Speaker
  • Sensors – Tampering, Temperature, Humidity
  • Connectivity – Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Z-Wave, Bluetooth 4.0, classic/smart protocol (BLE)
  • Third party integrations – Built-in Z-Wave hub, Amazon Alexa

LG Smart Security Camera review – Features

Having looked at the specs above, let’s dive into the meat and see what makes the LG Smart Security Camera stand out of the rest.


A decent security camera ought to effectively match into its surrounding. The LG Smart Security Camera does just that, thanks to its unconventional design. It has the look of an inverted cone with a black finish that perfectly conceals its true purpose.

Video and Audio Quality

The LG Smart offers an exceptional 1080p Full HD recording and streaming, with the help of a 5MP lens to provide clear and crisp videos. The angle of view is 130 degrees, which gives you a generous view especially in larger rooms. Flanked by 2 infrared LED’s, the camera’s night vision of up to 15ft is something to appreciate even in total darkness. It shows more details and has good contrast on images. Certainly at par with the top cameras in the market.

Have a naughty dog that loves to turn things upside down when not around? Or you just need to check on your little one while you’re busy around the house? The LG Smart camera has that covered as it is quite interactive due to its brilliant half-duplex data transmission system. Its job is to send and receive voices remotely via an inbuilt microphone and speaker, making it easy to interact with your loved ones anytime you need to.

ADT Canopy enhanced security feature

For peace of mind, you have the option of connecting to professional security monitoring. LG has partnered with ADT to offer comprehensive monitoring service 24/7 and it’s absolutely free.

The LG Smart Security Camera is controlled via ADT’s Canopy app for iPhone and Android devices. This app is free to download and it enables live streaming. However, storage is not recorded locally so you will need to commit to a monthly cloud subscription for you to view your videos. There’s no contract involved on that so you can opt out anytime without attracting any penalties. You can choose from various plans, such as cloud storage, footage viewing, and for ADT Canopy’s intrusion detection services.

The latter does the job of sending you alerts whenever dangerous activity is detected in your home. If you don’t respond, ADT will in no time send local authorities to your location to check on your home situation. Don’t just take the word from this LG Smart Security Camera review, you must test this IP camera for you to believe.


One of the features that sets the LG Smart camera apart from others is the ability to connect to other smart home devices that support Z-wave, Alexa and Amazon devices. These include door sensors, water leak sensors, thermostats, motion sensors, and door locks. In addition, the camera comes with a built-in 93dB siren that can be set to raise alarm whenever there is an intruder.

According to the customization, some of these environmental sensors, for instance, will send you a push alert when they detect a serious change in the atmosphere such as humidity or temperature. This can save you tremendous losses as accidents such as pipe leaks can be quick to notice.

In addition, there’s a smart lights feature that can help customize the device to switch lights on/off when you are away.  This gives the impression that someone is home and acts as a deterrent to would-be intruders.


Setting up the LG Smart Security camera is fast and super easy.  Simply plug into a power outlet, download the ADT Canopy app and follow the directions within the app. The LG Smart Security camera is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ready, so then you will just connect to your preferred network and create your password. It will take roughly about 2 minutes to update. Upon completion, the camera will be registered and ready to go.


  • Produces sharp HD video.
  • Has an appealing design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Allows easy integration with other devices.
  • ADT professional security monitoring is available.


  • Requires cloud subscription to view videos.
  • Offers no local storage for recorded videos.

At this point, you have known that the LG Smart Security Camera is quite a revolutionary device. The availability of ADT professional monitoring service is the major selling point here. This camera brings confidence to your home due to its enhanced ability to remotely stay in control.

Can the idea of ADT monitoring service lure you to buy this camera?  Or will you continue to search for another IP camera that offers something else? Well, this LG Smart Security Camera review has laid the cards on the table and now the ball is on your court.

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