SAMSUNG UN40MU6300 40-Inch TV Review

A 4K TV isn’t just a solid purchase, it’s also an investment into the future as more and more content creators will lean towards this more advanced solution. There’s no better time than now when it comes to buying a 4K TV, but it’s important to know which the best is. That’s why we wrote this Samsung UN40MU6300 review to help you decide if it worths buying

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General Specifications of SAMSUNG UN40MU6300

This 2017 year model comes with a crisp 40 inch screen that supports 4K resolution at a refresh rate of 120 Hz.


  • TV without stand (W x H x D): 36.1″ (91.69 cm) x 21.1″ (53.59) x 2.5″ (6.35), TV with stand: 36.1″ (91.69 cm) x 23.5″(59.99) x 11.3″ (28.70 cm ).
  • The Tv’s stand size is (WxHxD) 29.6″ (75.18) x 6.3″(16 cm) x 11.3″ (28.70 cm)
  • TV Weight without Stand 17lbs (7.71 kg) , with stand 19.2lbs (8.70 kg), shipping weight 26.7 lbs (12.11 kg)

Input and output

Inputs; WiFi & Bluetooth connections, 3 HDMI, 2 USB ports. 1 component post, 1 RF cable, 1 ARC via HDMI, 1 composite and 1 ethernet port.

Output; 1 digital Audio port.


  • Dolby Digital Plus with a built in 20 Watt sound capability. The sound can be boosted with a bluetooth or multiroom system. Also built-in  Down Firing with Bass Reflex speakers.


This is where the TV starts to differentiate itself from the other players in the market.  It’s also what you’ve been waiting for, as the deciding factor for you might very well be in this category. With that in mind, let’s begin taking a closer look at the features.


This TV supports 4K resolution which means that you get the best picture quality there is, at least from a pixel count point of view. The 4K resolution is four times higher than the standard 1080 HD resolution, so it’s quite a jump.

Essential Black Pro

This feature takes care of the blacks in the picture and tests them against the most rigid standards of color fidelity. Your blacks will be insanely black, and the picture will adopt the mood and direction intended by the director of the movie you’re watching.

Motion Rate 120

This feature takes great care of fast-moving objects on screen. On a regular TV, this sort of a scene might be blurry and nowhere near as impressive as intended. But with Motion Rate 120, you get to see all the small details that go on in this action packed frames.

Smart TV

This is a Smart TV which means that you’re going to get an internet connection and also a ton of apps to explore. Use the Samsung Smart Hub in order to organize and filter your content and to enjoy it to the max. You also get to use apps like Netflix or Amazon in order to watch your content in the most convenient way possible, even if you want to stream it from your smartphone or tablet, which is possible.


The remote that comes with the TV is a special one as it’s crafted for the best viewing experience.  You can also use it to control other connected devices.


  • Great picture quality
  • Smart features
  • Convenient navigation


  • Low brightness
  • Might not recognize some devices

According to our review, Samsung UN40MU6300 is a pretty solid pick for anyone looking for a 4K TV. With so many of them swarming the market right now, it can be really easy to buy something that you’re not entirely happy with, but this model has the potential of being someone’s favorite TV. Is this your favorite TV yet? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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