SAMSUNG UN40JU7500 Curved 40-INCH TV Review

Getting a curved display is more than an electronics acquisition. It’s also sending out a statement that when it comes to new and innovative tech ideas, you are right there on the frontline, ready to bring the dream to life. Curved technology is even newer than 4K technology, which means that there are still few people that actually own such a display, relatively speaking. Becoming one of them is understandably an important decision, so we’re giving you all the information you need in this SAMSUNG UN40JU7500 review.

“You can also see how this TV fares against other 40-Inch TVs.”

SAMSUNG UN40JU7500 Review – General specifications

  • 40-inch with a curved display at a 4K Resolution (3849 x 2160) at a 240 motion rate. This model is year 2015.


  • Its dimensions are (W x H x D): TV without stand: 36″ (91.44 cm) x 21.1″ (53.59) x 3.6″ (9.14), TV with stand: 36″ (91.44 cm) x 23.2″(58.92) x 11.6″ (29.46 cm )
  • Shipping size (W x H x D): 40.5″ (102.87) x 23.7″ (60.19 cm) x 7.0″ (17.78 cm)
  • Product Weight without Stand 19.4 lbs (8.69 kg) , with stand 24lbs (10.88 kg), shipping weight 30.4 lbs (13.78 kg)

Input and output

  • 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports, 1 Component port, WiFi connection, 1 composite port, 1 RF cable port, 1 Ethernet port, 1 Mini Jack Audio port, 1 Digital Audio out port.


  • DTS Studio Sound and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 capabilities with Dolby MS11 infrastructure, 40W built-in, Down Firing speakers


Only thinking about curved display TV features makes most people rub their hands together in excitement, but lets’ see what this device has to offer aside from its impressive, attention-grabbing display.

Color fidelity

This TV targets LED backlighting and makes sure that the brightest regions of a frame are the ones that are given the most attention. It makes for some really awesome looking pictures and it brings out the color in each frame.

The same thing goes for targeting blacks, as they appear amazingly black in comparison to what you might have been used to in the past. This helps set a powerful and impressive contrast and give the entire picture an overall boost in quality.

Curved display

This is the main attraction and the reason for which you have probably considered buying this TV. Having a curved display might look like just a fancy feature, but in reality it’s really useful. It gives you an infinitely greater sense of immersion as you dive deep into what’s happening on screen. Before you even realize, you forget that you’re not actually in the Savanna, or in the middle of a gunfight.

Smart features

A Smart TV, such as this one, will have some extra goodies for you. You can use apps to watch your favorite content or just have the kind of experience you want to have, and also you get to watch media from other devices even. There’s also a smart remote that comes with the TV, which enhances the way you control your TV and navigates through its interface.


  • Smart features
  • Image optimization features
  • Curved display
  • UHD upscaling


  • Reported cases of Light Bleed
  • Hard to get manuals and official literature for the device

If you want a curved 4K TV in your living room, this Samsung 40-Inch TV is a great choice. It is designed with fidelity in mind and it definitely has many quality features, as pointed out in our review. Ultimately, the SAMSUNG UN40JU7500 might be the TV you’re looking for. Let us know if this TV caught your interest, in the comments. Has your search finally come to an end?

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