Top Tech Gadgets According To Tech Bloggers

Tech gadgets are a technology lover’s best friend! In fact what we don’t always realize is that these little things that have come into our lives mostly in the last few decades are everyone’s best friend! Whether it’s about work, entertainment or little life-saving practicalities; tech gadgets prove to do what we need the most – make our lives easier!

To find out which tech gadgets are hot and popular among tech ladies and gentlemen who lead the tech information world, we asked them what their most favorite tech gadgets are.

Here is what they have to say;

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David Strom

The Radio Shack model 100 portable computer. When I first started working in tech in the 1980s, these $1000 machines were a real benefit to writing and computing on the go. They ran on AA batteries, connected to a landline phone, and had a decent keyboard that could support touch typing. I finally sold mine decades later on eBay and regret it ever since. Sure there have been more powerful portables since then, but this one was very innovative.


Victor Zakharov (Neolisk

Moto 360 (smartwatch). Usually when there is a notification on the phone, you need to take it out to see what it is. Takes 5-10 seconds, but… not the most convenient thing when you are on a meeting for example. A smartwatch solves this problem nicely. Incoming call, look at the watch (nothing unusual here, right?), decline the call on the spot or least know you need to call back ASAP. Read SMS, email etc. In most cases the first 2 lines is enough to get the idea. One of the most simple and amazing things ever invented.


Costea Lestoc (Droid Here)Costea Lestoc (Droid Here)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Gives a new meaning to the smartphone era.


Srinivas Tamada (9 Lessons)

Mac Book Pro

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Tim Dickinson (TechFruit)

Apple iPhone 3G – I may be an Android user now, but the second generation iPhone was my first smartphone and a complete game changer. It was obvious to see that the phone was turning into a mp3 player and phone, but making the web mobile was entirely unexpected, and the Google Maps app in my pocket meant finding my way around London was a breeze.


Andy Sowards (InfiniGeek)

Andy Sowards (InfiniGeek)

My favorite gadget of all time is easily my Nexus 5. This was my very first smartphone (can you believe it?) purchased in 2013 from Google Play (made by LG) for a bargain of $350 – it was my first, and still, only smartphone which I still use to this day. It works like a champ. Does everything that I need it to do, the battery could be better but with a plethora of charging points throughout my day it is truly the little engine that could. It has saved me countless hours and dollars in it’s usefulness – allowing me to truly be liberated from my computer, and home, able to live a true digital nomad existence and get work done from anywhere. It also allowed me to stay on the cutting edge of mobile without having a cutting edge phone. The apps that truly changed my life were on this phone (hangouts, facebook messenger, skype) allowing communication with friends and loved ones from anywhere for free! It’s given me many good years now, and I know it will need to be replaced in the coming years but it’s going to be hard. It may not be the most flashy gadget out there – but it’s one of the best smartphones ever made in my opinion, it just works – and has everything you need – and it was such a good value. I wish I could buy a new updated version of the same budget phone but Alas google has messed that up for good. All of these reasons and more is why this will probably always be my favorite gadget of all time.

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Kevin Raposo (Know Techie)Kevin Raposo (KnowTechie)

My favorite gadget of all time is obviously the smartphone. Think about how much different our lives would be without them. Sure, there’s a ton of different gadgets out there that are amazing, but if there was one gadget to beat them all, it’s definitely the smartphone. I’m also a huge sucker for the Amazon Echo too.

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Sohail Qaisar (GamesHTSohail Qaisar (GamesHT)

My favorite gadget of all time is PlayStation 4. There are so many similarities between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that it’s incredibly hard to recommend one over the other. If you go for the PS4, you’re getting access to a huge selection of (mostly great) indie titles in addition to third-party games that look a little better on Sony’s console. What it’s lacking, at least for now, is a killer lineup of games that you can’t play anywhere else.

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Siddhant Jain (Tech World Sid)

My favorite gadget of all time would be my Laptop that is HP Pavilion 15 P077TX, I am a developer, video editor and a webmaster and this laptop has never let me down.

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Anant Aggarwal (Techno DivideAnant Aggarwal (Techno Divide)

My favorite gadget of all time happens to be the iPhone 6 Plus as it was my first iPhone and also because it was the first time Apple ventured into large screen mobiles and succeeded from the first go. Anant Aggarwal


Justin Germino (Dragon Blogger)Justin Germino (Dragon Blogger)

PlayStation 4 Pro, overall it is a fantastic bang for the buck system giving you access to excellent content, games, and entry level VR that is very impressive for the price point. The PS4 Pro at $400 approx is such a good value and you cannot really get a Windows machine at that price that can match it’s performance. I have played some amazing content like Nier: Automata, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Uncharted 4, the list goes on. Destiny was one of my original reasons for getting the PS4 and looking forward to Destiny 2 in September 2017.

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Jon Brown (Apple Uncovered)

The Apple MacBook Pro


Rohit Khurana (Intellect Digest)

Macbook Pro, it is the best productivity machine I have used.


Sasidhar Kareti (Amfas Tech)

Sasidhar Kareti (Amfas Tech)

This is very tough question for a gadget freak like me. I use smartphones, laptops of various kind that run on different software. If you ask so, I’d say desktop or laptop (with either Windows or MacOS) are my favourite as they help me in daily activities from enjoying to business. But. believe me! This is one toughest question to answer yet.

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Harshil Barot (Just Web World)Harshil Barot (Just Web World)

My favourite gadget is the Smart Phone. Because Nowadays Smartphones supports additional services like SMS, Camera, Internet, Bluetooth, Video recorder, MMS, Music Player, GPS etc. Today Mobile app helps most of problems of peoples on daily basis.

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Dominic (Dom’s Tech BlogDominic (Dom's Tech Blog)

Samsung Galaxy Tab – It was pretty cheap and allows me to do all kinds of stuff like browse the web, watch videos, etc from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection.


Bilal Ahmad (Techmaish)Bilal Ahmad (Techmaish)

Although I have several gadgets but the latest addition is LEM5 Smart Watch. It is my favorite watch due to its design and android support. Not just android support but the independent SIM card feature allows me to use it as a mobile. It is quite handy smartwatch.

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Corey Moss (Convergent Tech BlogCorey Moss

Samsung S7 Edge, it’s my mobile computer and the best smartphone I’ve ever had.



Sachin Joshi (Fromdev)Sachin Joshi (Fromdev)

I do not use a lot of gadgets, however my favorite gadget currently is my iPhone. I use it all the time and for many things. I initially owned an Android phone and did not use it much. After owning an iPhone I have started using the phone for many things. I reply to many emails from iPhone. I use health apps on it. I also use IFTTT, StumbleUpon, Flipboard and few other social networking apps for browsing and content discovery.

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Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher)





Richard Tubb (Tubblog)Richard Tubb (Tubblog)

The Google Chromebook



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Alex Roman (I Can Be CreativeAlex Roman (I Can Be Creative)




Sami Mughal (Oxgadgets)

The humble smartphone. It has taken everything we saw in Sci fi and turned it to a reality far advanced.



Mathias Amodu (Zealmat)

My computer ? With my computer I can add values to peoples life even without seeing them and also with my computer my dreams are fulfill.

Computer has a good role in my life as a blogger and a web designer either making money or creating free online tutorials using my screen recorder and many more.


Vasu Saini (Android Leo)

My Best favorite gadget is drone camera. Because, it allows you to take amazing image and video shoot. It also helps in spy and army operation.

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Nishith Gupta (Techniblogic)  Nishith (Techniblogic)

According to me it will be a 3D printer, because the innovation which we can get using 3D printer is endless it all depends on your imagination and has no end. We can create any structure any prototype without adding insane cost to the the project just by using a small 3D printer.

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Sam Wright (Tech Girl)Sam Wright (Tech Girl)

The GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand… Seriously. I have never been able to curl my hair, not with curlers, not with a straightener. I have fine flat hair and it drives me mental. Then this baby came along and now it is so incredibly easy. If there was a fire in my house I think I’d likely grab the Curve before I grab my phone – I’m that besotted with it.


Rahul Vithala (The Tech HackerRahul Vithala (The Tech Hacker)

Smartphone – It connects me with world.


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Waqar Tariq (Techspooks)

Smart Phone. My smart phone is one gadget that is now part of me. Even if i am away from my laptop or computer or if i have to update my social profiles i just take out my phone and do whatever needed.


(Tech Crates

iPad mini retina is my favorite gadget, because I use it daily for reading and Internet surfing convenience 🙂


Fabio Virgi (Let’s Talk Tech)

Although it’s not the most exciting of gadgets, the TYLT battery case for iPhone is probably my favourite. It adds a little bulk to my iPhone but if I’m out of the house in the middle of the day and need a power boost – this thing keeps me topped up comfortably. Much more portable than a chunky power bank and small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or bag.


Jeff Bradbury (TeachercastJeff Bradbury (Teachercast)

As the father of 3 year old triplets, my favorite gadgets are the ones that make their worlds light up. Currently, they spend their time looking at digital toys that are actually teaching them how to read and spell. From here I catch them singing songs in the car based on the tunes they learned from those toys. We certainly didn’t have anything close to what these kids are playing with when I was growing up. It’s simply amazing how advanced toddler technology has come and what it is able to teach a buzzing and energetic three-year-old.

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James Mash (Chinavision)

A good cool gadget should have the power to not only improve one’s life but to change the world. Iconic gadgets such as the radio, television and more recently the microchip and smartphone have all shaped the way we see and act in this world. I think the gadget with the most potential to change the world for the next generation is VR.
While VR has been around for a while they are now really starting to take off. Those old polygon graphics of yesteryear are thankfully no more and now we can experience spectacular and ever increasingly lifelike graphics in our virtual worlds. While VR headsets have a huge future in entertainment I think their real power is in bringing people and skills together.
Surgeons could use them alongside robotics for remote keyhole surgery. Repairs on the next space mission could be conducted via a technician at the other end of a VR headset rather than an astronaut. When combined with other developing technologies the scope seems almost endless and will be truly inspiring to watch these unfold.


James Smythe (Mighty Gadget)

I guess technically my favourite gadget of all time would be the smartphone or PC. But they are commonplace for most people. I would say more recently it would have to be either Phillips Hue or Smart Heating (Genius Home). Phillips Hue was a frivolous spend that I wasn’t sure I would even like using, but since getting it I want to convert the entire house. Having light switch on/off automatically or change colour based on the scenario is surprisingly useful.
Genius Home, in particular, is a great smart heating system as it allows me to have heating come on in specific rooms at specific times. So, in the morning my office only is warm, but in the evening it is the living room. What’s more the long term cost savings should cover the initial investment.


Sreejesh Suresh (Tech GYO)

The iPad is my favorite Gadget of all time. Read articles on the go or check emails on a bigger screen, or play some game when bored at work, iPad is my best companion of all time.



Gift (Giftechs BlogGift (Giftechs Blog)

My favourite gadget is the SmartPhone. In addition to the standard voice function of a Smartphone, telephone, they also support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, camera with video recorder and MMS for sending and receiving photos and video, MP3 player, radio and GPS. There are also a lot of multi-functioning components which makes the SmartPhone easy and fun to use.


Eric James (EFW James)Eric James (TransitScreen)

iPod because it spawned the idea of handheld devices and eventually the transformation of the phone into a computer. On a higher level, it became the extension of the computer into the real world and to today’s internet of things. People became comfortable with tech in public. Even the iPhone wouldn’t have happened without that market test.


Sandeep Singh (iTechFeverSandeep Singh (iTechFever)

An android smartphone is my favourite device of all time because it is the device which keeps me connected to people and I can access internet almost anywhere and can access my computers over remote session to do any important work. This gives me flexibility to work whenever needed while I enjoy my holidays.

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Deepak Rupnar (Techicy)

Apple iPhone, Apple Watch


Himadri Saha (TechnTechie)



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David Allen (Techmash)

Smartphone! Because this one device has helped people from all kinds of different backgrounds to show off their creativity.


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Pratik Patil (Next Thinkerz

Google Pixel XL – I used this device for almost 2 months; thanks to Google. The fact that the cameras embedded on the phone are so beautiful, that i didn’t felt the need to carry any camera to any respective launch events. It takes smartphone photography in Android Ecosystem to a whole another level.

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Harsh Agrawal (WPSutra)

Macbook: Made it easier for to me to Digital nomad. Less worries about malware or getting hacked. Have one of the best interface & improve the overall taste for design. It was a task to shift from Windows to Mac OS but by the end it turned out to be a profitable switch.


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Cliff Wade (Tech DissectedCliff Wade (Tech Dissected)

Atari 2600 – It’s the video game system of all video game systems that really started the entire craze of video games in so many ways. I was 7 years old when I got mine and now 40 years later I’m still playing video games because of that game system. It’s one thing that really changed my life in a lot of ways and it’s something that I will personally never forget and never stop playing, as I still have one today.

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Atish Ranjan (Tech Tricks World)

My Favorite gadget is my Laptop because I can do everything with it such as my blogging activities, playing games, watching movies, and everything that a blogger like me need to do. I can work with it even while lying down in my bed. I can’t think of my life without it.

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Don Caprio (Geek NGDon Caprio (Geek NG)

With all these gadgets, it’s hard to point out a favorite. But if I’m asked to stick just one of them for a whole week, I’m holding on to my iPhone.

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Imtiaz Ali (Techbead)Imtiaz Ali (Techbead)

My favorite gadget of all time is Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were released early this year, and they’re among the best Android devices.



Wizy (Wizytechs)

Laptop PC, makes work more easier and efficient.



Tony John (SpiderWorks)

My favourite gadget is a Synology DS215 NAS system. That’s where my entire collection of movies, music, and most importantly all my data is stored. I can access it from anywhere with an internet connection and once I started using it, I feel like I can’t live without it. Everytime I spend some time with the Synology device, I am learning something new and finding some better use for it.


James Pickett (Dependentongadgets)

I wanted to say something cool and retro, like my Atari Lynx (16 Bit mobile gaming in 1990!) or my first twin cassette deck (no copying, honest!) but it really has to be my current Samsung S7 Edge phone. It’s a thing of beauty that I cannot go anywhere without. It’s thousands of photos, millions of songs, videos and gaming. It’s also an important blogging and productivity tool and with mobile Chrome, the Internet in my pocket is the best thing ever!


Rajesh Namase (TechLilaRajesh Namase (Tech Lila)

One of my favorite gadgets of all time has to be the Raspberry Pi. For those who aren’t aware of it, it’s basically a 35$ computer. You can use it headless and do anything that a low-end computer can do. I personally use it as a media center around my house and I have set it up with the router to share all my files and external hard disk. Please check this article to know more about Raspberry Pi projects.

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Nguyễn Đình Quân (NARGA)Nguyễn Đình Quân (NARGA)

The laptop, it’s helped me to make anything what I want.




Joyce Hsu (TechSoup Canada)Joyce Hsu (TechSoup Canada)

Grammarly. As a marketing and communications professional, I regularly write hundreds of emails, social media posts, and website content. I don’t always have the luxury to write a perfect first draft every time I create content, so having Grammarly instantly check for writing mistakes has saved me a lot of time. Grammarly also emails a weekly progress report where you can track your performance and see your top three grammar mistakes. It’s been eye-opening to see which bad writing habits I’ve been harbouring 🙂

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John Nats (Techigyaan)

Apple iPod. Choosing a favorite gadget in an era of so many innovative inventions is hard. But the one stand out gadget for me is the the Apple iPod. It my choice as I believe that it has revolutionized the way we interact with music. It is a super gadget on so many levels and made me trade in my portable CD player. The ability to carry 1000’s of song in your pocket on a stylish and sleek device changed music In a way I never expected when I was growing up in the late 80’s and early 90’s. It wasn’t just a revolution for my music taste and convenience, but it has also help support the music industry utilizing back catalogs of music and opening my tastes up to a wider array of artists. Before if you had eclectic taste you would have to carry a box of CD’s with you with 20 CD’s.

The iPod is one of those gateway products into one of the most iconic brands in recent decades. It opens up a vision of technology that is different to that already available. I got into the Apple brand because of the iPod and I still carry one around today.


Nevil Patel (Technonutty)

My smartphone Nexus 6P. I love having a device that can make phone calls, send text messages, take pictures, connect to the internet, and play music and videos, that fits in my pocket. It’s an amazing little thing, your average smartphone. It took some very clever people to fit all that technology into a little box with a touchscreen.


Ganesh (Axleration)

Tesla Solar Roof Panels.


Arbaz Khan (Techbreach)

My favorite gadget of all time has got to be my smartphone. I know it sounds too cliched, but it is one thing that I can’t live without. I use it to watch movies, surf the Internet, read emails and even do some of my work when I am not carrying my laptop around. So, I keep changing my smartphone, it still remains one of my favorite devices of all time.


Mehedi Hasan (Wiredmahir)

Chromebook. I think Chromebook is having a lot of potential for both personal and business purpose. Chromebook is itself a standalone OS which supports Android with very good battery backup and stability. In near future, it is going to replace all the windows machine in all the enterprise sector. Because future computing is all about online activities.


Bledi Memishaj (Gadgetdetected)

My favorite gadget of all time is the crowdfunded Flow Hive project that makes it absolutely easy to harvest the honey without hurting the bees and harvesting it real clean. I love the honey as well.


Igor Beuker (Igor beuker blog)

My FitnessPal App by Under Armour. As gym and fitness freak, this is the app I use the most. Every single day. It helps me to stay fit, eat my daily nutrition and even predicts what to eat next. Data-driven fitness, I love it.



Dolapo (Techcityng)

Ipad mini 2



Elijah Waeterling (iDrop News)

While I owned and operated my first cellphone at the early age of 12, my favorite gadget of all time came a little later in life, and that would be the LG VX9800 (enV) released to Verizon Wireless in 2006. This hybrid candy bar / full QWERTY keyboard device truly sparked my interest in mobile technology. Its ability to play MP3s through loud stereo speakers, record high-quality videos, and compose lengthy text messages with ease was a revolution, at least in my eyes. Because of this gadget, I saw an exciting future in mobile technology and that spark hasn’t left me since.

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Mindaugas (Scienceprog)

Arduino. Because everyone can become electronics creator and designer. Without background knowledge, you can start tinkering from the first day.



Kris (iPhoneglance)

My choice is the iPhone 6 Plus. This is only because of the large screen to see more, also the speed in which I can get things done whilst online and the fact that I can multitask easily. I hardly do anything on my computer whilst I’m about with my iPhone I can get so much done easily and quickly. Even for writing and publishing a post.


Olili Bob (I Blog Right)Olili Bob (I Blog Right)

Virtual reality


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Olawale Daniel (Tech at Last)

iPhone 5s


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Harsh Chauhan (Root Update)Harsh Chauhan (Root Update)

Laptop ( Hp Pavilion 15-Au626tx) Helps me to Write article everyday

Iphone 7 Plus- Helps me to record Vlog Videos Everyday

DSLR – Helps me to record videos for my Youtube Channel


Pavan Jadhav (SysbertoPavan Jadhav (Sysberto)

Samsung Note Series Smartphones. (Note -2 -3 -4 -5)

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Robyn Foyster (Women Love Tech)

My iPhone7 is the best device I’ve ever owned. It’s like an extension of my body and contains so much information, pictures, contacts in a pocket size and then of course it’s a phone. Magic.



Iyanu Victor (Brains Lodge)

Personal Computer – Having this gadget one can communicate easily, have fun, collect informations and without forgetting the main importance of Computer – less work and saves time. It has also been able to make menial tasks easier, its efficiency is one of the reason why I would refer to it as one of the best gadget ever.


Emory Craig (Digital Bodies)

Let me surprise myself and say – the HTC Vive VR headset. While my Smartphone gets much more daily use, Virtual Reality is part of a new transformation of the Digital Revolution. We’ve gone from mainframes to desktops/laptops, mobile devices and now, a new wave of immersive technologies.

The HTC Vive is best of the high-end VR headsets at the moment and has taken me to unimaginable places and experiences. More recently, it’s become a way to interact with others around the world through Social VR. The Vive headset will change in the coming years, but Virtual Reality is here to stay. It’s opened the door to a whole new world.


Umair Hussaini (Technobyte)

The Arduino Uno.




Mark Quitong (Android Pinas)





Andreas Rabe (Addis Tech Blog

Cocktailaudio Multiplay 8 – Because it is a nice mix of tablet, kitchenradio, mediacenter and smarthome central.



Tomi (Gadgetsboy)

My answer is a strange one, not so much a gadget but Aviation technology because it always fascinates me how as human we were able to develop something that can take us from point A to B via air, even till today everytime I fly I’m in awe of the technology at work.


Kelly Walsh (Emerging EdTech)

Illst. by Firstsiteguide

I’d have to say that a good quality webcam (I’ve been using a Logitech HD C920 for years now) is my favorite gadget. It allows me to record high quality video and audio for the creation of video content (tutorials, product reviews, training materials, etc.). It enables me to participate in live video chats, with a sharp that are required as a part of several of my professional roles, delivering a sharp, clear image. It also serves as a high quality microphone when I need to create narrations (voicing over a PowerPoint deck to create training content, for example). It is reliable, affordable, flexible, and pretty darned awesome. I’ve really received tremendous value from this tool.

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Nosagie Nosa-Ero (Techrez)

My favorite gadget is my smartphone. I have thought about the other stuff that constitutes a gadget to me like my iPod or PSP Vita but none of them are as smart as my phone which has become my digital personal assistant. Phones are getting smarter daily and the evolution is pretty fast. From receiving calls to organizing my schedules and carrying out minor research, my smartphone helps a lot. If I don’t want to carry a bunch of gadgets and I intend gaming, the phone serves that purpose and now, mobile pictures are getting so close to the quality of a DSRL shot. So, for me, my smartphone just has to be my favorite gadget of a time.


Carolyn Nicander Mohr (Wonder of Tech

The best way to choose which gadget is my favorite of all time would be to choose which one I would miss most if it went away. That answer would have to be my iPhone. Smartphones really are the Swiss Army knives of gadgets. They do so much that they’re really all you need to get by.

With my iPhone I can:

Take photos
Shoot video
Check weather
Get directions
Listen to music
Make travel and restaurant reservations
Store travel tickets
Learn my elevation
Make and receive video calls
Keep lists
Send and receive emails
Search for any information in the world
Play games
Watch TV and videos
Read and listen to books
Set reminders
Stay connected on social media
Travel around the world with virtual reality
Get alerts
Read the news
Find my parked car
Pay with my credit card
Get store coupons
Book a doctor’s appointment

Oh yeah, and make phone calls! All of this tech fits neatly in my pocket. How cool is that?


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    Thanks for including me in the article.

  3. wow interesting roundup. In my opinion, smartphone is the best gadget of all time. We can do a number of thinks with a smartphone, earlier for which we have to use different gadgets.


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