What’s In Store For The Cloud Computing Industry?

Cloud computing is changing everything in the IT industry. Nicolas Carr, a public figure and a world-famous writer said that the IT systems are gradually becoming old-school due to the inevitable decrease in the importance of IT and the software. If you take a retrospective glance at a century back, you will remember how the creation of power stations marked a milestone achievement in the lives of people and similarly today also we are going through a technological revolution which is all set to radically alter our lives.

What Can We Expect From The Cloud Computing Industry?

By the year 2020, cloud computing will have probably gained its utmost momentum. There are going to be several pleasant changes and one among them will be the elimination of the ‘no-cloud’ policy. Analogs which are cloud-based are more flexible and better to use. Experts are of the opinion that the companies which follow a ‘no-cloud’ policy will now onwards start using cloud services. What does the future prophesy for the cloud computing industry? Read on.

#1: Software Would Be Detached From Hardware

Cloud applications are often utilized to automate businesses utilizing ERP, CRM, HR and PSA systems which are stored on the remote servers. These tendencies are growing each year and hence the software that companies and individuals will use will be far beyond the horizon and the data from it will pass via multiple filters before it begins to interact with the computer of the user.

#2: Data Security Will Still Remain Superior

There is no doubt about the fact that the data center’s physical security is extremely important just as the credible encryption of data. In the future, the basic requirements for the present SSL protocol can get severely changed and we might have to forget the 256 bits as we forgot the encryption of 56 and 60 bit. Due to the ever-evolving security concerns, physical access to data centers will be restrained and in order to enter such premises, you’ll not only require an e-key but also biometric scanning.

#3: Cloud Computing Will Turn People Wealthier

Eventually, software applications are getting more and more standardized and few of the leading enterprises are all working on improving the compatibility and accessibility of web apps. In order to open a PDF file, you won’t require installing Acrobat and all such small changes will let the companies interact with each other in an easy way. Henceforth, cloud computing will lead to several changes to the cycle of production as more manufacturers will now be able to produce better items at low costs.

#4: Decline In Prices Of Cloud Computing Services

With the advancements in the field of technology, there are low-power chips available in the market. These low power chips utilize processors with reduced power consumption while processing data. Hence, with low prices of cloud services, more and more enterprises will be able to work on the cloud.

The Future Of The Cloud Computing Industry

As we ponder over the future of cloud computing, it can be easily concluded that there is a chance of a technological breakthrough for all the companies which are utilizing cloud technology. In the future years, the cloud computing industry will bring more benefits to the world than what one can ever imagine. To know more on the periphery of cloud computing, you can check out CloudWedge as they’re pretty dedicated in covering this subject with enough proficiency.

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