Mechanical Keyboard Switches Guide

Ah, the satisfying click sound that only the best mechanical keyboard switches can produce! Read our guide below and get to appreciate mechanical keyboard switches and some tips to make the most out of these babies.

What are mechanical keyboard switches?

A few years back, gaming keyboards were designed with regular membranes a handful of colorful lights. The current trend has sparked the use of keyboard switches for a better gaming experience.

Mechanical keyboard switches are physical accessories installed under the keys of a computer keyboard. When the user (in this case, usually a gamer) presses a key, the switch automatically sends a signal to the computer that a command is made.

If you already have experience using mechanical board switches, you will probably agree with the durability and addictive click sounds when using the keyboard simply because of the switches. It’s like having your own modern-day typewriter (if you know what that contraption is).

Some of the best mechanical keyboards come in reasonable prices. Some will easily catch your attention because of their designs and the crisp mechanical sound. The same can be said of mechanical keyboard switches: choosing the best product can give you an absolutely amazing computer experience.

When searching for the best mechanical keyboard switches, you have first to define what exactly you are looking for. That way, you will be able to match your needs with the actual functions of the product you plan on buying.

Mechanical Keyboard vs. Ordinary Keyboard: What’s The Difference?

Push Force

One of the most noticeable difference between a mechanical keyboard and a conventional keyboard is that its keys feel more solid. You need to give it a little bit more force so you can actuate the keyboard for it to send signals to your computer.


Mechanical keyboards are definitely heavier than a standard keyboard. One thing that you have to know about mechanical keyboards is that they are not really made for the purpose of portability. It is meant to stay in its place, and that explains the bigger rubber contact pads. You need to lift it so relocate it to another area.


Mechanical keyboards are significantly louder than ordinary keyboards when you push the keys. There’s a considerable and highly noticeable crunch sound as you press the keys, which many people like to hear. However, the kind of mechanical keyboard switches that you use can determine the noise level that you prefer.


The sheer weight of most mechanical keyboards lends a higher level of durability and toughness to the product. Compared to conventional keyboards that look light and flimsy, a mechanical keyboard will last longer.

Here’s a video to demonstrate a few more differences between the two types of keyboards:

Linear vs. Tactile Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches come in two types:

  • Linear mechanical keyboard switches are very similar to membrane keys wherein you can easily just push them all the way down to actuate them.
  • Tactile mechanical keyboard switches allow the user to press the keys more lightly and just halfway down for it to work. They allow the user to actuate the keys more quickly, making it easier for the user to move to other keys as necessary.

Should you switch to a mechanical keyboard?

Gamers will generally switch to the mechanical keyboard because it adds to the whole experience. Note that most mechanical keyboards will stand the test of time. They are extremely durable and reliable in minimizing typographical errors that you usually get from using an ordinary keyboard.

One of the drawbacks of choosing a mechanical keyboard is price. The average cost of a mechanical keyboard will always be higher than standard keyboards with similar features.

gaming mechanical keyboard switches

Nevertheless, for people who prefer mechanical keyboards, using this type of keyboard feels more satisfying than using an ordinary keyboard. Mechanical variants produce louder key click sounds, which assure you that you have already pressed the keys that you need. People who have tried using mechanical keyboards would agree that the typing experience is entirely different.

Choosing The Right Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Choosing the best mechanical keyboard switches can significantly amp up your computer experience, whether it’s for gaming or for word processing. As long as you’re fond of loud clicking sounds and a harder push on the keys, you will definitely enjoy your mechanical keyboard – and its accompanying set of mechanical keyboard switches – for a long time.

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