How to Be Mindful of Your Health While Using Technology

impacts of technology on health

Whether you choose to embrace it or not, the world has fully emerged itself in the digital realm. Millions of people are glued to their smartphones at any given time. You can access a person with the quick text message. It’s even easier to track a person’s whereabouts by using a built-in app within the … Read more

Best Liquid CPU Cooler #1 Review In 2020

best liquid cpu cooler

Are you looking for the best liquid CPU cooler? Heavy use of your computer’s CPU will eventually heat it up after several hours. This could be unhealthy for your CPU as it could create a range of problems from temporary malfunction to permanent failure. If you’re experiencing this, we’ve got you covered – read this … Read more

The Nvidia Quadro GP100 is Coming

Nvidia Quadro GP100

The need for speed is something that computer professionals and enthusiasts will probably never lose. We’re always eager to hear about the latest high-end components. Which is good, because they don’t come much more high-end than the new Nvidia Quadro GP100. Quadrophonic If you’ve never heard of Quadro products before, these are the professional line … Read more