SCEPTRE X405BV-F 40″ Review

There used to be a time when the TV set was used for watching TV. Now, that’s the last thing on a consumer’s mind, as many more forms of entertainment and media consumption have surfaced. This means that today’s TV solutions have to be prepared for any kind of device that the user, that means you, might want to pair with it. Luckily, that’s not something that SCEPTRE X405BV-F users have to worry about since this TV comes with a ton of ports. Check the rest of this review to see what’s interesting about the SCEPTRE X405BV-F.

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The ports

Let’s talk a bit about the ports. We mentioned that this TV does a good job in providing users with a pleasing amount of ports for all their devices. While that’s great news, it’s only fair that we mention how these ports are presented on the TV. Half the port board is facing to the side, while the other half is facing down. From a frontal position, you would have to pull off some weird moves to reach them.

SCEPTRE X405BV-F specs

This is a 40 inch, LED TV which means that it uses the standard technology in terms of picture delivery. While OLED technology is considered superior, its current state still puts it in a weird, niche slot, so overall LED displays are still the newest form of LCD you’re going to get.  That’s aside from 4K displays, of course, but those are a completely different beast.

The aforementioned port board houses anything you might need from a 3.5 mm Jack port to a VGA port. You also have your HDMIs and your USB, and even a coaxial audio port alongside a stereo RCA port. Overall, you shouldn’t have any problem in finding the right hole for your third party device’s plug. It weights 17 lbs and it was released in 2016.

The picture

This is where the review gets a little trickier. Picture quality is obviously important when talking about a TV, and an HDTV no less. That’s why it’s important to mention that the SCEPTRE X405BV-F isn’t as reliable as we’d want it to be when it comes to color fidelity. Some colors can seem off, and while that doesn’t guarantee that the image will look terrible, it will be different than what it was intended by the producers.

Still a bargain?

So far we’ve had some good things to say but also some bad things to say about the SCEPTRE X405BV-F. You might be wondering what this means for the overall quality of the TV, and if it’s still worth the purchase. Can you find a better quality TV? Sure but there aren’t a lot of them. Will it have more features and more reliable colors? You bet! Will it cost considerably more? You can be absolutely sure about it!

While this isn’t the best TV ever made, its price range still keeps it appealing, in combination with the features it does have. TV quality is tightly related to need, so depending on what exactly you will be using this TV for, you can easily pass it off as a solid purchase.

Many might ditch this TV in search of better colors while others will appreciate the variety of ports and the commendable price/quality ratio. Ultimately, the fate of the SCEPTRE X405BV-F is in the hands of consumers like you, as your specific requirements aren’t part of our review. While we don’t know what you intend to do with the TV, we’d surely like to. Let us know in the comments what you’re planning on using a new TV for, and if the SCEPTRE X405BV-F fits the bill.


  • Impressive video quality


  • Quite pricey
  • Color fidelity

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