PS5 Coming: What You Should Know?

Want to know all about PS5? If you’re an avid gamer, as well as a fan of the incredible Sony Playstation series, then it’s time to get ready for the PlayStation 5!

That’s right, the PS5 is going to be the newest model in the epic world of PlayStation gaming! But what information should you know about the new model?

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In a complex world, filled with bits of rumor, as well as rampant speculation, it’s hard to find the truth. Not only about new and upcoming tech, and your health while you use it, but also about the details! In order to help you break from the hearsay, here are the things that are currently known about the PS5!

What Will It Look Like?

When is the PS5 Coming Out?

The current release date for the PS5 is general release time. It has been confirmed that it will be during the “Holiday 2020” season. All in all, the “holiday season” is typically between October and January first. Nevertheless, there is a leak that is not confirmed that the release date will be 20 November 2020.

How Much Will the New PS5 Cost?

All things considered, the new PlayStation 5 isn’t going to be cheap. With all of the new technologies, as well as fun, upgraded VR speculation, it may be a bit pricey.

The PS5 price isn’t going to be an absurd amount like $900, or anything. Sony has already shot down those rumors. Other rumors suggest that the price will be $499.

What Will the PS5 Look Like?

There are many design “leaks” floating around out there. Though most has been speculation, Sony has finally given its fans something to look at! The official reveal won’t be until February 2020, but for now, we get a good idea about what to expect.

It’s clear from the design that there are a lot of new things happening with this DevKit. All in all, it shows a unique take on the new PlayStation model. Let’s take a look at all of the changes made to the DevKit, as well as all of the things you can infer.

Here are a few things to really consider:

  • Lots of ventilation
  • Several Status lights
  • Five USB ports (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0)
  • USB type B port
  • Possible Camera
  • Integrated On, Reset, Eject, System INIT, as well as Network INIT buttons
  • And so much more!

All in all, this new design is… a game changer. Overall, Sony is drastically changing the look of the new console and it is exciting to learn what that will mean for gamers.

What are the PS5 Specs?

With the huge success and great reviews of the PS4, it’s only natural that the graphics and the specs for the PS5 be incredible. Not only will it have PSVR hardware, but it may also boast new and improved VR tech!

Overall, the new specs are impressive. Bespoke 8-core AMD chipset, an SSD storage system, as well as 3D audio and 8K TV support! However, nothing is in stone as of right now. All in all, it’s going to be a beautiful spectacle of CGI and gaming options!

PS5 Ray Tracing

The AMD also means that the PS5 will have ray tracing. Not only will this advanced lighting tech take your gaming visuals to the next level, but it also means incredible, Hollywood style graphics! All things considered, this may be the number one reason to buy the new PS5. Sure, it’s not videos from the best mini drones, or an advanced camera, but for gaming, it’s amazing!

Will the PS5 Controller Design Change?

According to a Sony patent, the PS5 controller has some interesting changes. Not only does the controller replace DualShock 4’s rumble tech, but it also has adaptive triggers! This means developers can change the resistance of the triggers themselves!

The controller’s look will not change very much. All in all, there are very little cosmetic changes. However, from a seemingly larger design, to a built in microphone, the upgrades are going to be very COOL!

Will the PS5 Be Backwards Compatible?

Not only has Sony already confirmed that the PS5 will be compatible with the entire PS4 library, but it will also be online! That’s right, PS5 players can play online games with PS4 players. Not to mention PlayStation is moving in a very “cloud friendly” direction.

This also means that the PS5 will allow for use of the PS4 VR tech. Not only in the programming but the hardware as well. This means you may not have to purchase new virtual reality gaming headsets and wands!

There are RUMORS, that the PS5 won’t just be backward compatible with the PS4. If the rumors are correct, this means that the PS5 will be the end all be all of PlayStation. You would be able to play Original PlayStation games, as well as PS2 and PS3! However, Sony has yet to confirm this.

What New PS5 Games Are Coming?

There are several PS5 games already being confirmed by both Sony, as well as gaming studios. There is also talk of a new God of War, as well as a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel. The confirmed games, however, are exciting!

Gearbox is dropping a new IP Godfall that will be exclusive to the PS5. Ubisoft stated that Watch Dogs: Legion, Gods and Monsters, as well as Rainbow Six Quarantine will be on the PS5. Not to mention being released on the new Xbox Series X! Even with Ubisoft under scrutiny for delaying all of these titles, it is still exciting.

controller design

Get Excited About the New PlayStation 5!

When it comes to gaming, there aren’t a lot of consoles that can survive the test of time. However, the PlayStation has become a staple in the gaming community. All in all, the newest model to the PlayStation family has a lot to live up to.

That being said, with all the advanced specs, the supposed improved design, as well as the fascinating upgrades to the controllers, it will be a great success! Not to mention the possibility of a PS5 Pro release at the same time as the standard model. All things considered, it’s safe to say that a lot of people will be looking forward to the PS5 release.

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