Polk Audio RM705 Review – Should You Buy It Or Not?

If you’re interested in buying the Polk Audio RM705 home theater system, then this Polk Audio RM705 review is the best place to gather all the necessary information to back up your decision. Here you’ll learn about what this system has to offer and why you should give it a shot. With that said, let’s get right to it and see what’s under the hood and what features you can expect.

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Polk Audio RM705 Review – General Specifications

  • 1 channel home theater system, 100W max power output
  • Dimensions; (W x H x D) 9″ (22.86 cm) x 3.8″ (9.65 cm) x 9.4″ (23.87 cm), weight 3 lbs (1.36 kg)


  • Audio line-in, speakers input & output


  • 40-22000 Hz frequency response, 8 Ohm impedance, 89 dB sensitivity


This section of the review will cover the most interesting aspects of the Polk Audio RM705. If you’re looking for a great reason to buy this system, you’ll probably find it here. Let’s see what you can look forward to in this section of the review.

Great Design That Blends In

One of the cool things about the Polk Audio RM705 is that it comes with a design that is very easy to blend in. Other home theater systems might be just too “load” visually, but this one blends in seamlessly. This is in part due to its heavy-duty, non-resonant composite enclosure build. On top of that, it has been designed with a three side aspect in mind, so it’s really easy to put it on a shelf or against a wall without losing any space. The finishing touch is represented by the glossy finish, which will look neat in most environments.

Powerful Bass

Bass is important for a lot of people and if you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to know that the POLK AUDIO RM705 comes with enhanced bass. This is courtesy of the downward firing subwoofer which uses the 8 inch Dynamic Balance composite driver in order to create deep, musical bass sounds. On top of that, you can also tweak the settings around thanks to the power amp which is built-in and has used an active crossover.

Wall mount support

The device comes with included accessories which you can use to mount it on the shelf. It features a shelf cradle for the center channel, as well as flexible brackets for the wall, which will support the rest of the speakers. While getting these accessories off the aftermarket wouldn’t be a huge deal, having them ready to go, not to mention specifically tailored for this product makes this a very classy addition.

The Downsides

Like all products, the POLK AUDIO RM705 also has some less attractive characteristics which you might want to know about. Here are the things that this home theater system does not excel at, and which might make you reconsider the purchase.

Cheap Build Connectors

One of the problems you should know about is that the speaker connectors are made out of a cheap plastic. This means that it can break easily and create larger problems in the long run. Of course, it’s not a guarantee that it will break, but that’s kind of what cheap plastic tends to be known for.

Doesn’t Do Well in Large Rooms

If you’re planning on using this home theater system in a large room, you should know that it doesn’t do that well in such environments. It does a lot better in smaller rooms where it can project the sound efficiently.

Compatibility problems

When it comes to connectivity, this system offers a basic package which means that it might be hard to get it connected to other devices. While this problem is a little vague, it’s noteworthy that getting it hooked up to a specific TV model or whatnot might be cumbersome.


  • Great aesthetics
  • Wall mount accessories
  • Powerful bass


  • Low volume
  • Cheap build
  • Compatibility issues

Is Polk Audio RM705 The Right Choice For You?

See why it was important to check out the POLK AUDIO RM705 review? While this home theater system can be a decent pick for a small room and casual entertainment, hardcore media consumers with high standard might not approve. In the end, however, it does a good job for its price point. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your impression of the POLK AUDIO RM705.

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