Logitech Circle Wireless HD Review – A Smart Buy?

We are here to see if Logitech’s rendition of a WiFi camera can meet today’s standards. If it’s a suitable option for those looking for a reliable device that will keep them safe and provide competent surveillance. Hang out to get some more details from this Logitech Circle Wireless HD review, but also make sure to check out the bigger picture.

Video quality

Whenever you’re considering buying a device that records video, this is the question that you need to ask yourself: Does it record 1080p? With the introduction of 4K in mainstream media, 1080p is really not asking for a lot. That means that the Logitech Circle Wireless HD is still worth looking into since it features 1080p recording.

The battery

This camera comes with a rechargeable battery. While it might sound awesome at first, it’s quite a detriment to the overall quality of the camera because the battery itself runs out of juice pretty fast. So what this means for the consumer is that it’s more of a hassle than a convenience, and should be taken into consideration before making a decision.

Free storage

This is not something you see every day. While most WiFi cameras come with some sort of option to pay for more storage room, the Logitech Circle Wireless HD actually offers free storage. Logitech really comes through with this one and gives the device a massive boost with this quality of life perk. It’s safe to say that many are strongly considering the buy for this feature alone, because it can get quite expensive to pay for a Cloud subscription.

Camera army

One account can host a multitude of Logitech cameras and in fact, you can pair as many of them as you like with a single account. This features it allows you to create your own surveillance network, all pulling information into the same feed. If you need to keep a watchful eye on a large area, having multiple cameras that report back to you is very important.

Logitech Circle Wireless Timelapse

There is a time lapse feature that allows you to compress an entire day’s worth of video footage into a mere 30 seconds. You don’t have to sit through countless hours of video surveillance in order to get the full scoop of what happened while you were away. This is a very useful feature and it definitely makes the device more appealing as a whole.

Cloud management

Once you store the video footage, you can proceed to interact with it in a number of ways. You can share it or even download it, not to mention replay it to your heart’s content. This can be very advantageous as it makes it a lot easier to act on what you see on the screen.

Smart alerts

As with many other WiFi cameras, this one can send out alerts based on motion or suspicious activity. The cool thing about it is that it lets you filter out specific motions so that you are not alerted for something that isn’t of importance. Ruling out what counts as a false alarm let you customize and improve the experience overall.

Vocal interaction

You can communicate with people and pets in the room where the camera is, even when you’re away. It has a two-way audio channel which lets you both speak and be spoken to from a distance.


  • Smart alerts
  • Time Laps
  • Unlimited cameras on one account
  • Free storage


  • Poor quality rechargeable battery

The battery quality is the bane of many WiFi cameras. In review, the Logitech Circle Wireless HD makes up for it with very useful features like the 30 second Time Lapse or access to free storage. Are you impressed by unlimited Cloud access and all the other features? Let us know in the comments.

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