Netgear Arlo Pro Review – Best IP Camera For Indoor/Outdoor?

Arlo Pro claims to be the world’s first and only 100% rechargeable wire-free security camera, but let’s find out more in this Netgear Arlo Pro security camera review.

Being the pioneers of indoor/outdoor cameras concept, Netgear wanted to further enhance their already market favorite camera by coming coming up with the a Netgear Arlo Pro. Whether this camera functions as good as it looks, we are yet to know. We shall see if it makes the cut as a camera worth trusting in keeping an eye on our homes in this Netgear Arlo Pro security camera review.

Netgear Arlo Pro Security Camera Specifications

  • Video resolution – 1080 x 720p
  • Imaging – Full color, CMOS, Auto adaptive white/black balance and exposure
  • Field of view – 130 degrees
  • Live streaming – Yes
  • Continuous recording – No
  • Local storage – No
  • Cloud storage – Free 7-day event-based video history (Optional paid plans for 30-day or 60-day storage)
  • Power source – Rechargeable battery, power adapter
  • Mobile app – Android, iPhone
  • Alerts – Motion, sound
  • Activity zones – No
  • Two-way audio – Yes
  • Night vision – Yes, automatically switches on to night mode
  • Water resistance rating – IP65
  • Operating temperature – -4° to 113° F (-20° C to 45° C)

Base station specifications

  • Interface port – fast ethernet
  • USB ports – 2 USB 2.0
  • Indicator LEDs – Power, camera, internet
  • Wireless range – Up to 300ft in line of sight
  • Antenna – Internal
  • IP configuration – DHCP
  • Wireless – 2.4GHz, 802.11n
  • Operating temperature – 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)

Netgear Arlo Pro security camera review – Features overview

Image and Video Quality

Image and video quality of Arlo Pro are very good and can identify a face from about 30ft away during the day despite having a 720HD resolution. The night vision, though, is not as sharp and clear as expected, provides up to 25ft of view using the 8 Infrared LEDs.

The lens of this camera has a viewing angle of 130 degrees and can zoom digitally into a particular area, which is great when you want to get to get a closer look.


The Netgear Arlo Pro is quick and easy to set up thanks to its magnetic base mounts and its cordless build, which allows quick adjustments to the camera’s view. Mounting can be done on objects using screws from the wall mount screw set which comes with the package.

Although perfectly capable of running only on the rechargeable batteries, the Arlo Pro comes with a power adapter, if you wish to use it this way. It’s still advisable to retain the batteries in the camera.

For outdoor use, the Arlo Pro power adapter or the solar panel is necessary since the included cord is not weatherproof and won’t last in the outdoor environment.

Technical setup is done through the Arlo mobile apps for Android and iPhone, and a web portal for computers, where you can watch a live feed with a couple of seconds delay between capture and playback.

Footage storage

It may be disappointing that the Arlo Pro doesn’t come with a USB device but fortunately, the base station supports USB backup storage, meaning recordings can be stored both locally as well as in the cloud.

Arlo gives a 7-day free cloud storage of recordings that you can either delete anytime or wait for the system to auto delete so as to always create room for new footage.  A good way to save a buck at the end of the day.

However, you might find yourself in need of more space for your recordings, this is when you subscribe to any of Arlo’s paid plans that suits you.


Despite having a great image and video quality, the Arlo Pro camera has a sound detection feature that sends a push alert or an email to your device whenever a loud noise is detected.

It also has PIR advanced and adjustable motion sensor that makes sure no movement goes undetected. It is important to test this feature and adjust the sensitivity as you’ll notice high sensitivity may cause false alarms.

In addition, the Arlo Pro base station features a loud siren, which can be auto set to scream them moment motion or sound is detected. It can also be manually triggered through the Arlo Pro app. The siren is a perfect deterrence to possible intruders.

Another feature that makes the Arlo Pro such a success is the built-in two-way audio feature that allows you to listen and talk to a person on the other side.


  • It offers both indoor and outdoor security monitoring.
  • Arlo offers a 7-day free cloud storage.
  • Local storage is available.
  • Versatile in power options.
  • Easy installation.
  • Weatherproof design.


  • Unavoidable extra costs for separate and mandatory base station.
  • Slow in motion detection.
  • Quite pricey.

Final conclusion 

From this Netgear Arlo Pro Security Camera review, we’ve noted that the camera seems to have a  couple of negatives. There’s delay on video motion capture and a possibility of missing out on the cause of a particular trigger on the live streaming. This definitely sets it back a couple of steps from other top IP cameras.

However, this little set back doesn’t take away all the other great features of the Arlo Pro security camera. For instance, the 2-way audio, live video streaming and motion detection ability are features that you will appreciate greatly.

We could say that this camera is a solid choice because of its versatile use, owed to its wireless design and alternative power options. We also agree that the idea of buying a separate base station may not sit well with some users. Yet, for an easy-to-use and effective security camera, it is worth the sacrifice.

Now that you’ve learned some basics from this Netgear Arlo Pro security camera review, do you think it’s ideal for your home?

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