How to Clean A Mechanical Keyboard? Step By Step

If you’re looking for the right technique on how to clean a mechanical keyboard, you’ve come to the right page! In this article, we will look at the proper way to tidy up your precious keyboard.

You might think that mechanical keyboards are made to stand the test of time—well sure, that’s true. However, mechanical keyboards should be given time for maintenance too, and cleaning is an integral part of this.

A Quick Guide on How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

Here is an easy, simple and helpful guide that you may use to clean your mechanical keyboard:

1. Before anything else, unplug!

When I was starting to learn how to clean a mechanical keyboard, I thought it was perfectly fine to clean mine while it is still plugged. While letting it stay plugged on your PC is okay for soft cleaning (just wiping of the dirt on top of your keys), I do not recommend if for a deep cleaning procedure.

Intensive cleaning may create accidental misconnections within the keyboard internals, which may end up damaging your keyboard if it’s still running on power.

2. Gather all your cleaning tools and materials

For those of you who are already using one but don’t know how to clean a mechanical keyboard, make sure that you’re using the right keyboard cleaning tools.

One common practice for some casual PC owners is to apply rubbing alcohol to clean the keyboard. While some people have told me it works okay, I have a lot of reservations on using it as part of my cleaning materials. Instead, I recommend that you use a cleaning spray that’s designed specifically for computer accessories.

3. Wipe and brush your keycaps

Doing a quick wipe on your keycaps is the easiest first step on how to clean a mechanical keyboard. Just run your brush or cloth gently on the keys and in the spaces between them.

4. Turn your mechanical keyboard upside down to let debris fall down

The next thing I always do is to give my keyboard a good shake upside down to ensure that no debris or dirt will penetrate the keys after wiping or brushing them off.

5. Remove the keycaps

How to Clean A Mechanical Keyboard remove keycaps

Some users consider removing the keys as one of the most difficult steps on how to clean a mechanical keyboard. The good news is that it’s not as tough as it sounds.

Simply pinch both sides of each mechanical keyboard keycap until it gets detached. Gently do so by holding the keyboard in place on the desk.

NOTE: Check your mechanical keyboard product box if it came with a keycap puller tool. You may use that accessory to remove the keys more conveniently.

After removing the keys, you will notice that the switches are equally dusty or dirty. Just brush and wipe off the dirt. You’d be surprised that your mechanical keyboard switches look like brand new after cleaning them.

Clean the keys with a spray, cloth or brush. Make sure to clean the insides and the sides.

6.  For deep cleaning, use the air dusting process

There are many ways you can explore on how to clean a mechanical keyboard. In my case, I do air dusting once every quarter. You may use compressed air for this, and this will allow you to generally clean off dust or debris.

7. Clean the cable, and then attach your keys again on the board

This is the last step on how to clean a mechanical keyboard. Do not forget to wipe off dust and dirt on the keyboard cable. After this, you may attach the keycaps and connect the mechanical keyboard to your PC to see if everything is working okay.


If you’re using the best mechanical keyboard that you can get your hands on, it’s safe to assume that you want to take care of it. Remember that the mechanical keyboard doesn’t really come cheap, and so you probably plan to use it for a long time.

While mechanical keyboards are built to become durable and reliable accessories for gaming or typing, they definitely need to be maintained. I highly suggest that you clean your keyboard at least once every couple of months to ensure that dirt does not build up and affect the performance of your keyboard.

The tips above should teach you how to clean a mechanical keyboard, so that you can enjoy it as long as you’re still in the mood to use your PC.

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