Netatmo Welcome Review – To Buy Or To Not Buy?

In this Netatmo Welcome review, we will explore the possibilities that this IP camera has to offer and see if it matches up to its elegant look. We don’t need beauty without performance, do we? Let’s find out.

Great Wi-Fi security cameras must meet certain functionality criteria with security being the primary and ultimate goal. The Netatmo Welcome Home Security Camera comes in a beautiful, sleek, unobtrusive design, which basically says it can effortlessly sit amidst your flower vases and family pictures without necessarily shouting ‘security camera’.

Netatmo Welcome Review – Technical Specifications

  • Video resolution – 1920 x 1080p
  • Frame rate – 24fps
  • Field of view – 130 degrees
  • Night vision – IR LEDs, 20ft
  • Audio – speaker only
  • Camera – 4MP
  • Local storage – Yes, 8GB SD card included, expandable to 32GB
  • Cloud storage – event snapshots kept on Netatmo server, video stored on Dropbox
  • Recording time – 1hr Full HD
  • Connectivity – Wireless Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4G)

Netatmo Welcome Features

In this section of the Netatmo Welcome review, you will learn about the key features of the Netatmo Welcome IP camera and how they impact general performance.

Video quality

Image quality is one of the most crucial features of a camera. The Netatmo Welcome perfectly delivers a stunning 1080p full HD footage and streaming. Despite not accommodating a camera tilt, this security camera gives a 130 degrees field of view. This gives you an extra wide coverage on points of interest and lets you catch almost all corners in large rooms.

How is the image quality at night , you ask? Luckily enough, Netatmo put some thought into this. Included in this camera is a high power infrared LED that records clear videos even in pitch darkness.

Monitoring will continually take place and recording will only happen when a movement is detected. Yet, the quantity of the video will adjust the speed of your internet and there might be some slight lag in the live feed. To curb this problem, Netatmo recommends using the same network with all your linked devices.

Face recognition

Thanks to the revolutionary facial recognition technology, the Netatmo Welcome will help you know anyone that comes to your home. Furthermore, it immediately sends an alert to your mobile phone or computer, whether it’s a known or unknown person.

Even so, the thought of having your every move being monitored or recorded can be pretty creepy. Fortunately, the Welcome has a security feature that can be set to disable any recordings of familiar faces in your home.

As exciting as this feature is, it takes quite some time to accurately get all the right faces right, but with increased exposure to faces, proper lighting and a fair share of correcting this feature sure do live up to its expectations.

Set up and access  

Setting up this smart camera is a walk in the park really. You only need to plug it in and the next step, as strange as it may seem will be to turn the camera upside down until a blue light just next to the lens goes on. Then pair it with the Netatmo Welcome app for iOS or Android and/or web app for computers. Lastly, select your preferred network.

Once set up, the streaming will immediately start and you can now access your live feed from your phone or computer, along with sound, which is one way.

Free Storage

Having unlimited access to your footage without having to part with a monthly fee is such a relief.

This is the case with the Netatmo Welcome’s system which locally records videos on a microSD card with a maximum storage size of 32GB. To further give you some peace of mind whenever the SD card is full, the camera will automatically overwrite the old videos with the newest ones. This is unlikely though, or will take quite long given that the camera only records when the an event is detected. However, to avoid losing footage, you can always upload it to a Dropbox account in your Netatmo app.

Smart alarm detection

Protecting your home is more than just identifying unwelcome intruders. With that in mind, Netatmo equipped this camera with alarm detection feature to give you a heads up on any dangerous activity. If there’s a smoke, fire or security alarm, the camera sends a notification instantly to your smartphone and records a video as well.


  • Comes with a face recognition software.
  • Has a free microSD card storage.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Comes in an attractive design that blends in with very well.


  • Only has one-way audio system.
  • Tends to experience lag time during the live feed.
  • Image quality reduces if the camera is not connected to the same network as the linked devices.

Final word 

The Netatmo Welcome Home Security camera scores extra points for its enhanced customization options. The price of this IP camera is on the higher side but it’s justified by free local storage and the facial recognition feature. If you were still not sure of this IP camera, we hope our Netatmo Welcome review has given you the go-ahead.

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