Oco 1 Indoor Cloud Security Camera Review – A Good Buy?

A good WiFi camera has to provide efficient video recording capabilities and additional features that round up the product and make the overall experience enjoyable and productive. So where does the Oco 1 Indoor Cloud Security camera fit that description? That’s what we’re here to find out. Let’s focus on the Oco camera review, shall we?

The video quality

You might be tempted to immediately ditch this camera after finding out that it only supports 720p video, but there’s more to it than just that. In addition, you also get a very generous viewing angle of 120 degrees, and night vision which allows you to scout an area even after it’s dark outside, or in the room.

It might be bothersome on a big screen, but on a smaller display, the reduction to 720p from the standard 1080p is not that noticeable. The camera also lets you watch the footage on mobile devices, remotely, case in which the display will be too small for you to notice a huge difference. Speaking of mobile compatibilities, it works with both Android and Apple devices.

Switching between manual and automated settings

Depending on how you want the camera to behave, you can set it up yourself or let the automated functions take over. This pertains, especially to the motion detection feature. You can customize it a bit and have the camera respond to certain cues, or you could just let it do its own thing and have it send you an alert when it detects movement.

Oco 1 Indoor Versatility in size and shape

While it’s not that different from other models, the Oco 1 Indoor Cloud Security Camera does have some design cues that allow it to be just as efficient when seated on a shelf, as it is when you mount it on a wall. The fact that it’s pretty small allows it to blend in seamlessly, and its form makes it useful from any angle, so you can choose where it would serve you best in terms of positioning.

Free storage

One big feature of this model is the fact that you can see your footage without any added cost. You can view the footage live and in HD, but you can also check out clips of the video. After a motion has been sensed, 10-second clips will be recorded and made available on the cloud platform. You can check them out without paying or having any kind of subscription, which is neat.

A mind of its own

Another cool thing about this camera is the fact that it learns from previous experiences. It can learn more about notifications and adapt its behavior to suit your style better. It’s a very useful feature because when you are woken up at night by an alert, you know exactly what it could be. Although, most people would probably set it up so that there are no nocturnal alerts at all, aside from emergencies of course.

Two-way sound

The camera also includes a two-way sound system which allows you to both talk and listen. If you’re watching the video feed remotely and someone’s in the room, you can communicate with them. You will hear them, and they will hear you, and the same goes for speaking.


  • Good viewing angle
  • Enterprise level security
  • Smart adaptive alert system
  • Versatile shape and size


  • No microSD support for local storage
  • Needs to be physically plugged to a USB
  • Pricey

The Oco 1 Indoor Cloud Security Camera looks like a promising device. Although some quirks might turn you off to the idea of owning one. Tell us what you think now of the Oco Camera in the comments.

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