Ingenious Ways To Enhance Your PS4 Playing Experience

The gaming console has evolved as an integral part of the home for a lot of people, and this is where the PS4 shines. Did you know that there are other fun and unique ways to bring your PlayStation 4 experience to the next level?

Here are some ways on how you can have an ultimate gaming experience with your PS4:

Have a Chat Party

Playing video games does not mean that you literally need to be playing with your friends side-by-side. You can elevate it to an entirely new level of fun by making a chat party with some friends whom you regularly play with.

Here’s how to do it: Go into Friends, then Add Favorite Group and pick the friends you want to include.

It would be easier for you to be virtually connected with them with just a click when you want to play and have a chat party next time.

If you want to chat with them more often, you may download the PS messages app, which is available for both Android and iPhone.

You may also want to be notified when any of your friends go online. All you need to do is go to Settings, click Notifications > Notifications When Friends Go Online, and select your friend of choice. Now you would know if your favorite playmate is online.

Similarly, if you want to have some time alone and would not want to be bothered by anyone who might want to drop you a line or two, follow these instructions: Click the Options button as soon as you log in and then click “Offline” status. That would keep your presence private.

You may also check out your privacy settings by clicking Settings > Account > Privacy Settings. You now have control who sees your gaming activity, public information, and your PS social media info.

Boast Your Achievements Online

It is easy to broadcast your gameplay by taking screenshots of some of your best gaming moments. In the past, you need to hop on the menu list before you could actually share it with your friends. These days, it’s a lot simpler!

Press the Share button on the controller, go to Sharing and Broadcast Settings > Share button control type, and select “Easy Screenshots”. You may share your most precious game triumphs by sharing it with your friends on Facebook.

Playstation Dualshock 4 controller for PS4

Heighten Your Audio Experience through Spotify

It’s quite normal to get carried away while using the PlayStation. Having said that, some gamers cannot hold their emotions when the game gets more intense.

If you want to drown out the voices with music, connect the PS4 to your Spotify account and start streaming songs on the fly.

As an alternative, you may also play music stored in an external hard drive. Make sure that you have the best PS4 hard drive to enhance your overall gaming experience.

Link your smartphone in a breeze

If you’ve tried connecting your smartphone to your TV (for mirroring or screencast), you may also link the PS4 to your phone so that you can use the latter as a controller. When your smartphone and PS4 are on the same WiFi network, you can pair then via the PlayStation App connection settings on the PS4.

With both your smartphone and PS4 logged into the same PSN ID, select the second option. Choose the keyboard icon at the top left, and now you can link your smartphone and play the game even without the standard PS4 controller.

Pump it up with your headphones

A 3.5mm audio jack positioned on the Dualshock 4 wireless gaming controller allows you to plug your headphones directly to the controller.

The default setting is actually set for audio chat, but this can easily be changed. Hold down the PS button in the game, select “adjust devices” on the resulting menu. Then, select the “output to headphones” option and choose “all audio”.

Similarly, if you have an inline mic, you can use it for in-game chat or commentary recording for Twitch.

To make everything completely wireless, you can connect a Bluetooth headset to your PS4 as well. However, be warned that not all Bluetooth headphones are supported by PS4. You may check this by turning on your headphones, going to “Settings”, and clicking “Devices”. Choose “Bluetooth Devices” and select your headphones. If your headphone doesn’t show up, this means that your headphone is not compatible with the PS4.

You will definitely have more thrilling and fun-filled gaming moments with your family and friends, now that you can do more with your PS4.

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