Everything To Know About Upgrading Your PS4 Hard Drive

upgrading your PS4 hard drive

Now that Sony has finally released a much-awaited update involving external hard drives and additional storage for your beloved Playstation 4, a lot of players are excitedly ordering new hard drives to upgrade their system with. Originally, the Sony Playstation 4 only shipped out with 500GB internal HDD memory. 500GB of memory translates to only … Read more

Bought a New Phone? 5 Tips to Switching Over Without Losing Anything

Image Dbostancioglu A new Apple, Google or another manufacturer’s 18:9 aspect model catches your eye, and your old handset doesn’t cut it anymore. However, before leaping, it’s important you take a few precautions. After all, most of your important information is on your smartphone. Moreover, you don’t want to lose it during the switch. Fortunately, … Read more

iPhone Won’t Charge? Check Out These Five Quick Fixes!

Imagine seeing an Instagram-worthy scenery that you want to take a picture of, when suddenly you realize that your iPhone’s battery is about to get drained. As you plug the device into an electrical outlet or powerbank, you begin to unravel one of the biggest frustrations of this generation: Your iPhone won’t charge! You’ve probably … Read more