Samsung SmartCam HD Pro Review – A Good Buy?

No matter what type of electronic device you want to buy, there’s always a sense of trust or security when it has the name and logo of a trusted company on it. As we venture into the land of WiFi cameras, the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro, is a very appealing model, for that very reason. It has most people at the word “Samsung”, but there’s a clear difference between brand power and brand delivery, as you will learn from this review.

Just because the Korean tech giant is known to produce high-quality equipment shouldn’t give it a free pass now. That’s why we’re going to give this IP camera a proper review to have a better idea of what to expect from the smartphone maker’s WiFi camera department. Looking up alternatives such as the ones in the below top helps a lot, but for now, let’s focus on the Samsung SmartCam HD.

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1080p Footage Recording Experience

The camera provides a great recording experience and you get to see 1080p footage of the room or area you have under surveillance. The wide 128-degree field of view makes it possible to catch every point of interest in the room, in one frame. The best part is that the CMOS sensor that comes with the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro automatically manages light intake so that the image is never too dark or too bright. This means that it’s a solid option for both indoor and outdoor use.

Samsung made sure they put that wide viewing angle to good use, and it offers a neat feature which lets you select up to 3 zones in the frame for the camera to focus on. The feature is called Motion Zone Select, and it’s the digital version of telling someone “and pay extra attention to the windows”.

But what about the rest of the frame? Is it just going to blur it out since it’s not in the “VIP section”? Basically, it’s a visual tool to help you keep a closer eye on what interests you the most. If there’s a distraction in another part of the frame, you just draw a box that covers the window area. This way, you’ll have an easier time keeping your eye on the ball.

Samsung SmartCam HD Footage

All that footage has to go somewhere, like the available 64 GB of space. Samsung SmartCam HD offers microSD support. We know it’s not exactly much when it comes to 1080p recording, but the good news is that your camera doesn’t have to be on the whole time. You can set it to only record when it detects motion or sound, or at specific intervals.

While Samsung’s camera does offer an alert feature, it’s worth noting that it only sends alerts to Google accounts. Now, if you have a Google account, there’s nothing to worry about, but otherwise you will need to switch over to Google’s emailing system. That in itself can be a very frustrating transition, so having to go through that is hardly justifiable as far as camera features go.

Multi-streaming Feature

There is a multi-streaming feature which allows you to link up to 10 of these bad boys at once. If you’re just looking for a pseudo-baby monitor, that might not interest you. But if your intention is to keep an entire building secure, for instance, it could really come in handy. Whenever there are multiple units of the same device involved (such as multiple security cameras), having them all on the same network is very rewarding.


  • Focus zones feature lets you emphasize important areas of the frame shot
  • You can link up to 10 cameras at the same time, making it easier to cover a wider area


  • Alerts are limited to Google accounts, which is rather weird and inconvenient
  • You have to make do with 64 GB of local space, which isn’t a lot

At the end of the day there are some things that could have been better. You can just create a separate email address for camera alerts and work around only using it when needed, so you don’t waste any of those precious GB. What we’re saying is that there are some pretty nice features in the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro, so focusing more on those can be beneficial. Do you think its upsides are worth turning a blind eye to its imperfections? Let us know in the comments if our review made you pro or against this Samsung WiFi camera.

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