What Is The .Net Framework and How To Pick The Best .NET Developers?

It’s no secret that technology, specifically information technology rules in various sectors of today’s world. With this increased and increasing reliance on technology, we are constantly seeing innovations and newer, more effective ways of doing things. Given this reality, it is not just enough to make use of technology or information technology. To really stand out and be counted among the best in today’s world, your business must employ the latest technology.

Given that this keeps changing at a much faster rate than was previously the case, many businesses find it difficult to keep up with the pace. It is in the best interest of your business that you ensure your various platforms are built using the latest in cutting edge technology. This is why in this article we are looking at dot net (.Net) developers and what value they can offer your business today.

What Does .Net Development Mean?

Application and software development with .NET framework

This is a software framework that mainly runs on the Windows OS. It was developed by Microsoft and comes with what is known as an FCL (Framework Class Library). This library allows different languages to interoperate. This means that even if a code is written in a different language, this library will allow another language to make use of such a code.

The implication of this is that different programming languages can now easily interact, thanks to this library. Since it is a software framework, it is only deployable in a software environment as against a hardware environment. This software environment is known as the CLR (Common Language Runtime). To learn more about this framework, read this article here.

What Are .NET’s Benefits and Applications?

Having briefly looked at what this framework is, let’s now put it in proper perspective so that things will be clearer for the majority of us who may not be very techy. Let’s look at some distinct benefits and applications of this framework.

Lower Application Development Cost

One of the benefits of using this framework is the fact that you do not need to keep writing codes. It comes with codes that can be used over and over again, eliminating the need for numerous coding and the associated costs. This saves the developer time and the client money.

Easy Deployment

Once done with the development stage, it comes with features that make it very easy to deploy. Some of these features include private components, no-impact applications, side by side versioning, partially trusted code and controlled code sharing among others. Thanks to the safe code execution feature, performance issues that can arise during deployment are brought to the barest minimum.

Increased Security

Another benefit is increased security thanks to the Windows confirmation and configuration feature which applications that are developed with the ASP.NET framework automatically have. This is in addition to other features such as code access and role based security offered with both Common Language Runtime and managed code.

From its release almost two decades ago, it has proven to be reliable and stable across the thousands of uses it has been put to.

.NET developing integration
Easy desktop and other application platform use with .NET

Better Legacy System Integration with Xml Files

It can easily and quickly process every variation of XML files. This includes writing all file formats which makes integration very easy across a wide range of options.

Easy Execution of Service-Oriented Architecture Strategy

Since .NET is usually deployed for web services, it offers the ideal solution for implementing Service-Oriented Architecture strategies. This is because the various applications can communicate very easily by making use of internet protocols regardless of the individual language each application was written in.

Versatile Language and Platform Application of .NET Framework

This framework is known for being independent of any specific language. This therefore means that development can take place in any language that is compliant. This is why you will find it used across a wide range of applications.

If you want to learn more about this, you can read this article here.

What Applications Can Be Developed with .NET?

Software Based Product Development

The .NET framework has proven over the years that it is easily among the most reliable and stable language for various software development. The fact that it is backed by Microsoft gives it even more solidity.

Web and Desktop Development

Aside from software development, it is also among the most preferred for both desktop and web-based applications.

Enterprise Solution Development

When Fortune 500 companies look for technological solutions, they look for the best. Again, this is the framework that lots of developers now rely on for various enterprise solutions including CRM platforms, BPM platforms and general process automation solutions.

Portal Development

Most of the portals you find around today especially in some of the most sensitive of sectors like banking, healthcare, insurance, travels and others are developed using .NET. Again, this is because of all the benefits we listed earlier.

How to Choose the Right Developers on Your .NET Framework Team

Now that you know that this may be a solution you need for your business, how do you go about getting the right developer to work with? Here are a few ways to go about it.

How to bring together a .net team

Get Recommendations on Developers

It’s likely that someone you know already knows a developer that they can recommend. You should therefore ask around you before trying any other method. This will likely offer the most reliable option.

Search Online for Coders and Developers

In the event that you do not get any recommendations, you can then search online. The benefit of searching online is that you have a wider pool to choose from especially if you perform a global search. There are countries that are known to offer more competitive pricing when it comes to different IT development solutions. For example, .net development in India will most certainly cost a lot less than it will in the U.S. You can therefore easily choose a developer from this area so as to save cost without compromising on quality.

Check .NET Developers’ Portfolio and Past Clients

Once you have found some recommendations online, you should endeavour to find reviews of their services from their previous customers. It is best to look for reviews from Google or other independent sites. This will tell you whether or not to continue to consider a company.

You should also look at their past work. It will not be in your best interest to choose a company that cannot show you what it has done for others.

So Are You Ready To Employ Your .NET Team?

There’s no doubt that .NET development is something that you may not be able to do without especially if you want to get the very best from your applications. To ensure this, follow the steps enumerated above and find a developer that will get the job done right for you.

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