How to Be Mindful of Your Health While Using Technology

Whether you choose to embrace it or not, the world has fully emerged itself in the digital realm.

Millions of people are glued to their smartphones at any given time. You can access a person with the quick text message. It’s even easier to track a person’s whereabouts by using a built-in app within the smartphone. While technology continues to emerge and evolve, it’s important to take note of two factors.

First, you’ll want to appreciate the convenience and ease that technology can bring to your life. Secondly, it’s best to acknowledge your health and the negative aspects surrounding the incessant use of technology. If you’re not sure of how to be mindful of your health in the digital age, consider the following facets.

Modern life glued to our smartphones

Using the Proper Keyboard

Carpal tunnel disorder and arthritis are very real health issues that millions of people deal with. If you know that you’re required to get work done on your computer, do your best to support your body through this process. In this case, you’ll need to support your fingers and wrists. Start by stretching them. Do stretches and rotations that encourage the circulation in those areas.

Use the right keyboard for your health

Then, it’s important to make sure they’re supported. Use the proper keyboard that will provide cushioned support. Don’t put a ton of pressure on your wrists or forearms as you lean on the desk in front of you. Be mindful of where you place pressure because that can have a negative impact in the long run.

It’s also wise to make sure the wrists are elevated as you type. If you need to utilize a wrist brace in order to keep your wrists in a supported position, this is an excellent preventative measure to take. You don’t want to wait until you’re feeling tons of pain to start treating arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Start supporting your fingers, hands and wrists right now.

Monitoring Your Exposure to Blue Light

When it’s time to go to bed at night, most sleep professionals will frown on the use of technology. In fact, many sleep advocates even discourage people to keep the television on before bedtime. The bright lights can signal the brain to stay awake.

Furthermore, it discourages the brain’s ability to fully unwind and relax before bed. If you can’t go to bed without using your tablet or smartphone, chances are it’s time to create some new rhythms and routines. Start by picking up a good book about an hour before bed. Leave your phone in another room or across the room.

Read books and limit time to blue light

As you get used to a routine that doesn’t closely involve your phone, you’ll become accustomed to a life where it’s not altering the way you sleep. Sleep hygiene is so essential. If you’re doing anything that can sabotage your ability to increase your quality of rest, it’s best to reverse that habit. In this case, know that it will be a transition. However, it’s a worthwhile transition to make.

Becoming Efficient with Your Time

If you’re intentionally using your time wisely at work, you won’t need to spend hundreds of hours in front of the computer screen. Make sure you’re implementing the right systems and strategies to operate on your behalf. After all, that’s part of the beauty of technology. If you’re building a website, don’t spend all day trying to learn HTML.

It’s actually a lot easier and more efficient to find a magento enterprise alternative that can provide the technical support you need. As you host a website that can handle transactions, blog comments and more, you want to create systems that will take care of it all for you.

This also means that you can outsource part of the process to other contractors. It’s about working smarter, not harder. While there’s nothing wrong with hard work, don’t forget that you only get one body. You need to take good care of it. Plus, live your life. Don’t spend the majority of your time behind a computer screen.

Getting Up to Take Breaks

There are plenty of health experts who warn against sitting in front of a computer screen for hours. Sitting is considered the new version of smoking. Sitting helps a person live a sedentary lifestyle. When you’re sedentary, there is a direct connection to obesity and diseases.

Ready to Balance Technology in Your Lifestyle?

While it might seem extreme, there’s a gradual, slippery slope. Knowing this, it’s best to focus on taking breaks from your work. Whether you take a break once every hour or once every thirty minutes, take time to stretch, walk around the block or do some jumping jacks in place. Set your alarm clock to remind yourself to step away from the computer for five minutes. Even if you just stretch in your cubicle for five minutes every hour, this will do wonders for your overall health.

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