Developing an Interactive Mobile HOS ELD App

By now, many trucking businesses around the world are required to be connected to an electronic logging device (ELD) so that the drivers can track their hours of service (HOS), make real-time reports of the work progress, and fulfill many other options.

But according to those who have been in the business for many years, not all fleet companies need to comply with these regulations. After all, some have been using this technology for many years. If your drivers have been using manual paperwork to keep these records, it is time to develop your software today. New businesses have no option other than to comply because it is part of the requirements. Below are the key pointers when developing a mobile HOS ELD app.

Mobile HOS ELD App for trucks

Understand the Magnitude of the Software and Hardware

Thorough preparation before the commencement of the ELD app is very crucial. Do in-depth research to know what both these factors entail. If there are existing hardware devices that can be used in your company, then the app should be compatible with them. In most cases, fleet companies are looking for an app that will be compatible with mobile devices. Thus, it is a must to consider users of both Android and iOS, which are the two most widely used mobile devices.

The importance of the developers of app

Choose the Best Experts

Of course, you need an expert who will assist in designing and preparing your HOS ELD device for your company. The experts at the Eyeride website have been making excellent fleet solutions and they can help you either directly or indirectly.

If you need to choose another company from your area, check if they have enough experience and skills to take care of your fleet company needs. Let them give you some references to make inquiries while you also check out their website and social media pages to see what other clients are saying about them.

Draft the App Together

When you have the layout of what you expect from the HOS ELD app that is about to be developed, the experts bring in their professionalism to perfect it. Thus, the two of you must work hand in hand. The first meeting includes briefing the expert on what you need and then giving them time to prepare a demo. At this time, they will also tell you whether it is possible to come up with what you want or not.

This app will contain all of the information that is covered in paper login forms, but they will now be in digital format. More importantly, the app will have three important parts: a device that is connected to the truck engine to relay signals to a mobile app, the app for the manager, and one for the driver. All three components work together to deliver real-time reports.

Developing and Testing

By now, the only work that will remain is to develop the app and test it. This should be smooth with only a few changes needed if the above stages have been planned and prepared well. The professionals will help you go through this in an incredible way.

A pilot test is necessary, so a few drivers from your fleet should be involved. However, you can also involve all of the trucks to see how the mobile HOS ELD app will work. Allocate enough testing time when you need a long-term solution.

So Is Making An App for Your Company Hard?

See, making an app for your company is not rocket science. The project will run successfully when experienced and skilled experts are used. This is not optional today in many states and fleet investors have to go through this as part of compliance. All the best as you develop this crucial app.


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