Advantages and Disadvantages of a Smart Home Security System

Homes are getting smarter. In fact, Google alone sold over 6 million smart speakers in 2017.

We’re welcoming technology into our homes, using it to control everything from our lighting to our takeaway orders.

Smart homes are said to be the future, but are smart home security systems the future for crime reduction?

Pros of A Smart Home Security System 

1. The benefits of a doorbell camera

Smile, you’re on camera! With a doorbell camera at your front door, you’ll get a clear view of every visitor. See them even if you’re away from home, and raise the alarm if you’re feeling suspicious.

Some of the top home security providers such as Vivint and ADT can monitor your home on your behalf, alerting law enforcement if anyone breaks into your home, but it’s also good for you to have an early eye on your visitors.

Video doorbells will look for nearby movement, send you an alert, and may even allow you to talk to the person by your door – all without opening it and putting yourself at risk!

You can even use your smart home security system to monitor deliveries, and make sure that drivers are treating your parcels with the respect that they deserve. If you’re not home, just tell them where to put your parcel for safekeeping.

Use smart home security system to monitor

2. Peace of mind

Wherever you are, a smart home security system can provide you with peace of mind. It means that you can relax on holiday, rather than worrying about your house being broken into. It means that you can check when your teenager arrives safely home from school, and make sure that your expensive online purchase hasn’t been left in full view. Put your mind at rest quickly, whenever you’re worried or anxious.

Pros of smart home devices

3. More eyes on your home

As well as those important digital eyes, watching every movement through CCTV cameras, you can choose a smart home security system that’s monitored by the professionals. Any alerts about unexpected movement are sent directly to real human beings, who will assess the situation and take the relevant action if they feel like your home is at risk.

You can’t watch all the time, so it’s reassuring to know that others keep an eye out when you can’t.

Securing your home against intruders


Cons of A Smart Home Security System

Significant costs

Smart home security systems are still not commonplace. If you want to be ahead of the crowd, you’ll need to pay a little for the luxury.

The costs of home security systems can be a deterrent for some. Many come on monthly subscription packages, rather than a one-off fee. But, this might be a small price to pay for true security in your home.

The price of house crime is high. You don’t just face damaged and lost property, but also the emotional impact of knowing that someone has been able to walk through your home. Victim Support found that 37% of people who were victims of burglary as children still felt emotionally affected into adulthood. Meanwhile, 73% of adult burglary victims have a fear of it happening again.

The price to pay for not protecting your home is, unfortunately, often higher than the price you pay for protecting it.

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