AV Receivers: Tips Before Buying

If you are one of the Plasma set owners who are continually complaining about the sound being too quiet or not sharp enough, it is about time you equipped yourself with an AV receiver.

What is an AV receiver, and how do I know which one is the best? This is one of the most commonly asked questions on the verge of bringing your home’s sound system to another level.

Let’s elaborate on the subject step by step.

An AV receiver  (Audio/Video receiver) is an electronic device that controls the home theater experience. It is a combination of an audio amplifier and a video switching device. AV receiver has two main functions: it allows you to choose the video you want to watch and props up the speakers. The numerous inputs it contains let you plug in cables for various devices such as a CD player or a TV, and switch through them with ease. It often comes with a remote control that can work the TV as well.

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Before purchasing an Audio/Video receiver, you might want to do a little research and educate yourself on the subject. Otherwise, you may end up spending too much money on a device not worth it. One of the best budget AV Receivers for this year is Yamaha RX-V383. However, there are numerous other options available on the market. It all depends on your preferences and factors that you are looking for.



A High Definition Multimedia Interface is a commonly used HD signal that transfers high definition audio and video using one single cable.  

It was not crucial a couple of years ago. It is now.

Considering that almost every device nowadays uses HDMI, the number of HDMI inputs in an AV receiver should be of your particular interest. Some may be satisfied with three, while for others, seven will not be enough. Choose your ideal number, depending on how many external devices you are planning on to plug. Consider getting one input extra compared to what you are using at the moment. Just in case there are some updates in the technology, and you will suddenly need a novel input.

The convenience of such sort may end up in an AV receiver costing a little more but think of it as an investment. You are likely to keep it for at least a couple of years, aren’t you?

Bluetooth and WiFi

On Bluetooth

Some AV receivers have built-in WiFi, Bluetooth or AirPlay. Wireless solutions an AV receiver has to offer should come in handy if you never part with your smartphone. Download an app such as Spotify or Pandora, choose a song you wish to play, and the wireless technology will connect your devices anytime. No cable needed. It is more than convenient.

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Use Bluetooth to connect with any device, be it a tablet or a smartphone, in the range of about 30 meters. Just do not be surprised by the sound quality, not being the best.

Use AirPlay if you are an owner of any Apple device. It offers the excellent sound quality, but the receiver has to be connected to your home network first.

The vast majority of the av receivers connect to the net through WiFi. This update is helpful but not crucial. It makes it easier to attach the receiver to your home network without needing a wired connection.


Av Power

How about Watts? Do they matter? The answer is yes.

A higher-wattage capacity will do better than the lower-wattage ability one. The task, however, becomes a bit more complicated as the power ratings for AV receivers are not standardized.

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One of the most apparent factors you can consider when choosing the right wattage is room size. To bring the same quality sound, an AV receiver standing in a large living room will need more power than an AV receiver located in a small kitchen.

Buy the Essentials

These three factors: HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, and AirPlay, as well as power, are essential when it comes to buying a new AV receiver. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones. Others, such as sound quality, budget, weight, and front panel connections, also play a significant role and should be of interest. With so many options purchasable, it is hard to make the proper choice. Do not get discouraged. If a regular TV set is not enough for you, and you are looking for a theatre-like experience in the comfort of your home, investing in a suitable AV receiver is a brilliant idea.

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