Latest Breakthroughs in Using Virtual Reality

Latest Breakthroughs in Using Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is gradually capturing the interest of individuals and companies for its wide range of applications. In this article, we will look into the recent breakthroughs in virtual reality and some milestones in the use of this technology. A Beginner’s Guide to Virtual Reality If the different terms pertaining to emerging technologies – such … Read more

Best Virtual Reality Headsets #1 Review In 2020

best virtual reality headsets review

Virtual Reality is the latest trend in the gaming world. We have outlined the best virtual reality headsets on the market today for you. If you haven’t purchased yours, you will find out what to expect or spot an upgrade to what you already have. It is amazing how far VR has come in such … Read more

Why Microsoft Hololens AR can Change Everything

Microsoft Hololens AR

Virtual- and augmented- reality are having a major revival thanks to the current state of computer technology. We finally have headsets and graphics systems that can provide amazing experiences without causing discomfort. The Microsoft Hololens AR headset is leading the charge on practical AR implementation. Augmented Dreams Augmented reality is a term more people are … Read more

Are You Ready? Understanding PC VR Requirements

Virtual reality is finally here! The technology that’s failed to take off so many times finally seems to have the technology behind it to be a success. The real question is what exactly that technology is. Does your computer meet the PC VR requirements? High-end Headaches Gamers and tech enthusiasts have been waiting for the … Read more